Sarah Album Update 10

Okay… another update! This is actually also in connection to my last update but since this entry tackles other parts of the album, I decided to call it “update 10” instead of “9.1”. It’ll also probably be the last update before the album comes out… UNLESS, there are changes again in album movement after this post (which I sincerely doubt).

Sarah Geronimo's,

(Yes, this is the actual cover of the album!)

First things first… I’m sure you’re all itching to know exactly when the album will be available on the market.

I came from the Viva office earlier and this is what’s going to happen… the copies will be coming in on Friday. When I say “coming in”, it means coming into the Viva warehouse and NOT the record bars. The actual release date will be on MONDAY, July 30, 2007. Deliveries won’t be made over the weekend since we cannot determine as to exactly what time these copies are expected to arrive.

Me inside Vincent del Rosario’s office earlier…

Vincent del Rosario's Office (July 25, 2007) 6Vincent del Rosario's Office (July 25, 2007) 1Vincent del Rosario's Office (July 25, 2007) 4

Wait! There’s more…

If you want to be able to get a copy of the album by Friday… here’s what you should know… as soon as stocks come in from the printers, a good number of copies will be “hand-carried” to record bars located near the Viva Office… and I heard them specifically say “SM Megamall”. So, you can try checking out the following stores there such as: “Viva Video”, “Odyssey” (tama ba spelling? Hehe!), “Radio City”, “Astroplus”, and of course the record bar located at the SM department store. It’ll be in some of those establishments if not all of them. But to be sure that it’s already there by the time you arrive, try to visit these places in the afternoon… preferably towards the evening.

You can also try Robinson’s Galleria on Friday but I’m not quite sure… although they do have a “Viva Video” establishment over there so chances are good that you’ll find some copies as well.

I got a copy of “Taking Flight” (final album master) earlier today… no frills, just a CD-R copy of the master… no inlay… no cover… just a plain recordable CD. But all the songs are in it already and is exactly the same copy of what’s coming out this Friday (and officially on Monday). Wonderful songs! I’m sure you’ll love the album as well… but that’s no surprise. I also saw the actual artwork (cover, inlay, lyrics, credits, sponsors and acknowledgements) of the album and it looks great!

Here’s the lowdown on the album:

7 english songs + 4 tagalog songs (11 songs total)

Track 4 is a duet with Mark Bautista (english song)

My compositions are located on Track 8 (“MISS”) and Track 11 (“KAHIT NA”)

1. I’ll Be Alright
2. Ikaw
3. I’m Sorry
4. Time to Let Go (duet with Mark Bautista)
5. So
6. Close to my Heart
7. What If I
8. Miss
9. I’ll Be Here
10. Mr. Deadma
11. Kahit Na

*Note 1: The track listing isn’t necessarily in THAT order. Could be just in my copy.

*Note 2: You’re probably wondering why the album contains only 11 Tracks when in fact the track listing posted over at the Pinoy Exchange forums is 12. Well, the copy I have right now only has 11 (though I know the album should really have 12 songs). My cd doesn’t have the song, “Stay With Me”. Whether it’ll be in the release this Friday, we’ll just have to wait and see… although what I got was already a final master so I’m pretty sure this is it. But I’m not saying that with finality. (Baka wala lang sa copy ko ang isang song.)

So there you have it…! Some inside info for those just raring to get a copy of “Taking Flight” at the soonest possible time. I’m just not sure how many copies will be brought to these stores so be there when it happens. My many thanks to those who kept tabs on my updates since the very beginning. As promised… from conception to delivery, I have kept you guys “in the know”.

Sarah in motion (Glow)

Hope you drop me a line once you’ve listened to my compositions to let me know what you think about them. I’d really appreciate it… especially coming from Sarah fans!


