The (Dreadful) DAY – Aftermath Update 4

Well, my dear readers… it’s time for another sweet but short “Aftermath Update”. This is number 4 on our long and continuous installment, which I personally would like to see come to an end very soon.

So sit back and relax… Tito Chuck is going to start his story… <ahem-ahem>…

I received a letter via “LBC” a few days back… wondering who could’ve possibly sent it, I opened the tightly sealed plastic package and, Lo and behold… it was a letter coming from an SPO3 Alexander Galang from the Traffic Division of the Eastern Police District located at the Pasig’s City Proper. Aha…! Nag-e-LBC na pala ang mga pulis (sarcasm intended)?! Obviously, it was Ms. Sideswipe that sent the letter my way via this particular courier service since I know for a fact that government offices don’t go about sending letters through overnight deliveries. Government’s too “cheap” for that. Normally, they’d send it out through their office’s official courier. She probably had the letter made at the police station and offered to have it sent herself.

The letter was an invitation for me to make an appearance over at their department on a date and time specified. Officer Galang was requesting that I explain my side of the story pertaining to the car accident that had happened weeks back. I even noticed that the subject matter on the top of the letter said “Re: Physical Injuries”. Wait a minute! I already gave a statement at the Barangay Station on the very day of the mishap! In fact, an official blotter report was made and afterwards, I took the accident victim to the hospital for medical attention.

I’m supposed to be cleared already. And as far as the barangay was concerned, I already was.

Hmmm… this girl doesn’t want to let up. She probably couldn’t obtain a favorable response at the barangay so she was hoping for a more optimistic scenario at the police station. Tough luck, b*tch!

Anyways, I showed up at the station with my wife, not particularly to face Ms. Asswipe errr… Sideswipe, I mean… but to honor the invitation that was sent to me by the police officer.

Ms. Sideswipe was already there, waiting for me to make my appearance… she seemed ready for a war of words and believe me, I was prepping up myself.

I approached the officer in charge of the case and asked why I was still needed to report when a blotter was already filed long ago. SPO3 Galang responded, “Magusap muna kayo… hindi mo raw siya kinakausap noon pa eh.” WTF!

This was how our conversation went (note to our foreign readers – half of this is in Filipino):

O, ano na naman ito?! Hindi ba tapos na dapat ang kasong ito? Cleared ka na sa hospital ah!

Mr. Dreyfus, I still have to go back to the hospital for additional checkups. I feel na meron pang masakit sa katawan ko.

If you want to have yourself checked up, that’s fine by me… in fact, that’s your own prerogative. But I won’t shoulder anymore additional expense than what I already put out. You’ve been cleared by the first hospital I took you to and any additional injury that may have arisen after that visit (if true) could’ve been caused by something else after the mishap.

What about my pearl necklace?

What about YOUR necklace?!

I lost every piece of it during the accident. It costs around Php 12,000.00 per pearl and there were about 9 to 10 pieces of it.

First, you text me saying you lost SOME of it… and that you plan to have the salvaged pieces appraised. Now you’re telling me you lost EVERYTHING? You’re being inconsistent with your story!

But I lost the whole thing. My friend who sells necklaces told me that a necklace like that costs around Php 120,000.00.

So, you expect me to just believe you when you say you’ve lost a pearl necklace worth Php 120,000.00 and give you the money to cover the loss?!

Hindi mo naman kailangan ibigay ang lahat ng pera agad agad eh.

<smirking>… Kahit hulugan hindi kita babayaran… para akong gago na basta bastang maniniwala sa iyo kung ganun! And you also expect me to believe na you went out commuting… taking a jeep, walking and taking the tricycle wearing a Php 120,000.00 necklace?!

Sa itsura mo parang pinapalabas mo na pineperahan kita, eh!

Haha… ikaw nagsabi niyan! I never said anything to that effect! Baka nasabi mo iyan dahil iyon ang nakikita mo sa sarili mong asal.

But I really lost the necklace!

Then, you should’ve reported it during the day of the accident… you could’ve at least mentioned it when the barangay was making the blotter report.

I forgot to mention it.

Your fault. But I won’t shoulder anything more other than what’s written on the report. And since the report only mentions about your possible injury, I took you to the hospital immediately for x-rays and medication. You were cleared and that’s that.

My lawyer said I could file charges against you with damages amounting to Php 200,000.00!

Yun pala advice ng abogado mo, eh… Bakit hindi mo gawin?! May abogado ka pala eh di sundin mo payo niya! Antayin ko na lang ang sulat na ipadadala sa akin ng fiscal should you push through with your charges.


Fine. But let me just warn you… should you decide to file a case against me, I will counterfile a case against you as well… EXTORTION!

[Girl was taken aback]

Err… (apprehensive) o-okay.

<to SPO3 Galang> Sir, tapos na ako dito. Wala na akong dapat ipaliwanag pa. Nasa inyo na ang official report ng barangay kaya dun niyo na lang ibase ang report ninyo.

Gusto niyo bang gumawa ng panibagong statement dito sa station namin?

Hindi na. Kayo nang bahala sa babaeng ito.

Napagusapan niyo na ba ang tungkol sa injuries niya?

Eh, hindi naman injuries niya ang pinipilit niyang pagusapan eh… yung alahas daw niya na nawala ang pinasasagot sa akin…!

Ha?! Ay… wala siyang binabanggit sa akin tungkol diyan! Basta ang alam ko lang ay yung sa physical injuries.

Kung tungkol sa physical injuries, nasagot ko na yan at naipagamot ko na ang babae. Nasa report ng barangay at sinamahan pa ako ng mga pulis nung dinala ko yan sa ospital. Cleared na ang babae… wala na akong sagutin.

Ok. Maraming salamat sa pagpunta mo. Ako nang bahala dito.

Thank you.

Without glancing at her, my wife and I left the station. She was left there still trying to make a case out of unfounded information.

Where this may lead… I don’t know yet. But since that last confrontation, she hasn’t sent any letter nor has she texted us. She may still be stupidly capable of pushing through with the case that’ll get her nowhere… or she may have smarted up and realized her lost cause.

Either way, I’ll be ready.

The End… ?



6 Responses to “The (Dreadful) DAY – Aftermath Update 4”

  1. Marso 3, 2007 bandang 4:55 hapon

    i sure hope so. comedy ito. 🙂

  2. Marso 3, 2007 bandang 5:00 hapon

    Hehehe… oo nga eh. Action, Suspense, Drama, Psychological, tapos ngayon… COMEDY! Bwehehe!

  3. Marso 3, 2007 bandang 5:15 hapon

    parang nasa pelikula ka pa rin kahit sa totoong buhay. ahehe.

  4. Marso 3, 2007 bandang 5:35 hapon

    Ahehehe! Oo nga eh! Sana comedy na lang eh… kainis eh! 😛

  5. 5 jonasdiego
    Marso 4, 2007 bandang 1:29 umaga

    Magiging comedy din yan balang araw. He he he! 😀

  6. Marso 4, 2007 bandang 1:47 umaga

    Actually, hindi ko na masyadong iniintindi ang issue na ito. Paikot ikot lang eh… if she wants to file a case against me… eh di sige.
    Ok nga yun eh… para ako naman ang humingi ng pera sa kanya for damages sa pag-aabala niya sa buhay ko. Yan ang problema sa mga ganyang tao… tinulungan mo na, ikaw pa ang kawawa.

    Sabi nga ng pulis mismo: “Mga ganyang tao ang dahilan kung bakit mas gusto pa ng driver na tuluyan ang nabanggang biktima kaysa sa itakbo nila ang tao sa ospital.”

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