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Sun Burned!

Okay… this is just more of a rant for me than it actually is a “blog entry” but since it’s here… let’s just chalk it up as another post.

Sun_cellular_logoI used to have a Sun Cellular line a few years back… thinking, “Hey!  This 24/7 Call and Text Unlimited Promo is one great way for the family to keep in touch without actually spending a whole lot!”… WRONG!  The frustration and anger I went through due to hours of disconnections and calls not getting through from one party to another took it’s toll…!

Fast-Forward to present.  Since my wife is being sent by her office to Baguio (for a MONTH) to train personnel there, I figured Sun Cellular must’ve at least improved their services by now, right?  Right?!  So, me and the wifey decided to get prepaid simcards from Sun to help us “bridge the gap” so to speak while she’s up north.

173Well, seems like Sun Cellular hasn’t changed a bit… text messages give you error displays such as “Message not sent this time” or “Message sending failed”… especially during rush hour (late afternoon)… calling one another is just a frustrating and equally tiresome!  You’d think these Gokongweis would try to at least stay on the heels of Globe and Smart and try to be similarly competitive… but no matter how competitive you are in terms of call rates (FREE, in fact!)… it doesn’t make any sense if you cannot actually call, let alone text the other party.

And if it DOES go through… we still have the problem of message delays.  And I’m not just talking about 5 minute delays especially during the afternoon… some of your messages take forever to come in.  10, 20, 30 minutes… even more!

200094708117_1The 24/7 Call and Text Unlimited promo was a good idea… WAS.  I had friends here and there scurrying to purchase prepaid and postpaid Sun sims and using it as a secondary lines…!  Sun could’ve sustained the hype by improving their signal and strengthening their infrastructure.  Their excuse then was that since Sun was still new to the game, they still had to put up more cellsites in and around Manila and eventually a substantial amount of coverage all over the Philippines.

2-3 years after, you still get the sucky signal in Metro Manila which you’d expect to be “at par” already with their more successful and reliable counterparts.

So, in conclusion… after trying Sun Cell years back, going into exodus from their service, and coming back again… I only have this to say… “Up yours!  Shove your services and promos up where the SUN don’t shine!”.  Pun intended you, losers!


10 Things I Hate (or least like)

Aha! Another tag game! This time it’s Jim’s turn to tag me… (Jim, nakabawi ka na ha!)… hahaha! The topic of this new meme: “10 Things I Hate” aka “My Hate List”. As I start to scour through my least desired things in life, I shall begin… (ahem)!

    • FOOD:
      Kimchi! (I couldn’t stand the odor!)

    • FRUITS:
      Durian (Though I haven’t really tried tasting it yet… Duh! Go figure!)

    • VEGGIES:
      Ampalaya! Onions! Raw Garlic! (Blech!)

    • PEOPLE:
      Posers! Name-droppers! Pessimists!

      A situation when I am talking to a person who doesn’t practice what they preach.

      Ummm… I can’t! I really can’t say it… considering how many people (and friends) read my blog, I just can’t. So as not to offend anyone. Let’s just put it at that. Hehehe…!

    • MUSIC:
      Very tricky… there are lots! Hmmm… but APRIL BOY would definitely be up there. And oh…! THUG RAP! I hate it with a passion! Wait a minute… it’s NOT EVEN CLOSE TO MUSIC!

      Fixing bathroom pipes… I think. (I can imagine my wife laughing as she’s reading this… hahaha! I can imagine her saying, “Anong pipes?! Eh bihira ka mag-household chores, ano!” Haha!)

      Violence. Discrimination. Corruption (especially in the Philippines). Pollution. Racism. I could go on and on and on…

      Bad Temper. Worrier (sometimes). Procrastinate (admittedly… at times)! Lord, help me change… 🙂

The best part of every tag game is the actual “tagging”… And since I have already completed answering the 10 things I hate, I shall now tag 10 people to do the same…

YOU’RE TAGGED: Jun, Tintin, Pao, Kengkay, Maru, Az, Jeangr3y, Selvo, Jovi and Taroogs!




Updates… Updates…

So many things have happened the past few days that I didn’t really get the chance to update my blog… funny!  So, let me enumerate the more notable events which happened just recently.

