Imbak para sa Mayo, 2007


Latest Fantastic Four 2 Trailer!

A new trailer for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer aired on Wednesday night and you can now watch it using the player below!


And More Transformers Posters…

Guys, here are more Transformers posters that have been recently released. I was supposed to post them much earlier but I kinda got sick of these posters cropping up one after the other so I waited till I got somewhat in the mood!

Personally, I think they’re putting out a whole bunch of ’em than I’d really like to see…! It’s as if their creative department couldn’t decide which of the whole lot is going to be the final layout so they just presented all the studies to the public.

Oh, and check out what they claim to be the FINAL International Poster (last image)… It’s as if they mashed everything together and… TADA! Eck!!!

Whatever… just as long as the movie doesn’t end up being SUCKY!

Transformers Close Up International PostersTransformers Close Up International PostersTransformers Close Up International PostersTransformers International Poster


Galera Gazing…

Well whadya know!  There are internet stations here at Puerto Galera after all!  Err… probably some of you are already saying, “DUH!”… so for those who’ve known for quite sometime already, pardon the ignorance.

It’s my first time here in Galera and I wasn’t so sure what and what not to expect.  Luckily, I found 2 net cafes (doesn’t really look like cafes) here… one right below the hotel we’re staying at and another one owned by a Korean dude located near the restaurants and bars.

The hourly rates are more expensive than those back home in Manila.  Here, you can surf the net at 90 bucks an hour or 50 bucks for 30 minutes.  But since most people only come over to check their mail, it really doesn’t put much of a dent on your budget… and the bandwidth speed is great, so you can get a lot done in a short span of time.

Lots of people last Saturday and Sunday!  The beach was packed!  But earlier today, most of them had headed back home already… so not much action.

I took a lot of video and will make sure to post ’em as soon as I finish editing the clips.

The water’s surprisingly clean and blue… too bad there are a lot of garbage on the sand… empty bottles, junkfood wrappers, and more.  Oh well… pinoys!


Getaway: Galera

Well, looks like I won’t be able to post anything new over the weekend.  I’ll be off to Puerto Galera with my wife and kids.  Not too anxious, though… I’ve been feeling under the weather the past 2 days already and it would really be a bummer if things got worse by the time we hit the beach.

I’m hoping all these cold medications I’m currently taking will help suppress the virus.

I’m bringing the videocam so hopefully I’ll be able to post a few short clips when we get back.

(Geez!  The medicine I just took sure is making me sleepy…)

I’ll probably just snooze all the way to Batangas since we’re just taking the bus.  If I find a decent net cafe somewhere there, I’ll most likely update my blog.  That’s all for now…

Off we go!


Game Show Mo ‘To!

Finally, I am able to unveil the theme song of the newest game show of QTV Channel 11!

The title of the one-hour program is “Game Show Mo ‘To” which will air twice a week (Fridays and Saturdays) on the 10:30am slot (still to be confirmed).  No date has been decided yet as to when the pilot episode will air.  But it looks like it’ll be late May or early June.

The title of the composition is “Appear Disappear (Game Show Mo ‘To)”.

Why Appear Disappear?

Well, it’s because the mechanics of the game involve the terms: “Appear”, “Disappear”, “One Half”, “One Fourth”.  Not necessarily the old hand slapping game which most pinoy kids used to play.  But nevertheless based from that.

The Baywalk Bodies will be releasing the same song as the the carrier single for their next album.  The difference between the game show version and the album version are the slightly modified lyrics in the chorus.  The album version won’t have the “Game Show Mo ‘To” tag included in the chorus and will be replaced with a different line.

Anyhow, as promised… my bloggies will be the first ones to listen to the composition.  This was recorded, mixed and mastered at my recording studio.  Musical arrangement was done by me also.

I mentioned earlier that the song had a novelty-ish approach… but not too much of it.  I didn’t really want the music to sound too “temporary” (gets?)… so I gave it sort of a swing-ish beat which infuses a classic disco feel making it sound like a classic revival yet actually really isn’t.  I also opted out of the “simpleton” lyrics known to be a staple of today’s pinoy novelty tunes.

You’ll soon understand once you listen to it.  I hope you guys like it!  Lyrics are included also below…!  Comments are greatly appreciated.  Enjoy!


Composed by Chuckie Dreyfus
Performed by the “Baywalk Bodies”

(Tara na) Tara na… Huwag nang mahiya
(Tayo Na) Tayo na… Itodo mo na
(Simple Lang) Simple lang kung tutuusin
(Iyong kamay) Iyong kamay ang paliparin

(Sundin mo) Sundin mo ang gagawin ko
(Makikinig ka) Makinig nang hindi malito
(Heto na) Heto at subukan mo na
(Dahan-dahan) Dahan-dahan muna sa simula

Ba’t hindi mo samahan
Ng kembot ng iyong bewang
Umindak pa ng todo
Sabay-sabay lahat tayo

Appear Disappear 1/2 1/4
1/4 1/2 Disappear Appear!
O ayan… ulitin pa…
Appear Disappear 1/2 1/4
1/4 1/2 Disappear Appear!
O diba… Alam mo na…
Sige lang wag kang hihinto
Ginaganahan pa ako
Itodo mo lang… “Game Show Mo ‘To”!

(Masarap) Masarap pagbumibilis na
(Mas exciting) Mas exciting ngang talaga
(Lalo pa) Lalo pa’t ika’y kalaro
(Parang ayoko) Parang ayoko nang huminto

(Sabayan) Sabayan mo ako sa pagsigaw
(Wag mong pigilin) Wag mong pigilin ang paghiyaw
(Mas malakas) Mas malakas mas masaya
(Tara na) Tara na’t ihataw mo pa



Appear Disappear ½ ¼ ¼ ½ Disappear Appear!

Game Show Mo To!


The Joker Will See You In December

Joker Revealed The new image of Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight has now been removed from It’s been replaced with red text that gives the error, “Page not found.”

If you highlight the entire page, however, you’ll see a ton of Ha Ha Ha’s with some letters here and there that don’t belong. String those letters together and what do you get? – “See you in December.”

I assume you’ll get a first look at The Joker in a trailer for the sequel at that time. Warner Bros. has both Nicole Kidman’s, “The Golden Compass”, and Will Smith’s, “I Am Legend” opening in December, to which the teaser could be attached to.

So who is behind all this? It looks to be 42 Entertainment, the company which previously created the “I Love Bees” promotion for “Halo 2” and “Year Zero” for the Nine Inch Nails album “Year Zero.” The company just registered yesterday, so stay tuned.

The Dark Knight opens in theaters on July 18, 2008.


Joker Revealed!

If you’ve been following the progress at, you’ll know that the first photo of Heath Ledger as The Joker was slowly being revealed as more and more people entered their e-mails.

The photo has now been completely uncovered and can be seen below! The Dark Knight hits theaters on July 18, 2008.

Joker Revealed

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