Smells Like Ting(gel) Spirit…

Vulva PerfumeUmmm… pardon the blog article’s title… but I thought it apt to name it such… (we’ll get to that soon enough)…!

Ok… let me start elaborating as to why the title came about. Ready? Some of you probably have heard of this already but for those who weren’t fortunate enough to take an early “whiff” of the information, this one’s for YOU!

DID YOU KNOW… that there’s a NEW perfume for men that actually smells like the (thinking of a cute way of calling it…) “peepee” of a woman? It’s soooo f*ckin true! It’s called (ready for it?)… “VULVA”!

Here is their “press release”:

The erotic and intimate scent of an irresistible woman has been encapsulated into a small glass bottle, not as a perfume but purely as a substance for your own smelling pleasure.

The bottle is to be shaken gently and when only a tiny amount of this intoxicating substance is applied to the back of the hand the irresistible smell of a moist, sensuous vagina exudes and immediately intensifies your erotic fantasies, stimulating the cinematic visions of the imagination.

Breathe in and enjoy the scent of a beautiful woman anytime, anywhere!

Now I don’t know about you, but the way I see it… You have got to be soooo freaking desperate to resort to sniffing your own bottle of portable PEEPEE! Bwahahaha!

As if “TV Patrol”, “GMA Network News” and “SOCO” don’t have enough rape cases to cover all over the country already… bring this baby in and watch our presently escalating crime rate skyrocket to new record highs! Not to mention our “baby factories” (slum and squatters area) within the metropolis! LOL!

Does it come in three variants kaya?

  1. “Pre-intimate wash” aroma

  2. “After intensive stress at work” aroma

  3. “UTI” aroma

Check out their commercial below! Classy, eh?! LOL!

Lol! Sorry… couldn’t help myself! It’s just really hilarious…! Look at the guy on the second picture above… pretending to sniff ala connoisseur of peepee odors! Ok… I’ll stop now… I’ll leave you guys to your imaginations, my little dirty-minded, naughty readers!


58 Responses to “Smells Like Ting(gel) Spirit…”

  1. Agosto 16, 2007 bandang 2:33 umaga

    OMG! muntik akong nahulog sa seat ko! totoo ba yan? at may market ba yan? napaka desperado naman… 😛

  2. 2 sgp
    Agosto 16, 2007 bandang 2:45 umaga

    what the hell?!?!??! *lol*

    eherm, just curious, i wonder how they compared the scent of their product (while in development/production), with that of the real thing? women actually spread their legs to be sniffed so the lab researchers will know if they got it right?!?!?! :p (imagines geek guys in labgowns go: “a little more musk, a little less floral.”. hahaha!)

    does it come in pre-menstrual/post-menstrual scents too? *lol* ok, that was over-the-top gross… sorry folks! my bad! :p

  3. Agosto 16, 2007 bandang 2:53 umaga

    Looks like may market! Or… you create the product to create the demand! NAKS! LOL!!!!

    LOL!!! -> “a little more musk, a little less floral.”
    Hahahaha! Natawa ako habang binabasa ko comment mo! Looks like that’s how they did their R&D.
    Don’t worry about the “over the top gross” comments…

    “Gross is GOOD” LOL! Keep em coming! 😆

  4. 4 Ms. Red
    Agosto 16, 2007 bandang 3:10 umaga

    Whoooaaa!!! I like the commercial. galing ng pagkakagawa, hindi cya bastos. But for the perfume, ewan ko lang. Saka ang ganda ng theme nila “smell me and.com”. lols

  5. Agosto 16, 2007 bandang 3:17 umaga

    LOL! Ang sossy ng ad ano? Hahaha! Yeah… nice ng play of words sa URL nila. Curious talaga ako kung ano exactly ang amoy ng perfume…! Intrigued and eager…! Hahaha! “Eager”!

    Baka may promo sila for dirty old men… for every purchase of Vulva, may libreng Viagra! LOL! 😆

  6. 6 bonniefazzyoo
    Agosto 16, 2007 bandang 12:05 hapon

    sino kaya ang may gustong mag amoy kefs?

  7. Agosto 16, 2007 bandang 2:53 hapon

    Hmmm… sino nga kaya? Siguro yung mga desperado na wala talagang makuhang kefs! Lotion, at Vulva sa kamay… SOLB na!

    Ika nga ng commercial ng… “Sol-Bravo!” (Bleh!) 😛

  8. 8 K
    Agosto 16, 2007 bandang 4:04 hapon

    Nag order ka na ba online?

    Such a shaved!

