Imbak para sa Hulyo 29th, 2007


Homemade Patata!

Anong binatbat ng “Lay’s” at “Ruffles” dito!  Haha!

Homemade Potato Chips!Homemade Potato Chips!

My wife decided to fry some homemade potato chips sprinkled with salt and cracked pepper… she did it on a whim and *tada*… delicious, scrumptious, crispy, crunchy, snacks ready to be devoured!

The only thing missing is the television set in front of me and a couple of good DVD movies to go along with the golden delights!  Haha… but it won’t be for long! … now where did I put that remote?!


8 Random Things About Me!

I’ve been tagged… AGAIN!  This time it’s Jonas who gets to return the favor… hehehe!  Ok… (scratches head), hmmm… 8 random things about me… lemme see what comes to mind.

  1. TrailersI love TRAILERS!  Movie trailers!  Especially inside the movie house…!  No one should dare disturb me when the teasers and trailers start.  I actually make it a point to get inside the cinema a good 20mins before the commercials (and national anthem) start.  That way, I can get nice and comfy before the previews kick off.  Shhhhhhh!  Don’t bother me!
  2. I am an optimist… yet I cannot avoid worrying at the same time.  Does that make sense?  Haha!  Yeah… I tend to worry about a lot of things though I try really hard to hide it.  But at the same time I also look at the bright side… maybe this is why it makes it easier for me to put up a brave front more often than not.
  3. San Mig LightI am allergic to alcoholic drinks!  I really am…!  I itch whenever I drink.  A bottle of beer is enough to get me “buzzed”!  I remember downing a bottle of San Mig Light, only to end up driving over the island of a parking lot in Greenhills on my way out.  My wife said, “That’s it…!  Gimme the steering wheel…  You’re not driving tonight!”.
  4. SalagubangI’ve eaten salagubang before!  Hmmm… any idea what “salagubang” is called in english?  I haven’t the slightest idea.  Anyways, for the benefit of those who don’t speak tagalog… “salagubang” is an insect (beetle looking creature) that crawls and flies.  It is a delicacy over at my mother’s province (Nueva Ecija)… cooked “adobo” style and stored in the refrigerator.  I don’t eat it anymore… can’t imagine I’ve even munched a few during my childhood, but I really did!  Whenever my lola and mom would have some brought over from the province, our ref would stink of adobong salagubang… the odor is unmistakable!  Hahaha!  Oh, by the way… there are 2 types of salagubang.  Those that stay on trees (which aren’t the “edible” ones), and the ones that live underground (the ones that are clean and can be eaten).
  5. DVDsI have over 800 DVDs!  I love collecting (and watching) DVDs… movies, tv series, concerts, you name it!  My library of discs grew so much that I had to relocate them to a dedicated cabinet of their own.  I’ve set up our room to play 6.1 surround sound… but I can only turn the volume way up when the wifey’s at work coz she doesn’t really enjoy it that much when the speakers are blasting her ears off enough to make her go deaf for the next few years!  Bleh!
  6. Gudang GaramI don’t smoke.  Tried… but never enjoyed it.  I’ve also tried clove cigarettes but eventually stopped cause I didn’t want it to affect my stamina and endurance during weightlifting.  Besides, I wasn’t addicted anyways… so I quit.  It was more of an image thing for me back then… that was a stupid idea!
  7. united-states-map-400I’ve never been to the States.  Never.  Never even tried applying for a U.S. Visa.  Guess I wasn’t so gaga over Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm and Universal Studios when I was a kid.  Up till now I guess.  I’ve been to Europe, though.  Paris, Rome, Florence, Milan and Venice.  I had the time of my life there!  If I had a choice to go to the U.S. or back to Europe again, I’d choose Europe in a heartbeat!  I promised my wife I’d take her to Venice soon… she’s always dreamed of visiting the place.
  8. Canned GoodsI can live with canned goods alone!  Corned Beef, Vienna Sausage, Spam… you name it!  Anything that is “cured” (like bacon and cold cuts)… I’ll take it!  Forget the “gulay”!  Stock me up with a pileload of deli, ham, hotdogs, and canned goods… and I’m good to go!  Oh, don’t forget the rice…!

And now the fun part!  I get to tag a few friends of my own!  Harhar… (thinking to self)… hmmmm, who to bother…?  Ok, I am tagging (drumroll ensues…)Aileen (my wife), Tintin, Cryst, Martin, Kat, Badoodles, Jim and Dayunyor!

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