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Penoy Balut!

I recently stumbled upon an image floating around the net which I haven’t seen in ages!  I was pleasantly surprised to discover an image cap of an old old film entitled, “Penoy Balut”.  This film featured Nora Aunor, Roderick Paulate, Me and Isabel Granada.

Penoy Balut

Funny thing is… I don’t have a video of this movie… nor can I clearly recall the plot/story of this film anymore.  Hahaha!  If I remember right, this was filmed way back in 1988… and the location where that image was taken is somewhere along Ortigas (actually Granada St.), one of the houses situated in front of JT’s Manukan.  I think.  Hay… feeling nostalgic again… LOL!  Lotsa memories… good times… fun times.  Oh well…!


"Rated K" Video Clip

As promised, I am posting the video clip of “Rated K” which aired a few hours ago on ABS-CBN that featured me and few other child stars of the 80s.

This clip has been pre-edited before uploading and runs approximately 2mins & 25secs.

Note to my foreign readers:  This clip is mostly in Filipino, but you’re still more than welcome to watch it!  🙂



Rated K

Got a call… ABS-CBN’s “Rated K” will be doing a feature on me and what normally happens during one of my typical days… they’re scheduled to drop by my house/studio tomorrow morning. They’ll also be accompanying me when I pick up my little girl from school before lunch. I already answered a few questions during their “pre-interview” phone call earlier this afternoon.

I guess it’ll be a little more hectic than usual tomorrow.

Star Studio magazine actually also did a feature on me a few weeks back and that particular issue I’m on is due out by this April. They promised to send me images of the shots taken of me during the interview/pictorial here in the studio.

I’ll post the pics as soon as it’s emailed my way.

[tapping fingers…] Waiting for “American Idol” to start… wasn’t able to watch the live nor the primetime telecast… so I guess the replay’s good enough… 🙂


Protektado: Chopsuey

Ang nilalamang ito ay protektado ng password. Upang tingnan ito, mangyaring ilagay ang iyong password sa ibaba:


Showbiz Ka

Thought I’d share something I came by earlier today.  I stumbled upon this article at Abante Tonight Online which I found sorta amusing…

Magsisimula ang programang “Showbiz Ka” sa Marso 5 (Lunes) nang 8:00-8:30 PM sa RPN 9. Lunes-Biyernes ang programang ito, na iho-host ni Pat-P Daza-Planas. “It’s presscon on air,” sabi ni Pat-P. “May guests na tatlong movie reporters gabi-gabi at pag-uusapan ang maiinit na isyu.” May segment dito na ‘Nasaan na si…’ tungkol sa mga celebrity na matagal-tagal nang wala sa limelight. Nike-line up na sa segment na ito sina Red Sternberg, Chuckie Dreyfuss at L.A. Lopez.

What’s amusing about it is that although they already have a line-up prepared to appear on this new television program, I have not yet been contacted nor informed about the guesting.  Hmmm… guess I’ll be expecting a phone call soon…  🙂


Agent and the kids… Finally!

Agent X44 Taking my kids to watch “Agent X44” tonight. Finally, after a whole week of its regular run. Haha! I know… I know… I worked on the movie’s musical score but we’re still the last ones to watch. That’s what my baby girl said a few days back. Well, I wanted to take them during the weekend (or at least Friday) so that it doesn’t interfere with their schooling. Besides, I didn’t want to join the rush of moviegoers during the first few days of showing. My wife and our househelps will be coming along as well.

My little girl walked up to me earlier and said… “Daddy, excited na ako!” (“Daddy, I’m excited!”). I asked her why she was excited to watch the movie and she replied, “Kasi, ikaw ang gumawa nun eh” (“Cause you were the one who made the movie”). Aww… how sweet. She even added, “Mamaya tabi tayo, kiss kita and lambing later”.

The little things… that make a daddy melt with joy. Sigh! 🙂



A doorbell rang… I was having lunch…

Hmmm… I wasn’t expecting anyone at that hour.  Who could it be?

A slight glance at the top of our gate.  White fiera.

Gate door is open… I glance again.  A big  “Agent X44” poster is glued to the whole side of the vehicle.

Oh!  My movie passes have arrived!  They hand it over… I acknowledged.  They sped off.

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