Imbak para sa Enero, 2007



What’s with “pinoys”?! First there was “pare”… then “tsong”… then “bro”… so on and so forth.

The latest version of this installment is the word, “DUDE”. Somehow, quite a number of male pinoys think that when you use the word “dude” to refer to a male friend or acquaintance in public, they’d be associated with people that belong to the upper-middle/upper echelon of society. Duh?!

It doesn’t follow, DUDE! Some people don’t even pronounce the damn word right!

“Hey dood, I’m going to Eastwood, dood! Pucha pare, let’s drink some San Mig Light and check out da chicks later, dood!”

Aaaarrrgggghhh! Cut it out! It’s a friggin act!

C’mon guys. Just face it… Some pinoys can get away with it… and some CAN’T. You know who you guys are… especially when you’re using the lingo and you know deep down inside that you’re not used to it. Don’t be posers. Don’t embarrass yourself anymore than you already have. It’s pathetic.

If someone refers to you as “dude”, DON’T feel compelled to use the same slang to call back. You don’t have to reciprocate similarly. Be yourself.

It’s weird hearing it especially in places where you don’t expect it to be heard… like say, Divisoria… They’re all over… just listen to the FM radio! Notice how some callers pretend to be “sosyal” when they know they’re “on air” and being spoken to by a disc jock.

“Yeah hi, dood… can I make a request? I like da song “Honey My Lab So Sweet” or “Yeye Vonnel” by April Boy Regino. Oh, tenks a lot, dood!”…


Stick to what you’ve been used to. Don’t join the bandwagon… there’s no pressure.

Using the word “dude” doesn’t translate to a person’s abundance of well-breeding.


The Funniest Laugh Ever!

No sh*t…! This has got to be one of the funniest laughs caught on video.

At the Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge Tennessee a couple of audience members are brought on stage to participate. Turns out the old guy in the middle has one of the funniest laughs I’ve ever heard in my life. Really funny!



Fatherhood 101

A friend of mine (and a frequent visitor to my blogsite), Jun, who also happens to be a WordPress “blogmate” of mine, sent me a link via email which I’d like to share with all my wonderful visitors and blogphiles.

It’s a link to a site called “Inside Fatherhood”. God knows that even if you’re a veteran pop, you’d never want to pass up on a tip that could possibly make you a better daddy to your kids.

So, dads and soon-to-be-dads alike… drop by “Inside Fatherhood” and make yourselves a better papa right now! Don’t delay… your children ain’t gonna be kids forever. 🙂

Jun Anteola is a dentist here in the Philippines in a small city called
Ozamiz. His blog can be found here. Or you could click on the link in my blogroll that leads to his blogsite as well. Thanks again, Jun my brutha! 😛


The (Dreadful) DAY – Aftermath Update 1

This is a continuation of the story I posted 2 days ago about the freak accident that happened to me and my family along Pasig City. Consider it somewhat of an update…

For the past 2 days, I’ve been text messaging the lady I sideswiped asking her how she was feeling and if she has somehow slightly recovered from the mishap. Yesterday, she informed me that during the accident she lost her “South Sea Pearl Necklace” and that she would inquire as to how much something like that would cost and would request that I shoulder the value of the loss (that already sounded suspicious). Earlier today she texted and said that according to the same reading of the x-ray results that were taken during the day of the accident, she might have a possible fracture on the neck shoulder area and the right femur. Note that she was struck on her left side at the hip area and that she was x-rayed ONLY on her left side.

During the first reading, she was already cleared by the doctor saying she didn’t have any fracture or injury.

I replied to her message saying that, in as much as I promised to shoulder all medical expenses, I am also very much concerned about what hospital she would be planning to take these additional checkups at. I explained to her that my finances are not as optimistic as she might think and that our cash flow is very “tight”.

Ipagpatuloy ang pagbabasa ‘The (Dreadful) DAY – Aftermath Update 1’


A Card from our child

Ralph, my little big boy, gave us a hand-made personal card which he really worked hard to create.  His message inside the card touched us so much.

Card from Ralph 1Card from Ralph 2

Card from Ralph 4Card from Ralph 3


The (Dreadful) DAY! – Part 2

As soon as I left the Manggahan Bridge in Pasig, a lady crossed the street. She was looking the other way and probably didn’t realize that I was speeding towards her. I swerved and tried to avoid her but she was accidentally sideswiped by my sidemirror. She was hit rather heavily that the glass of my vehicle’s sidemirror shattered as it snapped. The car’s velocity was such that I couldn’t possibly slow down immediately from the time I saw her to the time of impact. It was impossible to do so. Nevertheless, I hit her. That was all that mattered at the moment. From my rear view mirror I saw the lady slumped in the middle of the road. The impact caused her to fall hard.

We both went to the Barangay Hall (which happened to be just meters away) and filed a report. She was crying and I was apologizing continuously. Regardless of why I hit her or if she was or wasn’t looking at where she was going was beside the point now. She got hit. And in the Philippines, it is stated by law that when a vehicle hits a pedestrian on the street, it is ALWAYS the driver of the vehicle that is responsible for the mishap. Even if a street urchin looking for a quick buck intentionally throws himself into the front of a speeding car, as unfair as it may be, it’ll still be the vehicle’s fault.

Ipagpatuloy ang pagbabasa ‘The (Dreadful) DAY! – Part 2’


The (Dreadful) DAY! – Part 1

Chuck DBS Family Day 1Man oh man…!  Don’t even know where to begin.  This day has to be one of my worst of all-time.  From how the day started, no one would think anything bad or dreadful would happen… but hey, let’s not forget about “Murphy’s Law”.

Wap DBS Family Day 2Anyways, this is how the DAY started…

I took my little boy to school to celebrate “Family Day” with all the other parents which coincided with the opening of Don Bosco’s Sportsfest for this schoolyear.  Along with me and my little boy, was my wife, our baby girl (Ella) and her yaya (nanny).  There was a school program and Ralph, our son, participated in a cheer Mom and Ella DBS Family Day 2prepared by their section.

We headed back home to rest which was around lunchtime by my watch.  I took a short afternoon nap before heading off to Cainta, Rizal to bring the kids to visit their lola (grandma).

This would be the start of my loooooong horrific day.

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