I Want One!

The Catholic Holy Bible (NAB)I saw this handy and gorgeous looking Bible a week and a half ago over the net at this site but unfortunately (for me), the item is only available online and abroad.  It’s a Catholic Holy Bible (New American Bible) with Black Bonded Leather.  And it’s quite affordable with a price of $39.95.

It’s the only New American Bible in that size with the Words of Christ in Red.

Problem is… there aren’t any sold in the Philippines.

I’ve always wanted an item like this… not the typical hard-bound bibles they sell everywhere.  I’ve seen some sold at “Hobbes & Landes” and “Power Books” but all I found were NIV versions.  Sigh…!

It’d be nice to carry something like this during bible study and prayer meetings.  Oh well… probably next time.

Anyone care to send me one?  LOL!  😛


24 Responses to “I Want One!”

  1. 1 brath
    Agosto 31, 2007 bandang 3:47 umaga

    naku mahilig ka pala sa bible,
    parehas tayo kaya lang ang binibili ko lang yung maliliit na bible
    na pwede kong gawing keychain marami kasi nun dito. mag hahanap ako niyang
    bible na yan maybe one of the book stores here nasa nj kasi ako,,
    malay mo makahanap ako.. hehehehe


  2. Agosto 31, 2007 bandang 4:27 umaga

    Yup… mahilig ako sa bible. I read it every night eh…
    LOL… sige… ipagdadasal ko na may makita ka diyan. Pag may nakita ka padalhan mo ako ha…! 😛

  3. 3 Airwind
    Agosto 31, 2007 bandang 5:45 umaga

    ive been reading your post lalo na’t sumali na ako sa wordpress pinoy. newbie here at wordpress. will link you? if its ok?

  4. 4 Ms. Red
    Agosto 31, 2007 bandang 3:26 hapon

    I’m not into bible reading but, I love reading something about other religions such as Islam. I got a book before that shows the difference from Christianity and Islam (of course the author is a Muslim), somehow, I realized that (in some points) Islam was better. Just my opinion.

  5. 5 Banana
    Agosto 31, 2007 bandang 7:31 hapon

    I still prefer Christianity. Islam is too complicated.. (my opinion too)

  6. Agosto 31, 2007 bandang 8:52 hapon

    Awww nice. That Bible really looks so holy. hehehe. Diba dapat binibigay ang Bibles at hindi binibili for yourself? Sana may magbigay sa’yo ng katulad niyan.

  7. Agosto 31, 2007 bandang 10:25 hapon

    Chuckie! Ang ganda ng bible na ito. Parang I want one too! My other requirement is that the print has to be BIG enough for my failing eyesight. Senior moments na kasi, hahaha. Wala ba sa Amazon.com?

    How wonderful to know you read the Bible nightly. Buti ka pa. I still need to get into that habit. God bless!

  8. Agosto 31, 2007 bandang 11:31 hapon

    hey, christian ka din pala Chuck? saan ang church mo?

    ‘ask and you shall receive’ ~ most of the time, works for me…if I’m deserving 😉

  9. 9 Jim
    Agosto 31, 2007 bandang 11:40 hapon

    I think you might find one at PCBS (Philippine Christian Bible Society) you might want to check it out may branch sila sa UN avenue or maybe sa iba pa, ‘di ko na alam eh. I remember buying a NASB (New American Standard Bible) version leather bound for me and my wife for a little over PhP1,000 last time. I now use my PDA Phone when reading the Bible–6 versions on my PDA–New Living Translation, New King James, King James, King James (Strong), American Standard and Young’s Version. 🙂 ayos, ba?!

  10. Setyembre 1, 2007 bandang 1:00 umaga

    Hey there! Sure! Add me up! No problemo. Thanks for dropping by my site! 😛


    Sabi nga nila… dapat nga raw binibigay ang bible… hehe… (hint-hint)! 😛

    Yup… super ganda nga eh… hmmm not so sure sa laki ng print. LOL @ senior moments! Yeah… I read it nightly… it’s kind of a habit na. 🙂

    “Christian Catholic” actually. Sa ELIM ako. Yes, ask and you shall receive… I’m still waiting for that someone that the Lord will persuade to get me the bible… LOL! 😀

    Wala sa PCBS. May mga magaganda din dun but not like this. And the NASB is different sa NAB. Iba ang pagkasulat. LOL… naka PDA ka na pala magbasa ng bible! I can actually do that… but I’d actually still rather read the bible in it’s original book form… iba yung “feel” eh… ewan ko… maybe that’s just me. 😀

  11. Setyembre 1, 2007 bandang 5:38 umaga

    oo, iba din talaga ang feeling pag libro ang binabasa. pero i prefer the NIV, kasi i got into bible reading using it first. ito yung nakasanayan ko, parang casual conversation lang ang dating sa akin…

    the words of Christ in red? not bad… di na kelangan i-highlight. 🙂

  12. 12 darlene
    Setyembre 1, 2007 bandang 6:17 umaga

    good for you! i have to admit i havent read the bible in a long time..and i know i should make time. with all your readers, im sure meron at meron magbibigay sayo ng bible..hehehe..if not give me a hint later on..hehe..

    btw, san na no ni lola julet? gusto ko sana sya makausap eh. i sent you an email last time eh..

    hv a nice wknd,

  13. Setyembre 1, 2007 bandang 12:54 hapon

    Bro, kung nasanay ka sa NIV, give NAB a try. Mas “now” ang translation. Actually, NAB is the most widely used “Catholic” bible all over. Other than translations kasi bro, ang NAB has additional “books” that the NIV doesn’t have. Mostly, gamit ng protestants ang NIV.

