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Ablaze for God

Ablaze for God (Book Cover)I am currently reading a book called, “Ablaze for God”, authored by Wesley L. Duewel.  Only recently have I started reading it and I’m practically glued to it.

To tell you honestly, I’m not much of a book person.  Really.  I mean, I read a few stories compiled in “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and the like… but only to that extent.  I seem to have a pretty short attention span when it comes to novels and such.

That was then, I guess.  Because I’m actually starting to enjoy deep reading and reflecting after every few paragraphs.  I notice myself staring into a blank wall or into nothingness just letting the words sink in… letting my whole being absorb the teachings on each chapter.

I believe the Holy Spirit has somehow ignited my inner desire to learn more about God.  It’s as if I thirst and quench for more teachings… it’s like I thrive in discussions about the Lord.

This book is currently the topic of the next two weeks of our KG (Koinonia Group) gatherings.  And though we are only supposed to tackle certain chapters from it, it looks like I’ll be going through it from cover to cover.

I pray for more of this unquenchable desire to know more about the Lord.


(Note:  This particular entry can also be read on my spiritual blog)


I Want One!

The Catholic Holy Bible (NAB)I saw this handy and gorgeous looking Bible a week and a half ago over the net at this site but unfortunately (for me), the item is only available online and abroad.  It’s a Catholic Holy Bible (New American Bible) with Black Bonded Leather.  And it’s quite affordable with a price of $39.95.

It’s the only New American Bible in that size with the Words of Christ in Red.

Problem is… there aren’t any sold in the Philippines.

I’ve always wanted an item like this… not the typical hard-bound bibles they sell everywhere.  I’ve seen some sold at “Hobbes & Landes” and “Power Books” but all I found were NIV versions.  Sigh…!

It’d be nice to carry something like this during bible study and prayer meetings.  Oh well… probably next time.

Anyone care to send me one?  LOL!  😛


Decisions and Guidance…

A lot of crossroads have been presented before me the past few weeks… paths to take and decisions to make.  They say that the true impact of a decision is not felt right away but over the long haul… and by the time you realize it, you cannot undo what has been decided… nor can you simply rewind and repeat events.

But I believe, with proper guidance, inner peace and spiritual balance… you CAN make the correct choices and you CAN mend past mistakes.  Notice how I mentioned “correct choices” instead of “right choices”?  That’s because not everything that is RIGHT is necessarily CORRECT.  What IS correct doesn’t have to be what is favorable to you… nor should it be to your approval.

So goes my story… and again, I am confronted by challenges and obstacles of which my decisions play a crucial part of what’s to become of me and my family’s future.

Through deep meditation and intense spiritual guidance… I have come to my decisions with an open heart, knowing that what I am supposed to do… what I am guided to do… is the will of God… and that His will should be above all other desires and needs.

I am blessed to have had the continuous and constant spiritual counseling which I never knew I craved for till now.  And though I know that trials and tribulations don’t go away in a blink of an eye, everything feels lighter now… as if I am not alone anymore… as if someone has shared my load and lifted me up.

Prayer has also been incorporated into my daily routine… something I should’ve done more frequently in the past.

I am facing a new path… I am taking it… because I know deep inside that I am making the correct decision and that this decision will help correct all the other wrong choices I’ve made in the past… slowly.

I may not be understood by all… especially by those affected by my decisions and likewise by individuals who don’t share the same faith as I do… but I don’t expect them to.  I just trust that once everything is done according to His will, all that was once crooked will be made straight.

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