Emergency @ Home

It’s been a while since I last posted… give or take a few days.  2 nights ago, my little boy got into an accident at home while I was away taking my wife to work.

WappyApparently, he was taking a bath and he stooped down to soap his feet.  What he didn’t realize was that he was too close to the wall and the soap dish’s water drain (a little pointed spout) was just above him.  This wasn’t the type of soap holder that’s usually seen with 2 suction caps sticking to the wall.  This one was ceramic and installed “into” the wall.

After soaping up his legs and feet, he stood up… so quick that he didn’t realize how close he was to the pointed object.  BUMP!!!  Right on the top of his noggin!

And as with all head cuts, these usually tend to be very bloody.  So, with all the water from his hair that came from the shower together with the gush of blood from his injury, it flowed all over his face… and down his body.

According to my dad (who was at my place and saw the incident), my little girl was freaking out and crying… scared and filled with concern that her big brother’s condition might get worse.  So, they immediately applied first aid, they cut the hair around the affected area and placed medication for the wound.  They called me up as well as my wife via cellphone… I was on my way home then and my misis just arrived at work.

I rushed home and checked if everything was ok… the situation was handled competently and my little boy was already getting ready for bed.  A few minutes after I arrived, I got a text message from my wife informing me that she was told  (ordered, actually) to head back home due to what had just happened.

Next day we took our kid to the hospital to have his wound cleaned properly and for a routine checkup just so we know that “we’re in the clear” with regards to complications that may arise due to the sensitive area wherein my boy had been hit.

He underwent a “skull series” to make sure there were no fractures (Thank, God!).

I just hope it doesn’t happen again… although we know that accidents ARE indeed accidents.  They occur unexpectedly.  But to the best of our abilities, we can somehow minimize the probabilities by taking all necessary precautions and preparations.


30 Responses to “Emergency @ Home”

  1. 1 selvo
    Setyembre 17, 2007 bandang 7:32 umaga

    ei chuck hope your lil boy is doing ok. mahirap talaga ang aksidente kahit napakasafe mo na sa bahay ay posible pa ring mangyari.

  2. Setyembre 17, 2007 bandang 10:44 umaga

    aww chuck, sorry to hear that.. I’m happy that your kid didn’t get really hurt. i hope he won’t have a bald patch! Head injuries are devastating to the hair. It’s good that your dad was there!

    My kid cousin who got circumcised had a more serious problem. His thing wouldn’t stop bleeding.. He didn’t tell anyone and instead he locked himself in the bathroom and stayed there for three hours. When my aunt checked on him (to see if the wound was okay.) he was very pale and the toilet bowl and the bathroom floor was full of blood. Parang may kinatay na baboy. My aunt screamed her head off.

    Of course we rushed him to the e.r. and scolded him for being so stupid not to tell us.

  3. 3 taroogs
    Setyembre 17, 2007 bandang 11:05 umaga

    Chuck, i feel your pain, man. My daughter (who’s 3) recently had a bloody accident, too. She was running around the sala and her foot got caught on the rug… BAM! face down she went — on the concrete floor, her teeth digging into her lower lip!

    Our reaction? — can you spell “P-R-A-N-I-N-G?” hehehe…

  4. 4 jojie
    Setyembre 17, 2007 bandang 12:28 hapon

    I hope your boy will get well soon.

  5. Setyembre 17, 2007 bandang 2:07 hapon

    @ Selvo
    Yup. Totoo yan… same applies sa pagmamaneho. Kahit anong ingat mo sa kalye… meron paring isang nilalang na maaaring makatama sa iyo.

    @ Martin
    Hey Marts! Long time no hear! Whatcha been busy with these days? Man… that circumcision wound sounds pretty scary! Maayos na ba? Have you spoken to the actual doctor who performed the circumcision on him? Hope all is well. But yeah, he should have told you guys long before it got worse. Oh well, chalk it up to experience I guess.