  1. Tooth Begone!
    molarI recently (about a week ago) had my molar extracted!  It’s been a long and dreary battle with my tooth and finally, I decided to just have the dentist yank it out.  Anyone who has ever experienced a really bad toothache can relate.  You can’t work, can’t talk, practically cannot concentrate on anything at all!  Not to mention the bad mood that you’re in throughout the day.
    But that doesn’t mean I’m pain-free already.  The tooth that was pulled out was a BIG one!  So, I’m still kinda recovering from it… and I’m still taking pain killers (though not as frequent as the first few days after the extraction).  Couldn’t eat right… oh, and I was adviced by my dentist not to engage in any strenuous activities for 3 days!  There goes my weightlifting routine for the week… bummer!  So was “sexy time”!  LOL!
  2. Under the Weather
    Apparently, this whole tooth extraction thingy has caused me to feel under the weather… and the cold sore just beside my swelling gum ain’t helping at all!  More pain relievers!  Dammit!
  3. WordPress Pinoys
    Wordpress Pinoys Community!  Sali Na! My baby project which has taken off quite successfully!  I’ve been busy creating a virtual home for all Pinoy WordPressers (WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org)… I’m very grateful that the vast majority of WordPress Pinoy Bloggers have joined the group.  Lots of events, projects and ideas will come out of this newly formed community.  Some of ’em are already in the works… just you wait for it!
    In a span of merely 4 days, we’ve grown to an impressive 84 members already!  Our members are just as enthusiastic about this group as I am!  I’m pretty sure there are more Filipino WordPressers out there who haven’t heard of our community but slowly and surely we will gather each and every one of ’em.  Hopefully we can eventually hold WordPress-sanctioned events here in the Philippines… that would be cool, huh?!  In fact, I was able to talk to Matt (Mullenweg) of WordPress/Automattic and he thought that the community and the official events the group plans to engage in are very good ideas.  So, if you’re a Pinoy with a WordPress blog… join your new home on the net… meet the rest of the wacky bunch at WordPress Pinoys!

    Oh and by the way… for those who aren’t aware… WordPress Pinoys used to be located at Google Groups but due to the sudden upsurge of memberships, tracking conversations and discussions within the group became a tedious and sometimes impossible task.  So, we finally put up our own forum located here.  Discussion threads and the exchanging of ideas are much easier to monitor now.  And everyone seems to be happy with it (Whew!).  I’ve wanted so badly for the transition from one site to the other to be a smooth one that I practically didn’t have time to maintain my own blog!  Haha… But we have very competent and responsible moderators over there already so I can go back to my regular blogging habit.  Did anyone miss my articles?  Anyone at all?  Hehe.  Anyhow, everyone who was (and still is) a member of the “WordPress Pinoys” Google Group is now a member of this new incarnation.  So, SALI NA!

So I guess that’s it!  More articles very soon… Hope everyone missed me!  You guys did miss me, right?  Right?!  😆


Thug Rap

I was at the gym earlier and I kinda noticed how the person in-charge of maintaining the facility kept on playing “thug-type” rap music…! Then I noticed how similar all these songs sounded… and how all their lyrics are laced err… rather “filled” (to the brim) with profanity and expletives!

It’s like all they could say is “bitch”, “fuck”, “motherfucker”, and all the other crap you could think of. I bet if you ask them to write some rap lyrics without the profanity, they’d be “dumbfucked” (pun intended).

No wonder the rap genre is at a decline… all the same words intertwined with unoriginal resampled choruses of old songs. Ok… not only can they ONLY talk about bitches and motherfuckers and “capping” (“shooting” for the uninformed) other “niggas” (as they would normally call one another in their songs)… they also DON’T KNOW how to write original melodies to match their unrequited hatred in verses.

When they realize (yes, they also have realizations like normal people) that the words they’ve been using have been too worn out, they make up a bunch of new “slang” terminologies which actually have the same definitions as their old words… then they use these “made up” words to reconstruct new verses, which, in reality ARE the same in gist.

People actually buy THIS stuff?!!!

Why can’t most of them rap like some very few upstanding African-Americans in the music industry such as Will Smith who doesn’t believe in intertwining profanity with his lyrics?

Thug-Rap. All about hatred… All about sex… All about violence… unoriginal… and NO musicality. Such a pity… and an embarrassment to the industry. Tsk-tsk!

Oh… and if you’re still wondering about the guy in charge of the music at the gym… yeah, I told him I’d be permanently leaving him with some new CDs when I come back… something with REAL MUSIC!


Sarah Album Update 9

It’s official… Sarah’s album, “Taking Flight” won’t be coming out today.  Don’t bother checking the record bars.  Last I heard from the Viva office, the release date was moved to Friday, July 27, 2007… which actually isn’t so bad, right?

Like I said earlier on my previous update, “a day or two”.

So, save your transportation budget and spare yourselves the disappointment of double-checking the record bars hoping against hope that it’s out by today and finding out it ain’t.


Sarah Album Update 8

Well, tomorrow is the expected date of release… and the reason why I’m not actually saying it like, “Tomorrow Taking Flight will be available at your nearest record bars!” is because there is some chatter inside the Viva office that the copies might not make it out tomorrow due to the album’s cover which is STILL in the printers as of press time.

Don’t fret, though…!  A lot can happen from now till tomorrow.  But if it does get delayed, it’ll only be for a day or two.  Everyone’s excited about the release and so am I!  Hold on to your seats… I’ll try to update you guys again tonight or tomorrow.  Whatever happens, it’s definitely coming out very very very soon!  Cheers!


So Near and Yet… (Sigh…!)

Don’t you hate the feeling of knowing you have something but don’t actually have it in your hands YET?

Just thought I’d let out my anxieties and share ’em with you.

(Sigh!)  Antsy Pantsy me!

Sali Na! Join the Pinoy Wordpress Bloggers Group!

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