Sarah Album Update 10.1

Sarah Geronimo (Taking Flight)More updates… but not a whole lot of ’em.  This is just in connection to the disparity in reports regarding how many tracks “Taking Flight” will actually have.  As I’ve previously posted on Update # 10, there are only 11 songs in the album… but the track listing posted over at Pinoy Exchange states 12 songs.

Officially, there will ONLY be 11 tracks in Sarah’s new album:

1. I’ll Be Alright
2. Ikaw
3. I’m Sorry
4. Time to Let Go (duet with Mark Bautista)
5. So
6. Close to my Heart
7. What If I
8. Miss
9. I’ll Be Here
10. Mr. Deadma
11. Kahit Na

Even the sequence of the songs are OFFICIALLY as stated above.

The song, “Stay With Me”, was taken off the album before replication and printing of artwork.  Although, the song was already actually recorded… due to circumstances I am not allowed to divulge, the composition was pulled out.  All I can say was that there were last minute problems with the songwriter and negotiations.  Details are confidential.

There you have it… the final track listing of “Taking Flight”!


8 Responses to “Sarah Album Update 10.1”

  1. Hulyo 26, 2007 bandang 9:46 hapon

    So its final na pala, 11 tracks only…hmm, hope ma-fix ung nego with the ommitted song, sayang naman na-record na ni Sarah. Well, a re-packaged album is common din naman (nag-wish lang ako hehe)

    Thanks again! Talagang everyday updates po tayo! 😀

  2. Hulyo 26, 2007 bandang 10:23 hapon

    Hi Cryst…
    I seriously doubt magkaroon ng repackaged version of “Taking Flight”… especially considering the problems over negotiations between the songwriter of “Stay With Me” and Viva Records.

    Who knows… but I wouldn’t keep my hopes up.

    Besides, if Viva really wanted to pursue this song till the very end, they would’ve given in to the conditions laid on the table… especially when you consider the fact that the song has already been recorded. But according to Viva, the song being pursued wasn’t worth going through all the trouble of giving in to certain demands.

    Hehehe… I think I’m saying a little bit more than I should. Hehehe! 😛

  3. 3 sgp
    Hulyo 27, 2007 bandang 6:59 umaga

    hmmm, intriguing…. hehehe!

    oh well, we could do away with that one track. sayang nga lang, na-record na kasi. 🙂
    hey chuckster, good thing you didn’t act up like that other songwriter. wehehe! :p kundi, baka nawala ang chance naming mapakinggan yung composition mo! *ulk*

  4. Hulyo 27, 2007 bandang 7:09 umaga

    hmm..sounds intriguing nga… ~_~ if so then just let it be, there are 11 tracks anyway 😀 geez

    on sgp’s comment about you, i could agree more 😀 you’re such that friendly and easy-going songwriter hehe 😀 keep it up!

  5. Hulyo 27, 2007 bandang 3:50 hapon

    Intriguing ba? Hehehe! Of course I didn’t act up like the other one did. Although, I didn’t really have to. I got a pretty good deal from Viva when they asked me to provide songs for Sarah. It flatters me how they’ve shown so much support in my compositions…

    Hehehe… na-intrigue ka rin ba?
    Yes, I agree. Just let it be. Put it this way… if the song was included and released during the time of negotiational conflict, then the album would’ve been pulled out of the record bar shelves. Ika nga… one casualty for “the greater good”.
    Thank you nga pala for the “friendly and easy-going” description about me… hehehe! Really appreciate it! Keep in touch ok?

  6. Hulyo 27, 2007 bandang 5:09 hapon

    Well mas masaklap nga yun if it happen na na-release na then ni-recall, better off this way nga. For sure Viva recognized the simplicity yet with a touch of that classical OPM musicality in your compositions (IMHO) hehe 😀

  7. Hulyo 27, 2007 bandang 5:16 hapon

    Hey Cryst…
    Yeah… this is way much better than the album being recalled. Masisira ang momentum ng album kapag ganun eh.
    I hope that’s how Viva saw my compositions… hehehehe! 😛

  8. 8 kalai
    Agosto 1, 2007 bandang 1:07 hapon

    medyo nabitin nga ako.. hehe. pero ok lang.. basta album ni sarah kahit ilang songs pa yan… bibilin ko.

    anyway, akala ko maraming songs yun, tapos mamimili na lang sila? bakit hindi sila pumili sa iba para ipalit sa Stay With Me? tnx. 😀

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