    @ Taroogs
    OUCH! Tumagos ba sa lower lip niya ang tooth? That’s must’ve been #$(*&@! painful…! I can just imaging. Did it require stitching? I understand the feeling of being PRANING! Ganun din kami eh. Lalo na ang mommy! Hehe. Hope your little girl is ok now.

    @ Jojie
    Hi Jojie! Thank you for your well wishes… yes, I believe he’s ok na. The critial first 24-hours had passed already so everything seems a-ok.

  6. 6 kengkay
    Setyembre 17, 2007 bandang 4:09 hapon

    am glad to hear he is ok now. my husband is the one who goes praning kapag ganyan, ako naman ang cool ekek daw, haha!

  7. 8 darlene
    Setyembre 17, 2007 bandang 4:58 hapon

    aww, that hurts..poor boy. eh naprapraning na ko just by reading this..hehe. im glad he got the clearance from the dr, thats a relief!

  8. Setyembre 17, 2007 bandang 4:58 hapon

    Omigosh! Minsan, no matter how safe we think we are, some things just happen.

  9. Setyembre 17, 2007 bandang 5:17 hapon

    awwww. Get well soon to your son. Cute-cute pa naman. :p

  10. Setyembre 17, 2007 bandang 5:40 hapon

    @ Kengkay
    Well, good for you… one stay s cool when the other is freaking out. LOL… “cool ekek”! 😛

    @ Black Wolf
    Yep… it’s over alright. What a relief! Though his head was wet with blood for most of the evening when he was asleep on the night of the accident.

    @ Darlene
    Yeah… nakakapraning nga talaga. The doctor said that no matter how light an injury it may be as long as it involves the head, the person should be taken to the hospital immediately to rule out anything serious. Because complications that arise from head bumps don’t usually come out instantly… it sometimes takes 24-48 hours for symptoms to manifest.

    @ LeslieAliyah
    True. Things just happen. Even when you think you have everything figured out. We just have to accept that fact.

    @ Laarni
    Yes… I will convey your well wishes! Thank you for the kind words… cute ba? LOL… mana sa daddy! Hahaha… yari ako kay mommy! Hahaha… Sa kanya daw nagmana eh… 😛

  11. Setyembre 17, 2007 bandang 11:23 hapon

    hey man. i hope ur boy is ok now. bribe him a bit, and buy anything he wants.. he’ll recover fast 😀

  12. Setyembre 17, 2007 bandang 11:59 hapon

    I’ll pray for his fast recovery. Brave ang anak mo, mukhang di ata umiyak. Yung kapatid pa niya ang nag-freak out.

  13. Setyembre 18, 2007 bandang 12:36 umaga

    kids and accidents do go hand in hand sometimes, don’t they? it’s good that he’s alright.

  14. Setyembre 18, 2007 bandang 1:23 umaga

    It’s good to know that he’s ok now. Kahit anong ingat talaga natin sa anak natin di pa rin maiwasan na masaktan o masugatan minsan.

  15. Setyembre 18, 2007 bandang 2:03 umaga

    I had a similar accident as a kid. Good thing your son wasn’t stitched up (I was, and it hurt like hell), I hope he’s doing better.

  16. Setyembre 18, 2007 bandang 11:03 umaga

    Ei Chuck. I’m no parent, but being the oldest of five kids and numerous cousins, as well as often being put into the task of watching over them, I can feel the anxieties and worries a parent goes when their kids get into accidents. And I still get into such accidents myself… at this age, ahaha. Glad to hear your son’s doing ok. 🙂

  17. Setyembre 18, 2007 bandang 5:20 hapon

    @ AZ
    Haha…! Baka lagi na lang yan magpauntog ng ulo kapag ganyan! Hehehe! 😛

    @ Ann
    Umiyak din naman ang little boy ko… pero di masyado. Mas pa ang little girl… hehehe!