10 Responses to “Sarah Album Update 10”

  1. 1 sgp
    Hulyo 26, 2007 bandang 3:31 umaga

    oooooh!!!! *giddygiddygiddy!*

    even if there’s just half as much songs on the track list, i’m pretty sure sulit na agad yon. hehehe! thanks for the info chuckster! 🙂

    it sounds ridiculous, but i think i’m gonna miss the thrill of reading new sarah album updates here on your blog. *lol*
    i’m glad you write about lotsa other interesting stuff… and you write good, period. 😉
    fringe benefits pa that i get lots of scoop in here too, from donut stores to comic books to movies to whatnot. my hubby is finding it hard to keep up somehow. hehehe!

  2. Hulyo 26, 2007 bandang 3:39 umaga

    Hi sgp!
    Haha… yeah… I think I’m going to miss posting Sarah updates as well, but given that I’ll be doing a whole lotta songs for Viva in the coming months (and years)… I’m quite sure some of ’em will still be part of Sarah’s next album (after “Taking Flight”), and I’ll be sure to post updates about that as well.
    But hey… I’ll still be talking about my other songs here also. And if you enjoy listening to my compositions, then I suppose you’d want to drop by every now and then just to keep updated.
    And, yeah… lots of stuff are posted here about movies, restos, even my stupid rants (and raves) of whatnots!
    For now, enjoy Sarah’s new album! Don’t forget to send comments my way about my 2 compositions. I’d love to hear from Sarah fans about it. Hehe! 😛

  3. Hulyo 26, 2007 bandang 7:50 umaga

    oh my! few days more to wait, i’ll just wait till it comes to the nearest record bar, song titles are very short but i’m sure it’ll be worth the wait! thanks for giving us up to detail accounts up to this moment. I’ll be checking also on your future compositions. Thanks again! 😀

  4. 4 outrigger
    Hulyo 26, 2007 bandang 8:45 umaga

    thanks (again) for the update (again), chuckster! 😀 a few copies might be hand-carried to record bars…wow, that’s amazing. might check it tomorrow at sm megamall (haha, obvious bang excited? :P)

  5. 5 marvey
    Hulyo 26, 2007 bandang 10:36 umaga

    hi chuckster! thanks for sharing updates on sarah’s album. seen d lyrics of ur composition… it’s really nice. cnt wait to get a copy of dat. thnx agen!

  6. Hulyo 26, 2007 bandang 11:54 umaga

    hey sir chuck! 😀 Sarah has a mall tour this coming Sunday, i presume the album is available there, right? (bigla bang mag-worry haha!)

  7. Hulyo 26, 2007 bandang 3:01 hapon

    Hey there! You’re welcome! Just make sure to be in Megamall around the afternoon. Wala pa yan sa umaga. Good luck! Balitaan mo ako kapag nakakuha ka…! 😀

    Hello Marvey! No prob! So nice to know that you’re looking forward to listening to my composition… thank you for appreciating the lyrics. Lemme know what you think of my compositions once you’ve listened to them na ha? 😛

    Yo Cryst! I’m pretty sure it’ll be with the entourage during the mall tour, especially if the mall tour was scheduled to ACTUALLY promote the album. It SHOULD errr… lemme rephrase that… it MUST be there. They’ll probably have a stall nearby the stage where you can buy the album… but I’m pretty sure it will also be made available in record bars within that venue. Enjoy! 😀

  8. 8 Rolly Glence Bergonia
    Hulyo 31, 2007 bandang 1:20 hapon

    grabe po talaga si idol sarah!!! actually ang ganda ng pagkanta nya to your songs…
    like ko yung “kahit na”… hope it’ll be a hit!!!

  9. Hulyo 31, 2007 bandang 11:32 hapon

    Hi Rolly!
    Thank you for letting me know how much you enjoyed “Kahit Na”. Yes… I also hope it’ll be a hit. Siyempre, all the success depends on how you fans support the songs diba? So, whatever success happens to my compositions will all be because you guys loved it!

    Keep in touch! Thank you for dropping by! 😀

  10. 10 kalai
    Agosto 1, 2007 bandang 1:05 hapon

    i’ve listen to both of your composition…maganda siya pareho… as in! hehe. different type of song. Pero mas like ko yung “Kahit Na”.. astig siya. Thanks Chuckie for contributing your talent in this industry. hehe. 😀

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