Updates… Updates…

So many things have happened the past few days that I didn’t really get the chance to update my blog… funny!  So, let me enumerate the more notable events which happened just recently.

  1. Tooth Begone!
    molarI recently (about a week ago) had my molar extracted!  It’s been a long and dreary battle with my tooth and finally, I decided to just have the dentist yank it out.  Anyone who has ever experienced a really bad toothache can relate.  You can’t work, can’t talk, practically cannot concentrate on anything at all!  Not to mention the bad mood that you’re in throughout the day.
    But that doesn’t mean I’m pain-free already.  The tooth that was pulled out was a BIG one!  So, I’m still kinda recovering from it… and I’m still taking pain killers (though not as frequent as the first few days after the extraction).  Couldn’t eat right… oh, and I was adviced by my dentist not to engage in any strenuous activities for 3 days!  There goes my weightlifting routine for the week… bummer!  So was “sexy time”!  LOL!
  2. Under the Weather
    Apparently, this whole tooth extraction thingy has caused me to feel under the weather… and the cold sore just beside my swelling gum ain’t helping at all!  More pain relievers!  Dammit!
  3. WordPress Pinoys
    Wordpress Pinoys Community!  Sali Na! My baby project which has taken off quite successfully!  I’ve been busy creating a virtual home for all Pinoy WordPressers (WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org)… I’m very grateful that the vast majority of WordPress Pinoy Bloggers have joined the group.  Lots of events, projects and ideas will come out of this newly formed community.  Some of ’em are already in the works… just you wait for it!
    In a span of merely 4 days, we’ve grown to an impressive 84 members already!  Our members are just as enthusiastic about this group as I am!  I’m pretty sure there are more Filipino WordPressers out there who haven’t heard of our community but slowly and surely we will gather each and every one of ’em.  Hopefully we can eventually hold WordPress-sanctioned events here in the Philippines… that would be cool, huh?!  In fact, I was able to talk to Matt (Mullenweg) of WordPress/Automattic and he thought that the community and the official events the group plans to engage in are very good ideas.  So, if you’re a Pinoy with a WordPress blog… join your new home on the net… meet the rest of the wacky bunch at WordPress Pinoys!

    Oh and by the way… for those who aren’t aware… WordPress Pinoys used to be located at Google Groups but due to the sudden upsurge of memberships, tracking conversations and discussions within the group became a tedious and sometimes impossible task.  So, we finally put up our own forum located here.  Discussion threads and the exchanging of ideas are much easier to monitor now.  And everyone seems to be happy with it (Whew!).  I’ve wanted so badly for the transition from one site to the other to be a smooth one that I practically didn’t have time to maintain my own blog!  Haha… But we have very competent and responsible moderators over there already so I can go back to my regular blogging habit.  Did anyone miss my articles?  Anyone at all?  Hehe.  Anyhow, everyone who was (and still is) a member of the “WordPress Pinoys” Google Group is now a member of this new incarnation.  So, SALI NA!

So I guess that’s it!  More articles very soon… Hope everyone missed me!  You guys did miss me, right?  Right?!  😆


16 Responses to “Updates… Updates…”

  1. Agosto 30, 2007 bandang 2:08 hapon

    Oh goodie! Finally, nag update ka na rin! Panay nga ang silip ko dito hoping na may bago… 😀

  2. 2 JeanGrey
    Agosto 30, 2007 bandang 7:06 hapon

    So I guess that’s it! More articles very soon… Hope everyone missed me! You guys did miss me, right? Right?!

    LOL Ang khulet! hmmm malamang di ka namin namiss kuya… e kasi halos lahat naman po tayo nawiwili na dun sa forums e… nandun na lahat… hehehe napansin ko nga dumalang ata ang pag-b-blogs ng mga tao dito… lahat nangungulit.. LOL 😛 kaya yung mga di pa nakakapagregister sa bagong forum sali na kayo!

  3. 3 chuvaness
    Agosto 30, 2007 bandang 11:21 hapon

    na-experience ko din yang long and dreary battle with my impacted molar some 2 years ago…sobrang sakit nun

    ansarap ng feeling na sobrang sakit nya tapos binubunot dahan dahan…haaaayy..isa yun sa pinakamasayang event ng buhay ko!! tapos nun nakita ko yun tooth ko..wow, gs2 ko itago..first time ko nagpabunot nun eh

  4. Agosto 31, 2007 bandang 2:39 umaga

    Haha…! Aha! Ikaw pala ang nakikita kong pasulyap sulyap sa isang sulok ha! Looking for new articles ka pala! LOL! Hehehe…!