    @ Pao
    Yeah… they do go hand in hand. Especially, the frisky ones!

    @ Kiko773
    Yes, kahit anong ingat. We can only do so much…

    @ Zero
    Really? How does it feel being stitched up? I personally never experienced being stitched as well, eh. Maingat din ba ako? LOL!

    @ Kat
    LOL… you still get into these kinds of accidents? Hehehe… Para ka palang Archie Andrews! LOL!

  18. 19 taroogs
    Setyembre 18, 2007 bandang 7:06 hapon

    ok na naman anak ko… deep cut lang, hindi instant lip piercing. hehehe… naghilom naman agad. mukhang may formalin yung gamot na nireseta ng pedia niya 🙂

  19. Setyembre 18, 2007 bandang 9:50 hapon

    @ Taroogs
    LOL… buti naman hindi instant lip piercing! Haha… imagine, bata pa lang may hikaw na sa labi! Di nga? May formalin? LOL 😛

  20. Setyembre 19, 2007 bandang 2:43 umaga

    Let’s just say I was an active little boy, that gets into trouble even with supervision. I got stitched 3x on the head as a kid, on 3 different occasions.

    On the last one which is the situation similar to your son. My uncle (the doctor) feared I might get memory lost as a side effect since I had 2 other anesthesia applications on the head that where very near in time line. So he told me to suck it up, unless I really couldn’t bear the pain. He stitched me without the aid of any anesthetic that time. I took it like a boy/man. Now imagine that pain ;P Probably why it never happened again 😛

  21. Setyembre 19, 2007 bandang 12:46 hapon

    buti na lang ayos na lil boy nyo po.

    sana wag magkaroon ng peklat! hehe. ^_^

  22. 23 Mithi
    Setyembre 19, 2007 bandang 2:23 hapon

    Can’t walk away without being redundant and say hope your son is well already. 🙂 Taking him to the hospital for the skull series is a very wise move.

  23. Setyembre 19, 2007 bandang 3:05 hapon

    ouch parang ako po ang nasasaktan..
    anyways, i hope that he is ok now.

  24. Setyembre 20, 2007 bandang 8:47 umaga

    Well thank God all is well, God always delivers.

  25. Setyembre 20, 2007 bandang 2:28 hapon

    @ Zero
    LOL… kaya naman pala masakit eh… na-OD ka na sa anesthesia! Hehehe… You must’ve been a very rowdy kid! Kumusta naman memory mo… ok pa ba? 😛

    @ Earthlotus
    Sana nga wag magkaroon ng peklat! Or POKNAT! Haha!

    @ Mithi
    Yes… anything that concerns the head area should always be considered serious regardless of how hard (or soft) the impact was. Thank God the skull series showed no signs of internal injury.

    @ Rhapsody
    Hi there! Yes, he’s fine now… back to school na nga eh. 🙂

    @ Filipino Cultured Blog
    Hello there. Thanks for dropping by my site! Yes, God ALWAYS delivers. 😀

  26. Setyembre 21, 2007 bandang 12:12 umaga

    ayus lang naman he he 😛 kaso minsan ahhh … ahiii i forget … joke.

  27. Setyembre 21, 2007 bandang 2:37 hapon

    Basta wag lang talaga peklat! wahaha.. ^_^

    ampanget magkaron ng peklat sa ulo eh. argh.. amsagwa..

    tadtarin ng sebo de macho!

  28. Setyembre 22, 2007 bandang 12:24 umaga

    Thank God he’s okay now Chuckie……ingats lagi….your little boy really looks like you…..;)

  29. 30 sgp
    Setyembre 25, 2007 bandang 2:46 umaga

    yiii! i got into a similar accident a few years ago (bumped my head sa corner ng bukas na bintana), and i looked like i’m a character straight out of one of those Kris Aquino murder movies, blood all over my face, shoulders, really trickling down. i thought i was gonna die!

    glad your little man is ok now.

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