Bits and Pieces of News

Hmmm… just thought I’d update you guys as to what has been happening to me lately (not that I’d think you guys would be interested, but hey… it’s my blog anyways! Hehehe)…

Okidoki… let’s see… where do I start… (scratches head…)


  • MEASLES!!! There has been a huge outbreak of Measles over at my wife’s office in Makati! More than 100 employees have been diagnosed with the highly contagious disease since 3 days ago. All of them have already been sent home and given “leaves” due to the virus. Her office will be shutting down for 1 whole day tomorrow for fumigation. Even the Australian Embassy located a floor below them has already reported 10 cases of employees infected with the same sickness. The problem with measles is that it has an incubation period of 2 weeks before you can actually discover symptoms that you’re infected with it. I just hope our kids don’t get infected as well.


  • Just finished being part of the screening and judging committee of this year’s 20th Awit Awards. This has been my 7th consecutive year participating in the Philippine music industry’s most prestigious event. The Award’s Night will be held at the Aliw Theatre sometime around July 2007. Exact date has not yet been determined. Congratulations to all of this year’s winners-to-be!


  • Oh! Guess what…?! I was messaged by “Kevin Jones”! For those not familiar with the name (or with 80s songs in particular)... Kevin Jones is the lead singer, composer and guitarist of the 80s New Wave band called, “Two Minds Crack”. They are the group that sang “Upside Down”. Still not familiar? The song goes: “You’re turning me on, You turn me around… You turn my whole world upside down…”. Now do you remember? Apparently, he stumbled upon an article I posted a long time ago here on my blog wherein I featured the band, named “Candles”… the band I was managing. I also showcased the band’s own stripped-down remake of… (you guessed it!)… the song “Upside Down”. Kevin’s message was short and simple… he messaged to just let me know that he really enjoyed Candles’ rendition of his composition. Coming from the actual singer and composer of the song… and being the 80s music sucker that I am… it meant a WHOLE LOT to me! I was the one who insisted the band included the song in their debut album which was released August last year (2006). The whole album was recorded, mixed and mastered in my recording studio with me sitting in as sound engineer. I even did backup vocals for it. Although, our “Upside Down” didn’t come out as a carrier single, it came out with the album long before 6CycleMind released their very own version of the 80s hit about a month and a half ago and which they are currently promoting. Which version was better (Candles or 6CycleMind)? I’ll leave that up to you guys. For those who want to listen and judge for themselves, here are the two versions:

“UPSIDE DOWN” (6CycleMind Version)

“UPSIDE DOWN” (Candles Version)

Guess that’s all for now! More updates soon!



5 Responses to “Bits and Pieces of News”

  1. Hunyo 3, 2007 bandang 3:24 hapon

    Upside Down was one of those songs which stuck to my mind that time, and listening to the Candles version brings back memories. hehehe.
    this is one song that defines 80’s music, definitely.

  2. Hunyo 3, 2007 bandang 3:35 hapon

    Hey Jun!
    Yeah… probably like me, you have a whole bunch of memories associated with 80s music. Upside Down was one of the more notable songs back then… Those were the days! Sigh… 🙂
    Glad you liked Candles’ version as well!

    Oh by the way… natuwa ako sa text message mo last night (Pinoy movie)! Tawa ako ng tawa! 😀

  3. Hunyo 10, 2007 bandang 2:27 umaga

    i like Candles’ version better… d lyrix are correct and d vocalist sounds dreamy! kidding lol yeah it was rly cool gettin props frm Kevin Smith coz i grew up w/80s music too (wyl my older siblings dressed me and hairstyled me 80s style lol). Plus im britpop forever so for ME, dat meant more dan a royalty fee d’you know wat i mean?. si Marty Pellow nlng and i cud fly w/a complete smile! heheh =P

  4. 4 CJ
    Hulyo 4, 2007 bandang 10:03 hapon

    Hi, just stumbled upon your blog because I’m searching for the original artist of the song “Upside Down”. I’m not exactly a fan of remakes so I don’t dig the 6-cycle mind version, but I appreciate the band w/their music. So thanks for the info I was able to narrow my search. That’s all, thanks again!^_^

  5. Hulyo 4, 2007 bandang 10:44 hapon

    Hi CJ!
    No prob… glad to have been able to help! Drop by again soon! Thanks! 🙂

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