8 Random Things About Me!

I’ve been tagged… AGAIN!  This time it’s Jonas who gets to return the favor… hehehe!  Ok… (scratches head), hmmm… 8 random things about me… lemme see what comes to mind.

  1. TrailersI love TRAILERS!  Movie trailers!  Especially inside the movie house…!  No one should dare disturb me when the teasers and trailers start.  I actually make it a point to get inside the cinema a good 20mins before the commercials (and national anthem) start.  That way, I can get nice and comfy before the previews kick off.  Shhhhhhh!  Don’t bother me!
  2. I am an optimist… yet I cannot avoid worrying at the same time.  Does that make sense?  Haha!  Yeah… I tend to worry about a lot of things though I try really hard to hide it.  But at the same time I also look at the bright side… maybe this is why it makes it easier for me to put up a brave front more often than not.
  3. San Mig LightI am allergic to alcoholic drinks!  I really am…!  I itch whenever I drink.  A bottle of beer is enough to get me “buzzed”!  I remember downing a bottle of San Mig Light, only to end up driving over the island of a parking lot in Greenhills on my way out.  My wife said, “That’s it…!  Gimme the steering wheel…  You’re not driving tonight!”.
  4. SalagubangI’ve eaten salagubang before!  Hmmm… any idea what “salagubang” is called in english?  I haven’t the slightest idea.  Anyways, for the benefit of those who don’t speak tagalog… “salagubang” is an insect (beetle looking creature) that crawls and flies.  It is a delicacy over at my mother’s province (Nueva Ecija)… cooked “adobo” style and stored in the refrigerator.  I don’t eat it anymore… can’t imagine I’ve even munched a few during my childhood, but I really did!  Whenever my lola and mom would have some brought over from the province, our ref would stink of adobong salagubang… the odor is unmistakable!  Hahaha!  Oh, by the way… there are 2 types of salagubang.  Those that stay on trees (which aren’t the “edible” ones), and the ones that live underground (the ones that are clean and can be eaten).
  5. DVDsI have over 800 DVDs!  I love collecting (and watching) DVDs… movies, tv series, concerts, you name it!  My library of discs grew so much that I had to relocate them to a dedicated cabinet of their own.  I’ve set up our room to play 6.1 surround sound… but I can only turn the volume way up when the wifey’s at work coz she doesn’t really enjoy it that much when the speakers are blasting her ears off enough to make her go deaf for the next few years!  Bleh!
  6. Gudang GaramI don’t smoke.  Tried… but never enjoyed it.  I’ve also tried clove cigarettes but eventually stopped cause I didn’t want it to affect my stamina and endurance during weightlifting.  Besides, I wasn’t addicted anyways… so I quit.  It was more of an image thing for me back then… that was a stupid idea!
  7. united-states-map-400I’ve never been to the States.  Never.  Never even tried applying for a U.S. Visa.  Guess I wasn’t so gaga over Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm and Universal Studios when I was a kid.  Up till now I guess.  I’ve been to Europe, though.  Paris, Rome, Florence, Milan and Venice.  I had the time of my life there!  If I had a choice to go to the U.S. or back to Europe again, I’d choose Europe in a heartbeat!  I promised my wife I’d take her to Venice soon… she’s always dreamed of visiting the place.
  8. Canned GoodsI can live with canned goods alone!  Corned Beef, Vienna Sausage, Spam… you name it!  Anything that is “cured” (like bacon and cold cuts)… I’ll take it!  Forget the “gulay”!  Stock me up with a pileload of deli, ham, hotdogs, and canned goods… and I’m good to go!  Oh, don’t forget the rice…!

And now the fun part!  I get to tag a few friends of my own!  Harhar… (thinking to self)… hmmmm, who to bother…?  Ok, I am tagging (drumroll ensues…)Aileen (my wife), Tintin, Cryst, Martin, Kat, Badoodles, Jim and Dayunyor!


25 Responses to “8 Random Things About Me!”

  1. 1 K
    Hulyo 29, 2007 bandang 12:54 hapon

    I love movie trailers too, specially the ones from Apple online. Nice to know 8 random things of you. I believed there are plenty but well, this is a meme, follow the rules, hehehe.

