Pinoy Ako! WordPress Pinoy Bloggers!

Hello people! I recently put up a group for WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org Pinoy Bloggers… I figured, we’ve been posting comments on each other’s blogs, sharing jokes, sympathizing with each other’s struggles and challenges, laughing and sharing on other’s triumphs, but never really get to interact more than we actually can.

But (hopefully) with the help of this new group called, “WordPress Pinoys”, we can probably make our community tighter… mas “SOLID” kumbaga. Please invite your other Pinoy WordPress bloggers to join the group so that those whom others haven’t met can get acquainted with one another.

We can do a whole lot with this group… we can start organizing events, eyeballs, get-togethers, and even find new ways to drive traffic to each others blogs!

I really hope we can all gather around this idea and help the group flourish… and expand. If we can really make this an entire Pinoy WordPress network, we can probably even have WordPress-sanctioned Pinoy events in the future!

So… if you’re a Filipino and you happen to have a blog here at WordPress.Com or manage your own blog powered by WordPress.Org then click the image below and join the group! We’d love to meet (and have) new members!


After signing up, if it isn’t too much trouble… please use the image above and kindly post it on your WordPress sidebar and link it to the group’s site.


You could just copy the HTML code below and paste it to your “text widget” (image is 200px wide):

<p align="center"><a href="http://groups.google.com/group/wordpress-pinoys" target="_blank"><img src="https://chuckster.files.wordpress.com/2007/08/pinoy-ako-sali-na-wordpress.jpg" alt="Sali Na! Join the Pinoy WordPress Bloggers Group!"></a></p>


For those who want a smaller image so that it could fit your current blog theme’s sidebar (150px wide to be exact), you can use this code instead:

<p align="center"><a href="http://groups.google.com/group/wordpress-pinoys" target="_blank"><img src="https://chuckster.files.wordpress.com/2007/08/pinoy-ako-sali-na-wordpress-smaller.jpg" alt="Sali Na! Join the Pinoy WordPress Bloggers Group!"></a></p>


Kaya sali na! Hope to see you there soon!



37 Responses to “Pinoy Ako! WordPress Pinoy Bloggers!”

  1. Agosto 21, 2007 bandang 4:43 umaga

    sumali na ako. ngayon, antayin natin kung di ako maging eng-eng sa pagkabit ng image sa blog site ko 🙂

  2. Agosto 21, 2007 bandang 4:48 umaga


    LOL! Kaya mo yan! Haha! Sige bibisita ako sa site mo para makita ko kung successful! Good luck! Haha! 😆

  3. 4 AJ
    Agosto 21, 2007 bandang 12:07 hapon

    kasali na ko.

    hmmm… bakit google groups pa? why not a dedicated domain na cms based?

  4. 5 K
    Agosto 21, 2007 bandang 3:21 hapon

    Sumali na ako (o ottomatic ba ako na nasali?) kasi I received dozen of emails on my account from the group (how do I deactivate it?). I also add the image on my site now and still trying to figure out how this ‘group’ works. Never joined group-forum-like conversation before. Maybe I’ll just read what you guys are posting there. So pwede rin pala to sa mga Worpdress subdomains?

  5. 6 taroogs
    Agosto 21, 2007 bandang 5:02 hapon

    am trying to sign up pero mukhang may sabit ang internet connection namin today. di makapasok sa googlegroups… bitin! will try again tomorrow.

  6. 7 kengkay
    Agosto 21, 2007 bandang 5:53 hapon

    ayan, meron pa akong panawagan sa blog ko ha. pero wala pa rin akong logo. super eng-eng talaga ko, hay…


  7. 8 taroogs
    Agosto 21, 2007 bandang 7:01 hapon

    chuckie, may problema tol… kapag nilagay ko yung code na recommended mo, either large o small size, walang picture na lumalabas… nakalagay lang “Sali…” 😦

  8. Agosto 21, 2007 bandang 9:03 hapon

    kasali na ako at nai-promote ko na siya sa blog ko. 😀

  9. 10 dimaks
    Agosto 21, 2007 bandang 9:18 hapon

    there is a solution. save that image, upload to your server or your site host, then put it in your blog with the corresponding link 🙂

  10. Agosto 22, 2007 bandang 6:49 umaga

    This is such a great idea, Chuck. Thanks for the invite. I’ve signed up yesterday pa. I’ll catch you there, ayt? 😀

  11. Agosto 22, 2007 bandang 8:44 umaga

    Talaga naman..hindi ka talaga nauubusan ng magagandang ideas no….Thanks Chuck!!1

  12. Agosto 22, 2007 bandang 2:57 hapon

    Err… ang tagal kong di nagcheck ng post na ito… dami na palang nagcomment! Haha!
    Anyways… I’ll try to answer them one my one…

    Thanks for joining na! Welcome! 🙂

    Were you able to receive my email regarding how to change your email subscription sa group?

