Imbak para sa Disyembre, 2006


Secret Admirer or Stalker…

WordPress users like myself would agree that one of the great features of this site is the “Blog Stats” section of a bloggers control panel.  It actually shows you how many hits (views) you’ve had per page and overall.  But what’s even better is that you can even tell if someone has viewed your site by clicking on a particular link or even from a search engine (ex. Google, Yahoo, etc.).  You can even see the actual keywords a person has entered as a search string.

That being said, for the past week… someone has been constantly visiting my blogsite by repeatedly entering my wife’s name on a search engine.  In different search strings, mind you… using different variations of keywords.  This person never fails to look my wife up.  Every friggin’ day!  I can even tell which pages of my blogsite this person has been reading.

So… pray tell.

Admirer?  Stalker?  Weirdo?  Whatever.

Whoever you are… just know that I am aware of you.  You drop by everyday… reading the same articles… going through the same posts…!

Either you just love reading the entries about my wife and family soooo much that you couldn’t get enough of it or you have some weird fettish shit that you need to satisfy.

Well, know you know that I know.  Enjoy your stay.

Who knows… I might even probably know who you really are soon.  🙂


‘Tis the time to be giving!

Since we’re still in the holiday season… I thought I’d post a montage of my family taken at the stroke of midnight during our Christmas gift opening.  You’ll see that most of the pics are of my 2 kids showcasing the stuff they’ve received.  And one pic of my wife showing off the Tiffany Set (Necklace and Bracelet) that I gave her as well.  Ho-ho-ho!

Christmas 2006


Do they know?

My condolences go out to Richie Paredes (my guitarist) and his family.  I can only imagine how painful it must be to lose a mother.  But to part so suddenly… so abruptly… with someone so close to you, just a day after Christmas, is something I cannot even possibly begin to conceive.

Life is so fleeting.  You’re here one day… gone the next.  I realize how important it is for us to let other people know how much we love them… how we sincerely appreciate their company… and that we recognize everything they have done in our lives.  I know now that it isn’t enough that we send gifts… wine… food… as tokens of appreciation.

Father and SonAs sons and daughters… let a day not pass that we might wonder if our parents truly know how we feel towards them.  Let us not allow them to doubt our love.  Let not gifts and material things be our means of confirmation.  Tell them.  Tell them now… not when it’s already too late.  Remember how, as kids, we used to not be ashamed to say, “I love you”, to our mothers and fathers out loud?  Remember how, as toddlers, we enjoyed holding our parents’ hands in public?  Remember how our parents’ eyes glowed with joy when we told them that they were our heroes?  Let us make them feel the same way… now… and everyday… even as adults.  For in our mother and father’s eyes, we will always be the little children they used to hold and cherish.

Yes, of course they know we love them… even during times of differences… but have they heard it from us lately?  Don’t write it down in a letter… say it.  It may not be something tangible that you could keep in a wallet or a drawer that you could read every now and then, but it’s something they’ll always cherish and treasure in their hearts.

I remember then, when I was tinkering with my dad’s wallet months ago and saw a very old stationery folded up and neatly tucked inside.  I opened it up and realized it was an old tattered note I wrote to him when I was just probably 6 years old.  It simply said, “I love you very much, Dad!”.  He never took it out of his wallet.  It made me cry.  I knew he loved me… I’m sure he knows I feel the same way but never told him since I was a kid.  So the only way he could probably feel being that old hero he used to be in my eyes was by reading that little note I gave him more than 2 decades ago.

As a parent of two kids… now, I finally understand.

As the child gains strength and joy from their parents… so do parents from their children.

You yearn for it… always.

It never goes away.

I love you, Mom.  We’ve probably disagreed on so many things but we’ve always been tight.  You were my refuge during times of trouble… the comforting words you never failed to say that made me always feel secure and protected.

I love you, Dad… you will always be my hero.  You will always be my strength… the one I’ve always looked up to.  You were the voice of reason.  And though I’ve hurt you countless times… you took it all in… and gave me that unconditional love which, through example, has taught me how to truly adore and cherish my kids and how to love and honor my wife with heart and soul.  Thank you.


Have you told your parents lately?


Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Finally, I give to you the official teaser trailer of “Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer” which I was able to obtain just a few hours ago. I’ve had the unclear/bootleg version of the teaser for sometime now but wasn’t really happy with it since I couldn’t appreciate the effects. The one I am posting here is the exact version that came out together with “A Night at the Museum”. Enjoy!


Protektado: After the frenzy…

Ang nilalamang ito ay protektado ng password. Upang tingnan ito, mangyaring ilagay ang iyong password sa ibaba:


Optimus… First Peek!

Guys… here’s a first peek at how Optimus Prime will look in the upcoming “Transformers” live-action movie this 2007!  Merry Christmas, everyone!

First Peek at Optimus Prime


Really cool Sidewalk Paintings!

Checkout these really cool sidewalk paintings…:

Sidewalk Painting 3 Sidewalk Painting 6

Sidewalk Painting 2 Sidewalk Painting 4

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