  9. Agosto 16, 2007 bandang 6:04 hapon

    Hahaha… di pa nga eh… LOL! Curious! 😛

  10. 10 Ms. Red
    Agosto 16, 2007 bandang 6:15 hapon

    Naalala ko yung friend ko, after nila mag “do” ng gf nya, umuwi cya tapos natulog ng di man lang nag lilinis ng katawan (sobrang pagod siguro sa action nila). Pag gising nya, naamoy pa rin nya yung kamay sa saka mouth nya na amoy kepyas, ang ganda raw ng gising nya eh. lols.

  11. Agosto 16, 2007 bandang 6:29 hapon

    LOL!!! Ayun… one reason para bilhin ang perfume! Para maganda ang gising! Hahaha! So dapat, ipapahid siya sa daliri at upper lip bago matulog para madali maamoy pagkagising! Hahaha!

  12. 12 JeanGrey
    Agosto 17, 2007 bandang 1:01 umaga

    I’m just wondering kung sino kaya ang mas maraming bibili ng perfume na yan… girls kaya o guys?? Kung girls kaya anong purpose?? para mas maamoy ng guy? e kung guys naman? napakadesperate naman masyado?? LOLZ Grabeh talaga…

    sa mga guys naman na may asawa na… babala para sa inyo… bago kayo umuwi sa bahay pagkagaling sa trabaho…
    wag na wag kayong magkakamaling magpabango or madikit man lang sa perfume na yan kung ayaw nyong maliparan ng mga plato… 😛

  13. Agosto 17, 2007 bandang 1:22 umaga



    Natawa ako sa:

    “sa mga guys naman na may asawa na… babala para sa inyo… bago kayo umuwi sa bahay pagkagaling sa trabaho…
    wag na wag kayong magkakamaling magpabango or madikit man lang sa perfume na yan kung ayaw nyong maliparan ng mga plato…”

    LOL! 😛

  14. 14 sgp
    Agosto 17, 2007 bandang 2:01 umaga

    @ jean grey:
    mismo! this perfume will cause either an increase in divorce/separation/annulment cases. or homicide. *lol*

  15. Agosto 17, 2007 bandang 7:38 hapon

    Waaah! This totally blew my mind… I don’t even know how I’d react… I wonder what they’ll come up with next? The pervs! lol 😀

  16. Agosto 17, 2007 bandang 7:53 hapon

    Lol! Hahaha… I didn’t know how to react as well when I first saw it. Baka ang next perfume is weewee aroma… for those who secretly have a fetish for “GOLDEN SHOWERS”!!! LOL!!! 😆

  17. Agosto 17, 2007 bandang 8:02 hapon


    I actually know someone who has that fetish! Waaaah! (cue The Twilight Zone theme… Tin-ni-ni-niin, Tin-ni-ni-niin,Tin-ni-ni-niin)

  18. Agosto 17, 2007 bandang 8:12 hapon


    Hahaha! Did your someone elaborate as to why “golden showers” are enjoyable? LOL! Weird iimagine! Haha!

  19. 19 Mon
    Agosto 17, 2007 bandang 9:15 hapon

    Siguro sa production nyan e may ‘real extract’ kahit small percentage lang… pero pano kung yun source nila e prostitute pala at hindi nila alam…

    Kung may Vulva Original dapat meron din sila variation na ‘Vulva with HIV+ Extract’

  20. Agosto 17, 2007 bandang 9:39 hapon

    LOL -> HIV+ Extract!
    Hahaha! Parang premium blend yun ah! Hahaha! I’m sure may “real extract” yan… there has had to be a source, diba? LOL!!! 😛

  21. 21 Bunsoy
    Agosto 17, 2007 bandang 10:56 hapon

    Wait until one enterprising pinoy create his own version/imitation…. it will be called “pek2” (read: pekpek) – made from the finest tropical vaginal juice. Available in 2 scents 1) Freshly washed and 2)Barely washed (lol). Visit their website http://www.amoypuday.com for more details. LOL.

  22. Agosto 17, 2007 bandang 11:05 hapon

    HAHA! LOL! Sumakit tiyan ko! Nice URL ha! Very catchy!

    “Freshly Washed” – for the sophisticated consumer
    “Barely Washed” – For the animal in you!


  23. Agosto 17, 2007 bandang 11:41 hapon

    * nagpagulong gulong sa sahig sa kakatawa…

    At nang mahimasmasan na:

    Hayop sa marketing! 😀

  24. Agosto 18, 2007 bandang 1:21 umaga


    It’s ok to be speechless… hehehe… no need for words… all you need to do is…

    … SNIFF! 😆

  25. Agosto 18, 2007 bandang 5:25 umaga

    you guys sure write funny. what kind of language is that?

    anyway, so this thing is the scent of female piss? i guess that’s why they used ‘vulva’ instead of ‘vagina.’

    i honestly don’t know why anyone would want to smell piss (female or not).

    on the other hand, i can see why someone would want to buy vaginal juice/secretion.

    but stop to think here for a moment. i don’t believe they use real female urine. but let’s say they do. what if the urine come from morbidly obese female? would anyone want to smell that? this is assuming the person would smell female piss to begin with.

    i wonder how much they send a 1 oz bottle for? maybe $25? do they send out free samples?

    what’s next? female feces?

