Gabe Me A Break

Gabe Mercado (Gabe Me A Break)Earlier today, I came from a taped interview/feature on a new show being aired at QTV Channel 11 (sister company of GMA-7). The title of the show is “Gabe Me A Break”, hosted by comedian/theater actor/singer, Gabe Mercado. You probably know him better as Yakult’s, Mr. “Okay ka ba, tiyan?!”

Had lots of fun during the taping… everyone was really friendly, it made me feel right at home.

The particular episode I was in will probably air in a few weeks time (I was told they’d advise me as to when exactly). The 30 minute show comes out every Friday @ 11:30PM.

As usual, I’ll be posting video clips of the talk show when the episode comes out.


22 Responses to “Gabe Me A Break”

  1. Marso 11, 2007 bandang 10:12 umaga

    He’s also a part of Da Pulis, right? 😀

  2. Marso 11, 2007 bandang 2:31 hapon

    Yup, Jonas! That’s right. I can still remember their song, “Mahirap Maging Pogi”. Aaaarrrgghhh… nakakainis na nakakatawa… bwehehehe…

    “Mahirap talaga maging… pogi,
    Mahirap talaga maging… hearthrob…
    Mahirap talaga maging… pogi,
    Mahirap talaga maging… cuteypie… ahahay!”

    There was a time I couldn’t get that song out of my head… I’d end up singing it again and again… very infectious! 😛

  3. Marso 11, 2007 bandang 5:53 hapon

    yes, i like the guy’s humor… self-effacing without going too low, it’s non-threatening, doesn’t leave me uncomfortable, easy to relate.
    too bad we don’t have channel 11 here. i wasn’t aware of QTV.
    i’ll have to wait for your video post. sana hindi bitin. hehe.

  4. Marso 11, 2007 bandang 6:11 hapon

    Nope. Hindi bitin… I’m pretty sure about that. hehehe…
    QTV is to GMA-7 what Studio23 is to ABS-CBN.
    If you have cable TV there… then it’s quite impossible NOT to have QTV. Try reprogramming your tuner to get the new stations…

  5. Marso 11, 2007 bandang 7:32 hapon

    i’ll check with our cable tv operator. we do have studio23.

  6. Marso 12, 2007 bandang 12:58 umaga

    Most likely you do. Imposibleng wala eh…

  7. Marso 12, 2007 bandang 1:00 umaga

    Mas gusto ko yung kanta nilang “Mukhang Paa”. 😀

  8. Marso 12, 2007 bandang 3:30 umaga

    Hi, Guys!

    First of all, thank you, Chuckie for gracing our show. It was truly a nice feeling having you and Isabel there and talk about the fun years of our lives.

    And thank you to Jun and Jonas as well. I am always amazed that people still remember our old DaPulis songs despite our 6-year absence from the scene. Too bad we didn’t meet earlier, or we would have invited you to that one reunion we had at Magnet, Katipunan last December.


  9. Marso 12, 2007 bandang 3:55 umaga

    Hey Jay!
    So, you actually dropped by my blog, eh?! Thanks, man! I had a great time hanging out with you guys during the taping.
    Keep in touch pare! When you guys plan to stage another reunion gig, don’t forget to let us know okay?
    Thanks again! 🙂

  10. Marso 12, 2007 bandang 9:50 umaga

    Yeah! I’m going to be one of the firsts to buy tickets. 😀

  11. Marso 13, 2007 bandang 9:47 umaga

    Ahem, seems like kwentohang lalaki to ah…hindi ako maka-relate…:-)

  12. Marso 13, 2007 bandang 10:15 hapon

    Bwehehe… di ka ba familiar sa “Da Pulis”? Ok… anyways… you’ve probably heard their song, “Pogi” (check the lyrics sa pinaka-top ng comments)…

    Bro, narinig mo na ba ang live song nila entitled… errr… “Tae”? really funny!!!

  13. Marso 16, 2007 bandang 1:57 hapon

    Yeah… no joke! Yun ang title ng kanta! Pero funny talaga… send ko syo ang file you want? Send it to you via yousendit.com para you can download it at your leisure. 🙂

  14. Marso 16, 2007 bandang 11:49 hapon

    haha thanks for the file… it’s very much an.. ummm.. stirring piece of shit, i mean MUSIC. 🙂
    i’ve heard about the group before and remember reading about their songs like Mukhang Paa, but never got to sample their music. until now. of course, Gabe is more visible on tv. or were the others, too?

  15. Hunyo 10, 2007 bandang 3:27 hapon

    Hey MR. CHUCKSTER PLEASE NAMAN CAN YOU SEND ME MP3 NG “MAHIRAP MAGING POGI”BY DAPULIS,kasi may collection ako at yun nalang yung kulang please,please, send mo nalang please sa , kengzky1@yahoo.com , i’m become glad if you send my request..thanks..

  16. Hunyo 10, 2007 bandang 10:26 hapon

    Hey thank you talaga dito sa web mo,hehe buo na po collection ko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks talaga aprec8 q tlga

  17. Hunyo 10, 2007 bandang 10:51 hapon

    actually hinde ko talaga mahanap ung file na 2,pero nd ko expect na esend skin 2,hehe actually medyo sawa na ko lahat ng new music,then finally sabi ko sarili ko gusto ko nman something 4 a change,then e2 nga mga tagalog,nd lng nman 2 mga collection q,mrmi pa,but e2 talgang “mahirap maging pogi”hirap talaga hnpin 2 kasi parehas sya ng kanta ni andrew e.,well kinulet ko lng nman c mr. chuck at send nya skin,at thanks for that,then sabi nga ni wulf gang puck “LIVE LOVE & EAT!”

  18. Hunyo 11, 2007 bandang 1:00 umaga

    Hi Ricky!
    You’re welcome! Anytime, man!
    Hope you enjoy your complete collection…! 🙂

  19. 20 t0rn
    Marso 30, 2009 bandang 2:58 hapon

    mga tol kamusta, request ko lang sana na paki send sa e-mail ko ung song na ” TAE ” ang hirap kasing hanapin eh…here’s my e-mail t0rnzki@yahoo.com..salamat mga tol..

  20. 21 Ricky Garcia
    Hunyo 23, 2009 bandang 8:27 umaga

    Thanks hehehe sa pagsend sakin chuckster still now kasama parin sa collection ko,search ko to kahit sa limewire wala to e,pero send lang sakin ni chuckster,thank you ulit!More power

  21. 22 pj
    Hulyo 9, 2009 bandang 9:55 hapon

    hi mr ricky! i was looking for a copy of a song ng Da Pulis and I landed hir in this site, just want to ask u, bka pwd din po pashare nmn ng collection nyo po ng songs ng Da pulis, yung “Mukhang Paa” hehehehe would appreciate it, hirap nga tlaga hanapin sa net. pls send it po sa email q, it’s bishounen08_ad@yahoo.com thanks^_^ Godblz


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