    Oo nga eh… hindi lang ba ako ang dumalang ang pagboblog? Hahaha… so halos lahat nawili sa Forums?! Hehehe… epektib!

    Hay naku! Ibang klase! Sobrang sakit eh… tapos nung una ayaw ko pa ipabunot… so pasta pasta lang… nawala for a time pero eventually bumalik! Putek! Lintek! Pinabunot ko na rin! Victory!!! Laki ng ipin! I still have the tooth with me.. nakababad sa alcohol for 6 days na! Hahaha… Ilalagay ng misis ata sa scrapbook! LOL! 😛

  5. 5 Chasee
    Agosto 31, 2007 bandang 3:47 umaga

    Your dentist is right, no strenuous exercise muna for atleast 24-48 hours. Is it your third molar( wisdom tooth)? Just take it easy muna. Dont chew on the extraction side coz food might get in the socket. Don’t use straw when drinking cause you might suck out the clot.
    Did you keep the tooth? hehe… sayang yun, baka toothfairy will come visit you hehe!!!

  6. Agosto 31, 2007 bandang 4:30 umaga

    Yeah… I kept the tooth…! Haha! Ang laki eh…
    Binabad ko ng 6 days sa alcohol para malinis. My wife plans to put it in our family scrapbook! Would you believe… pati ang patay na kuko ko na nakuha ko sa kakalaro ng basketball noon nasa scrapbook namin! Hahaha! 😆

  7. Setyembre 1, 2007 bandang 5:53 umaga

    nakatutuwa… a lot of patients do ask for their extracted teeth, lalo na yung dumanas ng sakit. yung iba balak yatang gumanti sa ngipin. 😛

  8. 8 chuvaness
    Setyembre 1, 2007 bandang 10:20 umaga

    ahhh…akala ko kaya mo tinago kase hahagis mo sa bubong tapos sasabihin mo ‘DAGA, PALIT TAYO NGIPIN”…naalala ko may nagsabi sa ‘kin nun nung bata pa ko…ginawa ko naman


  9. Setyembre 1, 2007 bandang 12:39 hapon

    I always ask for my extracted tooth… dunno exactly why… maybe cause it once was a part of me… hmmm… ewan ko ba! LOL! Kaya ayan, naisip ni misis ilagay sa scrapbook… aliw na weird! hahaha!

    LOL @ “Daga palit tayo ng ngipin”! Hahahaha! So ano na itsura ng ipin mo ngayon? Baka mukha ka nang hamster… 😆

  10. 10 kengkay
    Setyembre 3, 2007 bandang 12:51 umaga

    did u get anything from the tooth fairy 😀

  11. Setyembre 3, 2007 bandang 3:05 hapon

    Haha… nope… none. Ayaw ata sa bagang ko! LOL! Masyadong mabigat bitbitin! Di siya makakalipad…! Haha! 😛

  12. Setyembre 3, 2007 bandang 6:28 hapon

    Tsaka overaged na raw si Chuckie. ‘Di na raw qualified mag claim sa tooth fairy… 😛

    *sabay ilag kay Boss Chuck

  13. Setyembre 4, 2007 bandang 3:32 umaga

    LOL! Hahaha… overaged! Hehehe… Bleh ka! 😛 LOL!

  14. Setyembre 4, 2007 bandang 3:47 umaga

    Naku, definitely one of the blogs I’ll be monitoring! wehehhehe….

    Glad to meet you, Chuckie! Mini-EB soon! weheheh…

  15. Setyembre 4, 2007 bandang 3:57 umaga

    Hey there! Yep… hope you drop by often! Hehehe! Glad to meet you too! Yup… EB soon! 😛

  16. 16 sgp
    Setyembre 25, 2007 bandang 2:15 umaga

    heya chuckster! been on hiatus since mid-august. hehehe! glad to see may “hahabulin” akong posts, before i was gone, tagal mong walang posts eh. *demanding talaga*

    tooth extraction… buti hindi namaga pisngi mo? nung ako, para akong may beke. =P

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