  26. Agosto 20, 2007 bandang 12:49 hapon

    I’m really curious about the smell, really.

    You naughty author. 😛

  27. Agosto 20, 2007 bandang 5:49 hapon


    Actually, it isn’t “piss”… maybe you got confused since we used the term “peepee”… we meant peepee as in the female reproductive organ…

    LOL -> “female feces”…! Like female feces would smell any different to male feces! Haha! There must be a market for these kinds of products, don’t you think… I mean, they would spend time and money developing something like this without doing surveys and research, right? LOL!


    Haha! Curious, eh? Well, if you’re curiosity pushes you to actually get a sample, lemme know… Hahaha! I sure would love to get first hand reviews on the product! LOL! Haha! 😛

  28. Agosto 21, 2007 bandang 4:23 umaga

    hehehe. wow, what some people think up, huh? i wonder who’d be crazy enough to walk around smelling like that.

  29. Agosto 21, 2007 bandang 4:35 umaga


    LOL! Yeah… smelling like vagina during a board meeting… or something like that! LOL!!!

  30. 32 smarteyez
    Agosto 21, 2007 bandang 8:20 hapon

    omfg! is that for real?! the maker certainly has issues. either he’s mentally disturbed or lame ass virgin, i wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that perfume smelling like fish all the time.. hahaha!!

  31. 33 sgp
    Agosto 22, 2007 bandang 6:20 umaga

    smelling like fish…….. hahaha! *lol*

    i am not denying that. i mean, it’s true, at least once in a woman’s life, she will have that “scent”… maybe after a long day out on the sun, or a workout, or simply the waterpump stopped charging. hahahah! but if it’s constantly smelling like that, then time to get a new feminine wash. :p

    if it’s available online, and costs less than $20, i’ll get you one chuckster. bigyan mo kami ng detailed product review ha! hahaha! *lol*

  32. Agosto 22, 2007 bandang 3:00 hapon


    LOL! Smelling like “fish”! Hahaha! I don’t think “fish” is the general smell of a female’s peps! LOL! Hahaha! for some maybe… LOL!


    Hahaha! Sige… padalhan mo ako ha… I’ll be sure to give a detailed review on it! Hahaha… Basta… Antayin ko! LOL! 😛

  33. 35 sgp
    Agosto 23, 2007 bandang 5:13 umaga

    deal chuckster!!! *lol*
    ehem, sa viva office ko ipapadala, sabihin ko i-care-of nila para sayo yon. hahahah! *lol*

  34. Agosto 23, 2007 bandang 3:22 hapon

    LOL! Hahaha! Wag! Baka iba ang kumupit nun kapag sa Viva mo ipapadala! Hahahaha!

  35. 37 smarteyez
    Agosto 24, 2007 bandang 12:20 umaga

    lol don’t get me wrong.. one of my buddies said that a woman’s privy “smells like fish, taste like chicken” might that be true? haha! arrgh! forget i said that! lol

  36. Agosto 24, 2007 bandang 12:53 umaga

    Hahaha… “smells like fish, tastes like chicken”… hmmmm… Natawa ako sa “tastes like chicken”! LOL… parang kapag kumain ka ng ahas or ng palaka… diba ang common reaction, “tastes like chicken!”

    LOL! Ergo… ahas + palaka = pepe

    Hahaha! 😆

  37. 39 sgp
    Agosto 24, 2007 bandang 2:23 umaga

    wicked math chuckster! hahaha!

    like i said, if it constantly smells like fish, then something needs to change, primarily in hygiene.
    i don’t know about it tasting like chicken, i can’t bend like a pretzel! *lol* ok, forget i said that too! hahaha!

    winner ang comment mo smarteyez! *thumbs up*

  38. Agosto 24, 2007 bandang 5:03 hapon

    Hahaha! Oh and if you could (bend like a pretzel) you would try to find out, huh?! LOL! Hahaha!

  39. 41 sgp
    Agosto 25, 2007 bandang 7:33 umaga

    oi, i didn’t say THAT chuckster! *lol* kakaloka itong blog entry mo na to! lumabas ang mga green-minded! *lol*

  40. 42 chuvaness
    Agosto 26, 2007 bandang 6:42 umaga

    Hinde ako magtataka kung one of these days, ganito naman ang lumabas:

    “The erotic and intimate scent of an irresistible MAN has been encapsulated into a small glass bottle”


    freakin’ gross!

