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The NEW iPod Nano (3rd Gen)! Me Likey A Lot!

New iPod Nano

The entire iPod lineup is getting revamped — including the Nano.

The new Nanos will include 2-inch screens with QVGA resolution, and boast the same quality as the iPod video. These new displays have the highest pixel density that Apple has ever shipped, and it seems the extra-wide players will sport an “enhanced” UI with its own version of Cover Flow.

The iPod Nano will come bundled with three games, including a circular-Arkanoid rip-off called Vortex. The battery life is fairly impressive as well, with Apple touting 24 hours of playback for audio, and 5 hours for video (Yes!  It plays VIDEO now!).

The 4GB model will be selling for $149, though it’s only available in silver, while the rainbow-colored 8GB will cost $199.

Both models will be in stores “by this weekend”.

Me likey likey!  Darn…!  I drooled all over the floor…!


Inquirer Article

I’d like to thank “Rito Asilo” for posting a wonderful article on last Sunday’s edition of The “Daily Inquirer” (print and online versions).  The article’s main topic was all about Sarah Geronimo’s latest album, “Taking Flight”, but on the last paragraph of the writeup, Rito made special mention of how I, in his own words, “reinvented my artistic persona”…

Rito, thank you for the writeup.  Much appreciated!

You can view the article below (click to enlarge):

Inquirer Article (with Highlight)


I Do

I recently stumbled upon a new video on You Tube featuring one talented singer named “KazMills” who happens to belong to a bunch of emerging singers/musicians such as Esmee Denters and MrPitifulBand.

Over at KazMills’ You Tube page, she recently uploaded a video of herself singing a composition she wrote entitled, “I Do”, which I absolutely loved listening to!

I’d like to share the video with you guys cause good songs just shouldn’t be kept to one’s self… the lyrics to her song is posted below the video.  Enjoy!


“I DO”

When I see you now… What I see is
A shadow of what we could have been.

Something better than we’d already seen.

When I see you now… Should I be
Holding on to what you did to me?

Yes I should. But forgive me.
Letting go doesn’t happen easily.


And if it seems, Like I care for you,
Memories are hard to see through.
And if it seems, Like I need you,
That will just be deja vu.
And if it seems like I miss you,
It’s cos I do.

When you see me now… What d’you see?
Do you see the one who was once a dream?

Do you see why you let go of me?

When you see me now… Possibly
Could you try to hide your sparkling wedding ring?

When you see me now… I hope it hurts


When did we fall apart?  When did we start living this lie?

Sometimes it feels like we’re living in a dream that’s not our’s.
And I want to wake up.

And if it seems,  Like I care for you,
It’s cos you want me to.
And if it seems,  Like I need you,
It’s cos you want me to.
And if it seems like I miss you,
It’s cos I do.



Facebook LogoI haven’t been able to post the past 2 days (I think…) cause I got hooked on “Facebook”!  Yeah, you’ve probably heard of this new social networking site similar to Friendster but, IMHO, way way better.

Better in the sense that it has everything that Friendster or MySpace does plus a whole slew of new applications and features, making Facebook instantly addictive.  It is also comprised of different networks (regional, business, school, etc.) meshed into one community.  It’s pretty hard to explain what Facebook has to offer so I suggest you give it a try… Go ahead, sign up.  It’s free anyways!

Look me up while your at it.  Most of my bloggies here at WordPress have joined already… (thanks to those who accepted my invites and signed up!).

I’ll see you there!


The Joker Will See You In December

Joker Revealed The new image of Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight has now been removed from It’s been replaced with red text that gives the error, “Page not found.”

If you highlight the entire page, however, you’ll see a ton of Ha Ha Ha’s with some letters here and there that don’t belong. String those letters together and what do you get? – “See you in December.”

I assume you’ll get a first look at The Joker in a trailer for the sequel at that time. Warner Bros. has both Nicole Kidman’s, “The Golden Compass”, and Will Smith’s, “I Am Legend” opening in December, to which the teaser could be attached to.

So who is behind all this? It looks to be 42 Entertainment, the company which previously created the “I Love Bees” promotion for “Halo 2” and “Year Zero” for the Nine Inch Nails album “Year Zero.” The company just registered yesterday, so stay tuned.

The Dark Knight opens in theaters on July 18, 2008.



Call me ignorant… but up until last week, I haven’t completed a single episode of the hit series, “24” (Keiffer Sutherland, Elisha Cuthbert)… nor did I actually care to.

But 2 weeks back, it has been somewhat of a coincidence that during those times that I shuttle from one cable channel to another, I always happen to chance upon the television program on the C/S (Crime and Suspense) Network (owned by Solar).

I’ve read the rave reviews online… the critical praises it has merited. I figured, it was finally time to see for myself what people were going so “gaga” about.

So I went to my nearby DVD shop and bought “24” seasons 1-5. With a skeptical approach, I started my first episode… before I knew it, I had already finished 6 episodes! I stopped not because I got bored… but because the sun was about to rise and I knew I needed to get some serious shuteye. Had it not been for my conscious effort to pause my marathon, I probably would’ve completed the entire 1st season in one sitting!

This is good stuff! So good actually that it sometimes rivals my internet time. The last time I actually did a similar DVD viewing marathon with the same engrossment and eagerness was when I got the entire “Taken” mini-series (produced by Steven Spielberg).

Now, everytime I’m doing something away from my DVD player… I get antsy, looking forward to my next “24” fix!

I also enjoy the fact that the series has no qualms about killing off big/major characters every now and then making the plot very successful in it’s unpredictability (which all the more adds to the excitement). Unlike other programs wherein you could almost be sure that the big stars will never be killed off the show.

You guys probably already know all this… but if you’re like good ‘ol ignorant me, then you should probably try giving “24” a shot. It won’t disappoint. Don’t even try watching one of the show’s episodes on TV, which is probably already in the middle of it’s season run. You won’t fully understand the plot. Watch it from the very beginning…

But I have to warn you…



"A Day in the Life" on AOL Television!

I was just given the heads-up by “Andie” (a regular visitor of my blog)… that I was one of ten bloggers featured on AOL Television’s website recently which tackled on “American Idol Winner Predictions – Bloggers Pick Who They Think Will Win”.

I rushed over to AOL’s site and, lo and behold, indeed I found myself featured there!  Below is a screenshot of the site…

AOL Television - Bloggers Pick Who They Think Will Win American Idol

When you get to the site, click on the “next” button till you get to number 7 of 10.

It’s so cool!  I never would’ve known had I not been tipped.  Hey, Andie!  Thanks again for letting me know… Here, I linked to it!  Hahaha!

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