I’ve Been Tagged… Chances Are, You Too!

Each player of this game starts off by making a weblog post, listing ten(10) weird things/habits or little known facts about himself/herself, then tagging six (6) other bloggers to do the same. No tagbacks.

  • I am the only child… but my mother had 2 miscarriages before I was born and 1 after after.
  • I used to suck my thumb till I was around 7 years old.
  • I was never breastfed when I was a baby… hence my longing for my wifey’s all the time… bwehehehe!
  • I am now on my “third” life… yes, THIRD.  I had 2 “near-death” experiences already.  First was around 1990 when 2 of my closest friends visited me at home on the midnight of my birthday to surprise me.  They slept over but before they did, we were playing with the PC in my room while one of my buddies was cleaning his .45 pistol.  Not realizing that the gun was chamber-loaded he accidentally pulled the trigger and the bullet shot out barely grazing my head.  I was even able to retrieve the bullet embedded in a thick book on my shelf.  Second time was when I totalled my brand new Honda Civic (8 months new) along the North Expressway (near Malinta) coming from Pampanga with two of my friends last 1995 (I think).  I fell asleep on the wheel due to exhaustion and next thing I know, my car (running at 120kph) fell head-on into a ditch causing the rear part of the vehicle to flip and tumble 3 times.
  • I could live with canned goods alone.  I love corned beef, bacon, luncheon meat, pork and beans… name it…!  If it’s canned and has lots of preservatives… it’s mine!
  • Best in conduct during my grade school days in La Salle and OB Montessori.  Also in the Top 5 of my class consistently till I realized that it was more fun not being so nerdy… bwehehehe!
  • I looooove watching trailers!  Trailers, trailers, trailers!  Whenever my wife and the kids head to the theater… I make sure we get there really early so I can get comfy watching “my trailers”!
  • I was struck with amoebiasis when I was 1 year old.  No doctor could find a way to cure me… IVs all over… the only area of my body that has not been pierced by an IV needle (according to my parents) was my forehead.  Finally, a doctor named, Arturo Ludan, was able to heal me and he eventually became my longtime pediatrician.  He was my doctor till I was past my teenage years… He’s now the pediatrician of my two kids and is, in fact, the godfather of my little girl as well!
  • I don’t drink alcoholic beverages.  I easily get drunk… so easily that I get tipsy halfway through a bottle of SanMig Light.  I don’t smoke either… tried it but never enjoyed it.  I have never done drugs… ever.  Seriously.  “Chongks” na lang!
  • I can sleep faster with the television playing in the background than with no sound at all.  In fact, I’d have to be really dead tired for me to be able to sleep in a room that’s totally silent.

That’s it!  Now, it’s time to tag some peeps!  Hmmm… I’m tagging Jonas, Jim, Frank, Kat, Martin, and Sir Martin.


14 Responses to “I’ve Been Tagged… Chances Are, You Too!”

  1. Marso 7, 2007 bandang 4:02 umaga

    wahihi.. kawawang Jonas, double tagged! 🙂

  2. Marso 7, 2007 bandang 4:28 umaga

    Hehehe… naubusan ako ng ma-tag eh… hehehe! 😀

  3. Marso 7, 2007 bandang 6:03 umaga

    Napag-isip tuloy ako ah. Little known facts about me. Hmmm…

  4. Marso 7, 2007 bandang 11:58 umaga

    Bwehehehe… uy! Galing… may nagawa na agad! Sipag ah!

  5. Marso 7, 2007 bandang 10:09 hapon

    Hahha.. Um, Do i have to post it here? may exam kasi ako hahahha.. Exam week.. Pwede pass muna?? Hahha. I posted pa kasi a castlevania game post… Can I do mine next week? Please?? hahha

  6. 6 Jim
    Marso 8, 2007 bandang 12:34 umaga

    napilitan tuloy ako magdagdag sa rolls ko (manggagamit!–eheheh!). t’was fun though. salamat!

  7. Marso 8, 2007 bandang 1:42 umaga

    Uy! No fair… nakakapagblog pero di kaya magpost ng 10 interesting unknown facts! hehehe… 😛

  8. Marso 8, 2007 bandang 1:43 umaga

    Bwehehehe… Nahirapan ka ba? Hee-hee!

  9. 9 kat
    Marso 8, 2007 bandang 11:18 umaga

    So Jonas will have to think of 20 items? Hehehe. Good luck!

  10. Marso 8, 2007 bandang 12:56 hapon

    Yeah… hehe… errr… I think. 😛

  11. Marso 8, 2007 bandang 8:48 hapon

    Okay chuck!! andyan na po! I hope ok cya. Medyo napahaba kasi.. ehhehehe Enjoy reading!!

  12. Marso 8, 2007 bandang 8:54 hapon

    Oh yah, please click on the somewhat “hidden” links in the text.. marami pong “Sidestory” sa tagged ko. I became so engrossed kasi in filling up the 10 items and adding images and links.

  13. Marso 9, 2007 bandang 8:21 umaga

    Hey there! Cool! Read your article… very interesting pala ang buhay mo! parang “Supernatural” series! Bwehehehe…

    But seriously… very fascinating factoids, man! I enjoyed reading it. 🙂

  14. Marso 9, 2007 bandang 4:30 hapon

    Thanks hahaa. But I really don’t believe in supernatural stuff.

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