Spiderman 4 Villains!

Freezedriedmovies.com is reporting that a reliable source has confirmed that the villains in the next Spidey flick will be the long-rumored Lizard and the murderous symbiote Carnage.

This is the same source who confirmed Sandman and Venom for the third part, and well, he was right.

Dylan Baker has appeared briefly in all three films as Dr. Curt Connors and as comic book fans know, he eventually transforms into Lizard. Baker has gone on record as stating he’d be up for playing the part.

As for Carnage, he is initially serial killer Cletus Kasady, who after becoming possessed by the same symbiote which transforms Eddie Brock into Venom in the current SPIDERMAN, becomes the vicious incarnate Carnage.

If Carnage does indeed make it into the fourth film, it will have to be considerably darker than its predecessor, which trust me, would be a very good thing.


33 Responses to “Spiderman 4 Villains!”

  1. Mayo 9, 2007 bandang 8:49 hapon

    whee i hope venom and carnage fight!

    “We are Venom!!! ”
    -Eddie brock and symbiote

  2. Mayo 11, 2007 bandang 8:25 umaga

    Nag updated mo naman Chuck!!!LOL! interesting…

  3. Mayo 11, 2007 bandang 1:00 hapon

    Wow. Good thing Carnage will grace Sipderman 4. Does Venom also come back as a hero? Hehe. I hope MJ dies too. Bwahahaha! Thanks for the heads up! Great blog, will link you. 🙂

  4. 4 liz
    Mayo 11, 2007 bandang 2:18 hapon

    i didnt particularly like Spid3rman because it looked to contrived, too condensed and too emo-cheap for me. but i’m still looking forward to the next movie, with the new villains.

  5. Mayo 11, 2007 bandang 11:38 hapon

    Hi Poytee! Well, if Carnage is back… then it would be safe to assume that Venom will be back as well. Considering that the symbiote that eventually becomes Carnage is in fact an offspring of the original black symbiote. 🙂

    Hahaha! Yeah… comic book freak eh! 😛

  6. 6 MarvelManiaC883
    Mayo 13, 2007 bandang 12:53 hapon

    I think spidey 4 will be good and i do believe with the good ratings for Spiderman 3 tobey and kristen will come back. anyways Carnage and The Lizard will be the only 2 villians. Spideman also encounters Black Cat which i think will be good in the movie. So spidey gets brutally beaten so does black cat. SO MJ takes out a shot gun from her car and starts shooting at Carnage and Lizard. but then Carnage runs over to mj and chokes her with Peter yelling for help Venom comes back to save Peter and Black Cat. So then at the end Peter, Venom and Black Cat defeat the Lizard and Carnage but MJ has died. A few weeks after the funeral Black Cat then ask Peter to date her Peter denies politely so then Black Cat goes back home(on the roof) and then right where he is about to jump off he
    gets shocked by a lighting bolt(E L E ? ? ?) then SPidey 5 (Hope Toxin makes a apperance) Spidey 5 Basically a dangerous battle Electro vs. Spiderman Spidey wins. Then SPidey 6 he encounters the indestructibal Jugglenaut and Peter tries his best but fails and dies.

    Mayo 13, 2007 bandang 12:59 hapon

    I saw Spidey 3 it was retarded it was the worst spiderman ever 1 and 2 were better then marvel had to make this movie im never going to see another spidey movie again because of 3….. FF2 looks gay as well. Im looking foward to Captain America the Incredible hulk and Iron MAn

  8. 8 HOOghjkfnsjkduidasij
    Mayo 13, 2007 bandang 1:00 hapon

    i agree spidey 3 was gay but i disagree on FF2 that looks pretty good i might go see it

  9. 9 Ironman rocks
    Mayo 13, 2007 bandang 1:02 hapon

    Spideyman is gay FF is gayer Hulk is the gayest Captain America sucks balls….

    Ironman is the best

  10. 10 SystemofaDow
    Mayo 13, 2007 bandang 1:03 hapon

    Fuck all you spidey haters

  11. 11 SPidermancansuckmy####
    Mayo 13, 2007 bandang 1:04 hapon

    FUckyou System Ironman can cick spideys little web ass

  12. 12 Hulk
    Mayo 13, 2007 bandang 1:04 hapon

    Plz Hulk could own all of them put togeather in his sleep

  13. 13 Iamacomcifreak
    Mayo 13, 2007 bandang 1:06 hapon

    Are you serious Johnny Storm could go supernova on hulks ass the green fatass couldent breath and SPidey would use his common knowledge and Ironman will use his armor so Hulk will be Roasted

  14. 14 Hulk
    Mayo 13, 2007 bandang 1:07 hapon

    LOL Hulk is still the best superhero ever

  15. 15 Iamacomicfreak
    Mayo 13, 2007 bandang 1:07 hapon

    Johnny Storm is the best SPidey next Ironman third Hulk can kiss my ass last

  16. 16 Jenius
    Mayo 13, 2007 bandang 1:08 hapon

    I beat spidey 1,2,3 FF The Hulk, The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Spiderman Marvel Nemisis Marvel Ultimate Alliance in a wekk

  17. 17 Jenius
    Mayo 13, 2007 bandang 1:10 hapon

    DC rocks Marvel SUcks ass if you had a battle all DC vs. all Marvel Heros DC will win end of story

  18. 18 DC rocks Marcvel Sucks
    Mayo 13, 2007 bandang 1:10 hapon

    DC rocks Marvel SUcks ass if you had a battle all DC vs. all Marvel Heros DC will win end of story