    You can try it out if you want. Won’t hurt. 😛

    Hi Darlene! Yeah… I make sure to read a few chapters every night. Sometimes, even during the daytime when I’m work doesn’t tie me up. I always carry my bible with me sa body bag ko everywhere I go, even when I know won’t be able to read it during that particular day… it gives me that sense of security and assurance knowing God is with me always. It keeps my temper in check as well. 🙂

    Lola is okay! Mom is with her right now. Medyo sakitin na lately but all’s well pa rin. Cavite na sila. I’ll try to find their landline dun sa cavite and email it to you.

    I know you sent me an email! I replied. Didn’t you get it? Matagal na akong nagreply… as soon as you emailed me, I responded.

    Oh… wala pang nagdidirect offer to give that particular bible… (hint! hint!) hehehe! 😛

  14. 14 darlene
    Setyembre 1, 2007 bandang 6:03 hapon

    ano raw?! (dun sa hint, hehehe), if your sense of security & assurance is bible..mine is a rosary..i carry it with me all the time. will be checking out the bible.. 😉

  15. 15 kengkay
    Setyembre 1, 2007 bandang 11:52 hapon

    chuck, you know i ‘care to send you one’ — but german version, gusto mo, hehe! like darlene, am a rosary person 🙂 that’s because i’ve only a german bible. makabili nga sa tindahan ng inglis…

  16. 16 dimaks
    Setyembre 2, 2007 bandang 5:13 hapon

    I’ve heard of that bible where Christ’s words are written in red, interesting I say. I am not a Christian but I would love to read those exact text and words of Jesus Christ.

  17. Setyembre 3, 2007 bandang 12:45 umaga

    Well, a bible and a rosary is just the same… the rosary nga lang is easier to bring along. 🙂

    LOL! Hahaha… ipraken houten… achtung! LOL…!

    Yup… words of Christ in red. I’m pretty sure it looks awesome…! If you don’t mind, may I ask what your religion is?

  18. 18 dimaks
    Setyembre 3, 2007 bandang 3:46 umaga

    “may I ask what your religion is?” –Islam. I’m a Muslim.

  19. Setyembre 3, 2007 bandang 9:58 umaga

    My brother seminarian owns that one. I envy him because it’s a big help in looking for the words of Christ considering I wear glasses.

    ey chuck, found your site from fellow WordPress Pinoys. we quite have the same niche of blog. I’m a former seminarian that’s why my blog’s theme has a strong-catholic inclination. though I focus more on my daily life’s humor, irony and in between. quoting my friend Airwind, “add kita ha sa blogroll ko. If it’s okay?”

    Btw, thanks for creating the WP Pinoys. At last there’s a group for us WP.Com and .Org users.

    Pax Et Bonum!

  20. Setyembre 3, 2007 bandang 3:11 hapon

    Hey Bluepanjeet!
    Cool! Really nice bible, eh?
    So, you found my site through the WordPress Pinoys Community? Great! Are you a member na? If you aren’t, register na. Wait! I think I saw the WordPress Pinoys Button on your site na… haha… ok member ka na pala! LOL!

    Sure add me up! I’ll add you as well! Thank you also for joining the WP Pinoys community! Hope to catch you at the forum soon! God bless bro! 🙂

  21. Setyembre 4, 2007 bandang 8:00 umaga

    well kahit naman di naka-highlight ung Jesus’ word, if you’re reading it makikita mo din in any bbible 😀 but this one is nice. I read any version, I have the English Standard Version which is like a derivative from KJV. Pero mas prefer ko basahin ang NIV because of the more understandable translation, ung KJV kasi medyo noseblee ako 😀 but somehow, if anybody here does not read the bible or are not a Christian, all I can say is try reading it, its an awesome book coming from the inpiration of an Awesome God! 😀

  22. Setyembre 5, 2007 bandang 3:54 hapon

    i wanted to have the new testament manga version naman. and hopefully they will come out with a manga of the complete bible.

    have a good day chuckster.

  23. 23 Mon
    Setyembre 9, 2007 bandang 6:30 hapon

    Hey Chuck!

    Nice Bible nga ito! I like New American Bible too…. though I only have NIV now. Hinanap ko din dito sa Sydney yan NAB version na yan pero hindi din available dito. Papabili nga ako nyan sa mga friends ko sa US.

    I also have a recorded Holy Rosary in CD which is very useful specially when I am driving and I also have it in my MP3 player.

  24. 24 sgp
    Setyembre 25, 2007 bandang 2:19 umaga

    did you get your bible from *ehem* sponsors abroad? :p

    i’ve been looking for the cartoon-style bible.. yung may mga dialogue balloons talaga. my hubby had that during his childhood days, he’s been looking for one pero di pa kami nakakahanap. it’s a good way to get kids interested in the bible.

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