    Email ko sayo ang text file ng code. Baka kasi nagkakaroon ng “break” somewhere in the code eh… yung txt file na isesend ko syo… yun ang i-open mo at i-copy paste.

    Thank you! Salamat sa pagpromote! Para sa atin ito! More power sa atin! Naks! Haha!

    Yep… you’re right. I only provided the code kasi sometimes, not everyone knows how to post and pic ang link eh…

    Hi Jovi! Thank you for the compliment. You’re welcome! Thanks for joining… hope everyone makes the group a busy and interactive venue for us Pinoy WordPressers…

    Got your email! Thanks for joining! LOL… ideas ba? Hahaha! I guess it’s about time we all got together to think of ways to help each other out. See you at the group site! 🙂

  13. Agosto 22, 2007 bandang 5:01 hapon

    good work chuck! kasali na ako. i hope to meet new friends here. kelan ang unang EB? 🙂

  14. Agosto 22, 2007 bandang 9:42 hapon

    i just joined with my wordpress account 😀

  15. Agosto 23, 2007 bandang 4:38 umaga


    Yo! Thanks for joining agad…! Yeah… hopefully we can meet all the pinoy wordpressers! Haha… lahat gusto nang magka-EB! LOL! Sige, planuhin natin!


    LOL! Welcome! Thanks for joining the group… ano ba wordpress url mo?

  16. Agosto 23, 2007 bandang 1:33 hapon

    Hello! I joined last night when I saw kengkay’s logo, I think this is a very good idea, glad you thought of it.

    regards from a kababayan in holland

    tanong lang, may logo ba na medyo maliit keysa sa mga available right now?

  17. Agosto 23, 2007 bandang 3:19 hapon


    Hi there! I emailed you an image that’s 100×100 na… you can also get new images on the group site… 🙂

  18. Agosto 23, 2007 bandang 3:24 hapon

    hi chuck,

    you can click the link for my wordpress url 😀

  19. Agosto 23, 2007 bandang 3:30 hapon

    hey again sir chuck 😀 wala ka po bang mas maliit na banner? di kasya sa sidebar ko hehe 😀 thanks!

  20. Agosto 23, 2007 bandang 3:38 hapon

    Hi Cryst! How small na banner or button gusto mo? May mga bago dun sa group site. Check the “files” section… baka may makita ka na ok sa iyo… kung wala… just lemme know para maayos ko. 🙂

  21. Agosto 24, 2007 bandang 12:53 umaga

    Hello po. Yung negative ng 88×31 ang ipinost ko sa blog ko sa ibaba ng anti-war logo. 🙂

  22. Agosto 24, 2007 bandang 1:16 umaga

    Yup… nakita ko! Nice! Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  23. 25 brath
    Agosto 29, 2007 bandang 2:43 umaga

    umuunlad na ang ating grupo hehehe, first time ko dito sa blog mo ,,, nice blog!!!


  24. Agosto 29, 2007 bandang 9:54 hapon

    Hi brath!
    Thanks for dropping by! Catch you sa forum! Ingats! 🙂

  25. Agosto 31, 2007 bandang 6:44 umaga

    Sumali na din ako sa Google groups pati na rin sa Forum. Na update ko na profile ko and everything pero hindi pa ako nakakapost. Sensya na kasi medyo busy ngayon. It’s good to see familiar faces like K, dimaks and Ederic. Hehe Anyways, great job Chuckie and more power! If there’s anything I can do to help, just let me know. 🙂

  26. Setyembre 3, 2007 bandang 11:44 umaga

    Yey! Kasali na rin akow! 🙂 Thanks for the warm welcome, Chuck! God bless and see ya all soon!

  27. Setyembre 3, 2007 bandang 3:01 hapon

    Hey there! I know… I saw you sa google groups before… I think I also welcomed you na rin sa forum. Glad you could follow the group sa new forum… it’s easier to manage the community from there eh… 🙂
    Buti naman there are a few familiar faces sa forum na kilala mo… at least the “breaking-in” process will be easier… 😛
    Thank you for dropping by Jayp! Keep in touch man! Ingats! 🙂

    Hi tintin! Yup, I know kasali ka na! Hahaha! You’re welcome tin! God bless and see you at the forum! 😀

  28. Setyembre 8, 2007 bandang 12:59 umaga

    Hi Chuckie! Haven’t seen you in a while ehhehe…Be hearing from you soon! Thanks again! See ya! God bless!

  29. 31 Claire
    Setyembre 18, 2007 bandang 7:23 hapon

    Ay hindi ako makasali bat ganon? click ko yung Image error naman lumalabas. OIst!! sali ako pano ba?

  30. 33 scriminc
    Hulyo 31, 2009 bandang 8:36 umaga

    Nice blog and idea. May I join the group too?

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