  41. Agosto 27, 2007 bandang 4:43 hapon

    waaaaaahhhhh! is that for real??? and the guy sa advert, huh, enjoy na enjoy sa smell!!! gingganggoollliiieeeeee!!!!

  42. Agosto 29, 2007 bandang 9:47 umaga

    Wow, instant classic! I had to refrain watching this commercial from the office baka sabihin pa kung ano anong pinapanood ko XD “Orjanic”? “Smellmeandcom”? Ganito ung mga bagay na mapapa WTF ka ng malakas. May dalawang babae sa harap niya na naglalandian, bat pa niya kelangan amuyin yung “Vulva”? XD

  43. Agosto 29, 2007 bandang 9:53 hapon

    Oo nga eh… Hahaha… ayan… nabubuko na tuloy ang mga greenies!

    LOL! Ano naman kaya amoy nun? Similar to what kaya? Sabi ni smarteyez kasi amoy fish ang babae… eh di ang lalaki, ano?

    Hahaha… enjoy na enjoy! Parang cocaine ang tinitira… super singhot! Guhit sa lalamunan! Hahahah! 😆

    Baka naghugas ang dalawang girls sa harap niya kaya walang amoy… hahaha! Kaya mas interesado ang guy sa vulva perfume… hahaha!

  44. Setyembre 7, 2007 bandang 1:02 umaga

    pagnag click ‘to, it will open a lot of doors and the potential will be endless..whats next? pawis sa kili-kili in a bottle?
    seriously, mabango ba ang amoy ng vulva? Mga Germans talaga..!

  45. Setyembre 7, 2007 bandang 3:42 umaga

    haha… well, ang bango siguro is relative… depende sa umaamoy. LOL! But who would want to sit in a corner and sniff his nose off? 😛

  46. 48 vulva.licious
    Setyembre 22, 2007 bandang 2:09 umaga

    sabi nga po di raw perfume ito!!! ~X(
    meron bang gus2ng mag amoy pekpek??? =)),
    yung comment sayo is “GEE, ur pek smells terrific!!!” =))
    parang aphrodisiac chuva, lam nyo nmn mga manyak, lahat naiisip just to get off.
    pero in a way, kinda flattering sa girls yung naappreciate yung “natural scent” ng babae, usually, they are “men” and not “boys”. iba daw talaga ang “high” ng natural scent kesa sa smell ng fem. wash or soap. wawa nmn yung nkaka amoy na “fishy Keps” bk lasang shrimp paste pa yun :-s

    ..cguro di na maglalabas nito ng para sa guys, kc madami namang avail na “CHLOROX” sa market !!!=))

  47. Setyembre 22, 2007 bandang 5:47 hapon

    LAWLZ… they don’t watch education shows like NGC and TLC, or read the Science Magazine. Smell is an important part for us Human beings. One female may smell good for guy but smells bad for another, and vice versa.

    There are many similar products before, but they all failed, well, not all, 2 survived.


    sa mga guys naman na may asawa na… babala para sa inyo… bago kayo umuwi sa bahay pagkagaling sa trabaho…
    wag na wag kayong magkakamaling magpabango or madikit man lang sa perfume na yan kung ayaw nyong maliparan ng mga plato…

    Unless your wife is bi or a lesbo, she wouldn’t know. In fact, according to NGC and TLC, it was found out that women (and men for that matter) do not know their own smell. It is like they are immune to it (unless of course you really smell bad).

    Regardless, if you are desperate, just buy a real perfume to seduce as many of the opposite sex as you “can”… it’s out there 😉 2 brands survived. There’s a store in Luzon selling one of the two brands :p will cost you, dunno… lawlz.

    It’s for desperates, haha… “kadiri”


  48. 50 vulva.licious
    Setyembre 22, 2007 bandang 6:20 hapon

    The erotic and intimate scent of an irresistible woman has been encapsulated into a small glass bottle, not as a perfume but purely as a substance for your own smelling pleasure.

    bat ba kayo perfume ng perfume :-s not as perfume nga eh samting to smell lang di nmn para gamitin sa sarili para maging ganun amoy kundi to entice.

    hmmn.. di ba alam ng women ang smell nila? bat ako, i know how i smell, i even know how i taste lyk.. and its nt bcoz its rili samting bad lyk wat uv said. and i dunno if its just me,pero iba ang taste and smell ng femfem lalo na pag bagong cum, its addictive…its stellarrrr..hayzzz..

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