  2. Hulyo 29, 2007 bandang 2:09 hapon

    Hey K!
    Yes… Apple online is the one good place to check out really cool trailers! Yeah, I could go on and on about a whole lot more random things about me but rules are rules. Gotta abide by ’em. Hehe! Hey! Mind if I tag you? 😛

  3. 3 Mon
    Hulyo 29, 2007 bandang 7:57 hapon

    Hey Chuck,

    You don’t know me but I knew you ever since you were still active in show business. I just would like you to know that I really, really enjoy reading your blogs. I couldn’t remember where I saw the link to your blog but since then I regularly check it out and read whatever topic you have… it’s fun! Keep up the good work!


  4. Hulyo 29, 2007 bandang 11:31 hapon

    Hey Mon!

    Thanks for dropping by the my blog! It’s really flattering whenever someone says they enjoy reading my blog even when at times what I write seems senseless (to me at least)… hehe! Nice to know you come by every now and then to read my articles…! It’s really a mixed bag if you think of it… movies, family, work, etc… but hey, it works for me. 😛

    Keep in touch! Do you have a site of your own? A blog maybe? Thanks again! Feel free to leave your comments on my other blog entries.

    Visit my other site… more like a pet project really… it’s called “Nakanampucha”!

    You can find it at http://nakanampucha.wordpress.com

    Enjoy! 😀

  5. 5 Mon
    Hulyo 30, 2007 bandang 7:49 hapon


    Thanks for your reply! I really enjoy reading other people’s blog. It doesn’t matter what the topics are I still enjoy them. I like easy-reading articles especially when I just want to relax. Unfortunately, I do not have blog of my own. I’ll try to create my own in the future. I am based in Sydney, Australia now and there’s nothing much to do here after office so I spend some of my time reading my friends’ blog. Hey, if you and your family get the chance to visit Sydney let me know I can tour you around. My email is monpogs[at]yahoo[dot]com.

    I checked out your nakanampucha site. It’s really funny!!!

  6. Hulyo 30, 2007 bandang 7:55 hapon

    looks like m breakin’ my rules for u brother. never tried doing meme before but okay, i’l give my best shot [and thanks]. i do have allergies with beer too,only when i pig on ‘salagubang’ as pulutan.

    allergies and my tendonitis make me feel rich. i never had those kind of ‘sickness’ before when i was earning like construction worker. i wonder what more ‘sickness’ my upcoming promotion has in store for me this sept. 😆

  7. Hulyo 31, 2007 bandang 12:48 umaga

    @ Mon:
    Sure! When my family decides to tour Sydney we’ll be sure to let you know. Who knows… baka malapit na…! Hehehe! Got your email… save ko. I’ll send you my email address via email coz when it’s posted here, prone to spam… which reminds me… whenever you post your email address anywhere (particularly blog comments) make sure it’s at least in this format: monpogs[at]yahoo[dot]com
    to avoid spam harvesters to get your email.

    Don’t worry, I changed your email already para hindi na maexpose ng todo. Hope Naagapan ko ang harvesters. 😛 Thanks nga pala for visiting Nakanampucha! Contribute ka rin ha! 😛

  8. Hulyo 31, 2007 bandang 12:50 umaga

    Hey Badoodles!
    Hahaha… there’s always a first time for everything! Hahaha… -> pig on salagubang!
    I’ll visit your site soon to check kung nagcomply ka sa meme… 😛

  9. 9 sgp
    Hulyo 31, 2007 bandang 1:55 umaga

    never been to US? don’t worry, you’re not missing much. :p i was so crazy over DisneyWorld and Universal Studios when I was a kid, never thought that 20 years later, I’d live just 2 hours away from those places. :p dunno, it just lost its magic, probably because we frequent the place? (Florida residents get discounts. hehehe!) maybe i should move to Texas or Kentucky, or somewhere country-ish, so i’d appreciate it again. :p

    about the salagubang, the ones on the trees are not edible? the ones underground are? parang baligtad, di ba parang kadiri yung nasa ilalim ng lupa? *lol* how does it taste? i presume it doesn’t taste like chicken? hehe!

    about alcoholic drinks, i’m glad i’m not allergic to them, coz i luuuurve SanMigLight! probably the best brew next to Kirin and Heineken. 😀

  10. Hulyo 31, 2007 bandang 2:07 umaga

    The salagubangs that live underground are the clean ones… hehehe…
    Tastes like… hmmmm… wag na… hard to explain…! but definitely not like chicken! hahaha!

