Heaven… in a Box!

 Krispy Kreme

at the drive-thru window… “I’d like one box of Sugar Glazed Donuts please”!

(It doesn’t get any better than this!)  Hee-hee!  😛

Burp!  Excuse me…


23 Responses to “Heaven… in a Box!”

  1. Hulyo 2, 2007 bandang 3:02 hapon

    Yeah… sugar high nga! Hehehe!

  2. 3 sgp
    Hulyo 2, 2007 bandang 9:48 hapon

    they were pulling out Krispy Kreme franchise stores here in FL, but they are putting them in Pinas?! *ibalik nyo ko sa Pilipinas!!!*

    enjoy! nothing beats their glazed donuts and coffee. =D

  3. Hulyo 3, 2007 bandang 7:08 umaga

    new look ang site a. wow krispy kreme. nakatikim na rin ako nyan once kaya lang parang sobra ang tamis.

    chuckie, i have another site na rin bukod sa dati. its pinoyscandals.putanginamo.com. sna makadalaw ka rin

  4. Hulyo 3, 2007 bandang 11:34 hapon

    i heard may kispy kreme na d2 sa pinas.. were exactly?? Id like to buy a box to take home as pasalubong

  5. Hulyo 4, 2007 bandang 12:44 umaga

    Hi Dayunyor!
    Ah ok… sayo pala ang site na yun…! Hehehe… nadadalaw ko na ang site mo noon pa. Didn’t know na iyo pala. Well, finally nice to know the person behind the site… hehehe!
    Sige, add ko rin ang other site mo sa blogroll ko.
    New look ulit site ko ano? Fickle-minded eh… can’t decide what theme to use!
    Try mo yung regular donut ng Krispy Kreme… yun yung madalas nilang binibigay for free kapag bagong luto… I think it’s called “sugar glazed donuts”…
    Hindi ako mahilig sa donuts ever, pero nung natikman ko yun… nakalimutan ko pangalan ko! Hehehe… lagi ko na ngayong binabalikbalikan!
    Ayan! Nagutom na naman ako tuloy! Haha! 😛

  6. Hulyo 4, 2007 bandang 12:46 umaga

    Hi Martin…!
    Wala pang “Kispy Kreme” dito sa pinas…! “KRISPY KREME” meron…! Bwehehehe!
    There’s one at Megamall… another one at The Fort… and the newly opened branch at Greenhills (right beside McDo) with the first ever drive-thru takeout in asia!
    Damn! Gutom na ako! Bleh! 😛

  7. Hulyo 4, 2007 bandang 3:39 umaga

    kailan kaya ito mag-oopen sa trinoma? mas malapit to para hindi na dumayo pa sa south area

  8. Hulyo 4, 2007 bandang 8:08 umaga

    meron nakita ko last week lang. di ko lang alam kung kelan

  9. Hulyo 4, 2007 bandang 1:40 hapon

    wen it first opened sa Megamall i gave d sugar glazed a try but found it too sweet for my taste… i stl like Gonuts btr but maybe u got some suggestions dat wud mke me change my mind — esp since i heard dey jst opened a Krispy Kreme in HK 😉

  10. Hulyo 4, 2007 bandang 1:50 hapon

    Dayunyor: Grabe ano? Parang biglang naglabasan sila sabay-sabay! Although last xmas pa meron sa Fort and a few months nang open ang sa Megamall.
    But in fairness, talagang ibang klase ang Sugar Glazed nila! Hahaha! Hard sell ba?! 🙂

  11. Hulyo 4, 2007 bandang 1:55 hapon

    Well, Aileen loves the Blueberry Cheesecake donut… haven’t tried it yet though. Not too sweet daw. You might like it. Ako personally, I don’t enjoy donuts talaga eh… nagustuhan ko lang talaga ang sugar glazed… dunno why nga eh! Weird! Sarap! Mmmm! Sana may delivery! Hehe! 😛

  12. Hulyo 5, 2007 bandang 12:48 hapon

    okay im going to megamall just for a krispy creme

  13. Hulyo 5, 2007 bandang 3:52 hapon

    Is Mega the closest branch to you? Order the Original Glazed! Yum yum! I actually still have some leftover… about 5 pcs pa! There goes my diet! 😛

  14. 16 sgp
    Hulyo 6, 2007 bandang 1:11 umaga

    i was just about to ask if the sugar glazed and the “plain” glazed are 2 different things. i don’t remember a “sugar-glazed” variety here, just the “glazed” one. it’s their best selling variety eh. glazed blueberry donut is also good, and if you can find raspberry cream cheese (preferrably whipped), that goes well together too! although, it’s originally paired with blueberry bagel, but it’s still a palate-pleaser. 🙂

    this post made me hungry. 😛 and the nearest Krispy Kreme store is 40 minutes drive away! ungh!

  15. Hulyo 6, 2007 bandang 2:20 umaga

    Hahaha! Oh well… tough luck! I’ve got some Original Glazed just downstairs! Which is about… ummm… 1 minute away! Bwehehe! Hmmm… tummy’s growling. Guess I better microwave me some donuts… yumyum! 😛

  16. Hulyo 9, 2007 bandang 1:25 hapon

    hmm… this reminds me of when cinnabon first opened here. My dad made me buy 5 boxes huhuuhuhuhu.. The cinnamon was sticky and it melted and i stank of cinnamon and I was sicky all the way home to bacolod.

  17. Hulyo 9, 2007 bandang 4:19 hapon

    Hahaha! Too bad! Oh well, hope Krispy Kreme doesn’t do that to you when you bring some to Bacolod next time. Didn’t you have any plastic bag to carry the Cinnabon boxes with?

  18. Hulyo 12, 2007 bandang 2:37 hapon

    There goes my budget with drive-thru Krispy Kreme in G’hills! Dyan kami palagi cuz close to home. But after reading all the comments here, bigla akong nagutom ah. I can almost smell the coffee and taste the soft warm glazed donuts. Shucks, I think I’ll go get a box for us later!

  19. Hulyo 12, 2007 bandang 5:58 hapon

    Haha! Yeah… kakagutom ano? Sigh… so much for donuts and all that fattening… I’ve recently hit the plates again and it would be a shame to put all my efforts to waste by gobbling down a few sweet ones.

    At least nagsawa muna ako kahit papaano sa ilang dozen the past few weeks… bwehehehe… sigh pa rin! 😛

  20. 22 sgp
    Hulyo 13, 2007 bandang 6:52 umaga

    i’ll have to settle with Dunkin’. what a shame. hehehe! 😛

  21. Hulyo 13, 2007 bandang 12:46 hapon

    haha… dunkin donuts! though a far cry from krispy kreme, i guess dunkin will have to suffice considering there are no kk stores near your place… 😦

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