  19. 19 NErds
    Mayo 13, 2007 bandang 1:11 hapon

    You guys are nerds

  20. 20 Jenius
    Mayo 13, 2007 bandang 1:12 hapon

    DC shut your copying mouth you fat man

  21. 21 I have spdieydeodnasdj
    Mayo 13, 2007 bandang 1:12 hapon

    Boobs and Tits are better than comcis

  22. 22 neverspoken
    Mayo 17, 2007 bandang 4:59 umaga

    oooo yes this is going be the tightest movie ever b/c carnage is more crazy then venom…….. read about Carnage on marvel.com

  23. 23 some1
    Mayo 30, 2007 bandang 1:35 umaga

    im glad carnage is gonna b in it he was nuts!!! 😛 but they will make it darker so little kids should leave this one out :O only jokin they should see it lizard 2 will be gud they must off ploted it all a long…
    it will come out in 2009 i hope

  24. 24 holloway
    Hunyo 3, 2007 bandang 8:33 umaga

    the plot will be good if vemon and carnage are in because why will both most likely try to double teams spider man oh because it finsh ……………………………………………….SPIDER MAN IS THE BEST SUPER THE REST CAN SUCK MY HAIR BALLS

  25. 25 cletus kasady
    Hulyo 5, 2007 bandang 7:02 umaga

    Carnage is my fav better then any villain read maximum carnage you guys who think captain america and all em could take him one on one no way carnage is a serial killer who can make weapons and has one cool ass crazy mental additude and shows only carnage to humanity

  26. 26 kek
    Hulyo 5, 2007 bandang 6:14 hapon

    Learn to type you assholes!

  27. 27 Spidey-4
    Agosto 3, 2007 bandang 9:02 hapon

    If Carnage is in the next movie, then it is plainly obvious that Venom isn’t dead. No offense to anyone, but only an idiot would think that Venom is dead and you guys aren’t idiots because you didn’t mention anything about Venom being dead. Do you remember the quote by Eddie Brock in Spider-Man 3? Do you remember? It went like this: “Never wound what you can’t kill.” If that isn’t foreshadowing, then I don’t know what is. This quote is significant in that Spider-Man 4 or 5 will show Venom making a comeback as bigger and stronger. Remember what the sound waves did to the alien symbiote in 3? It gave it mutated muscles kind of like the pictures of Venom in the comics. Spider-Man will surely regret that he couldn’t kill Venom in 3 but only wound him, because he will become a greater nemesis in 4 or 5. Just because Raimi didn’t like Venom to begin with, doesn’t mean that he would kill off a villian whom has been in countless hundreds of Spider-Man comics. He wouldn’t be that heartless. He wouldn’t be that stupid doing that to a villian who has been in the comics for fourty to fifty years. He respects the comics and Stan Lee. By the time Spider-Man 4 rolls around, you won’t be disappointed. TRUST ME. As for Lizard and Carnage, I hope that Dr. Curt Conners will turn into Lizard by an experiment gone wrong and as the Lizard or himself, he will try to experiment with the left-over symbiote or reproduce a new one from it, which is more likely. Somehow it turns red (By radiation, maybe?). The left-over symbiote attachs itself to Cassady at the end of Spider-Man 4 and voila! Carnage is born which will lead into Spider-Man 5.

  28. Agosto 31, 2007 bandang 8:48 umaga

    I hope the actor who might play as Cletus Kasady/Carnage in SpiderMan 4 might be a
    canadian actor named Gordon M. Woolvett, who stars in the tv show “ANDROMEDA”.

  29. Setyembre 8, 2007 bandang 10:38 umaga

    Than again, maybe Alan Tudyk will be perfect to play as Cletus Kasady/ Carnage in SpiderMan 4?

  30. Setyembre 8, 2007 bandang 10:44 umaga

    I think maybe in SpiderMan 4 there might be 3 villians named The Lizard,Kraven the Hunter, & Carnage I hope.

  31. Setyembre 8, 2007 bandang 10:46 umaga

    What do any of “U”‘s guy’s think?

  32. 32 Avid Viewer
    Setyembre 10, 2007 bandang 11:52 umaga

    I personally think you’re ALL nuts for wanting more than one villian in a 2 hour movie. Instead, focus on ONE and have tons of action and drama trying to eliminate a SUPER VILLIAN with a SUPER HERO. What’s super about waiting til the last 5 minutes of the movie and vanquishing the villian? That’s why Spiderman was good and Spiderman 2 completely ROCKED. 1 villian with a lead in to another. That’s why BATMAN was great and the rest sucked toe jam. You cannot have a good super hero movie with more than one villian in 2 hour time frame, get over it. As for MJ, after she DUMPS Peter in Spiderman 3, she would have been on her OWN if I had been the wall crawler. And one more thing, whoever is touting Kirsten Dunst as a necessary character in Spiderman, ARE YOU NUTS?? Kirsten (reformed coke-head) Dunst is not in a key role playing MJ. MJ could get hit by a bus in the first 2 minutes of the movie and the fan base could not care less.

  33. Setyembre 3, 2009 bandang 10:20 umaga

    Actualy, you can have more than one villian in a 2 hour movie Avid. Look at how well Batman: The Dark Night did. That had more than one villian in it. And I personaly think it was a thousand times (if not more) better than the 2005 Batman: Begins. Way better. Heath Dedger as The Joker and as The Cop At Paraid (the guy who shot Comishoner Gorden) was the best! So it just goes to show you can have more than one villian. Nough-Said.

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