  11. Hulyo 31, 2007 bandang 1:52 hapon

    chuckie, thanks for mentioning me in ur post hehe gulat naman ako

  12. 12 Mon
    Hulyo 31, 2007 bandang 7:07 hapon

    Thanks Chuck for changing my email! I did not know that considering that I am in IT… hahaha. Email mo lang ako pag nag-decide kayo to visit Sydney.

  13. Hulyo 31, 2007 bandang 11:20 hapon


    No prob! Siyempre “bloggies” (“blog buddies”) na tayo eh! Basta na-tag kita ha… so dapat sagutin mo rin ang meme… good luck! Simple lang yan… may mga mas brain-bashing memes out there na ipapasa ko rin sayo one day… Hahaha! 😛

    You’re welcome bro! At least now you know. Hey! You learn something new everyday! Starting today you’ll be a little bit more careful when and where you leave your email addresses. If you use gmail, more often than not you won’t notice the spam coz gmail uses very very good anti-spam software. Oh and did I forget to mention very good?! Hehe…

    That wasn’t meant to advertise gmail… I just wanted to share that. 😛

    Sure… will email you when we decide to fly and visit sydney! Ayt, Mate?! 😀

  14. 14 mousmous
    Agosto 1, 2007 bandang 6:40 hapon

    hey chuck, just finished my shot of this 8 random things about myself, check mo na lang sa blog ko. i just randomly type everything, so I guess it doesn’t represent me as a whole 😛 hehe

  15. Agosto 1, 2007 bandang 6:45 hapon

    its me again, baka nagtaka kay mousmous, i forgot to log-off by that account, hehe, revealed tuloy, yan kasi ang TOS ko. haha 😀

  16. Agosto 1, 2007 bandang 10:06 hapon

    Hey Cryst (aka mousmous)!
    Hahaha… bistado! May alyas ka pala! Bwehehehe… oks lang iyon!
    Basta tiklo ka na! Bleh! 😛

  17. 17 sgp
    Agosto 2, 2007 bandang 4:35 umaga

    *lol* @ cryst, gaano karami ba ang alter ego mo online? 😉 mamaya kausap na pala kita sa kung saang blog/forum, “magkakilala” na pala tayo! hehehe!

  18. Agosto 2, 2007 bandang 6:34 umaga

    double tag! 🙂

    Good to know you’re not too much into alcohol and smoking, there shouldn’t be any regrets at least you don’t have to try hard to be a good model to your children (it would be bad for their health, too, anyway). 🙂

  19. Agosto 2, 2007 bandang 9:31 umaga

    hey sgp, yan lang, actually revealed na lahat..:P (dapat kasi si mousmous ay hidden talaga)
    aside here, sa PEX and Sg.com forums lang naman tayo nagkikita…promise hehe 😀

    grabe chuck, dito pala ako magkakamali ng post haha, bistado nga :LOL! later ko i-explain yung comments mo 😀

  20. Agosto 2, 2007 bandang 6:05 hapon

    Yo man! Yeah… thankfully I am not into those things even if I tried. So, effortless na rin in a way… hehe! Yes, even the responsibility of being a good role model to my kids (when it comes to not drinking and smoking at least) comes naturally! Bleh…! 😛

    Hahaha… ayan… buko ka na ng mga SG.com barakadas mo! Haha! 😛

  21. Agosto 2, 2007 bandang 6:28 hapon

    yef, exposed! BTW, you have eaten salagubang, i guess that’s worst, kasi ako frog pa lang naman, pero ung palakang bukid, uso kasi sa Pampanga yun, yung tipong grounded palaka…hehe pero it tastes like chicken. Have you tried some? 😀

  22. Agosto 2, 2007 bandang 11:30 hapon


    Haha! Ayan… daming alias eh… the taste of salagubang is pretty hard to describe! Seriously. It ain’t all that bad… but it’s kinda hard NOT to think about what it looks like in your mouth when you’re chewing it and the juices are squirting out! Aaaaaaarrrrgggghhhhh!


  23. Agosto 21, 2007 bandang 8:44 umaga

    isn’t salagubang cricket in english?

    don’t forget the rice… hehehe… Pinoy ka nga :))

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