Imbak para sa Marso, 2006


Back to Back

Chuck (Back Shot) in SepiaJust wanted to show you how my gym sessions have been paying off.  All that hard work has finally shown significant development.  Back muna ngayon… I’ll show you the chest and abs soon.  🙂

Well, gotta go for now.  Lots of things to do.  Errands to run.  Then it’s back to the gym again later.  Hehe!


The 19th Awit Awards

Awit Awards LogoAh, yes…!  The Awit Awards is once again here.  A new year and a new batch of songs to sort out.  To separate the best from the rest.  I was invited by PARI (Philippine Association of the Record Industry) to once again be part of the “Judging Committee” for this year.  I’ve been part of this committee for the past 5 years already.  Earlier today, I headed off to “Listening In Style”… the listening venue of the judges.  As always, there were a whole bunch of songs to sort out… some were “so-so” and others were superbly produced and created.  From Solo Performances, to Rock Bands, to Symphonies, to just plain Garage Music.

Top personalities from the music industry were there to give their two cents.  The actual Award’s Night has yet to be determined, but just like last year and the other years that came before it… it’s surely gonna be one spectacular and star-studded evening filled with music and surprises!  Congratulations to those who will be receiving this year’s trophies for their respective categories.



Ah…!  Time to flex these fingers and blog away.  2 days seemed like an eternity away from my blog!  Where have I been the past 2 days… hmmm… lemme think… Ah, yes!  Quite a number of activities indeed.  Lemme go through them one by one:

    Candles @ Quisine 2The guys really rocked Makati last Friday evening!  2 long sets of rockout music… a little bit of everything:  Current and Classic Pop-Alternative Songs, 90s & 80s hits, New Wave, and yes… even Beatles songs.  It was a blast… hope the guests enjoyed the band’s performance.
    The night after (Saturday), it was off to “Country Steak Bar & Restaurant” located along Shaw Blvd. (near Goldilocks and right above Red Ribbon).  The restaurant is practically new having taken over the area that was vacated by PC Express which moved just a few meters away.  The band did 1 acoustic set which started early (7:30pm) and lasted about an hour and a half.  It’s been a while since the band played acoustic (2 acoustic guitars, a kahon, and vocals) and it kinda sounded refreshing… it was something old which sounded new again to my ears… if you catch my drift.  You see, the band started out playing in gigs with an acoustic setup.  Only recently have they switched into a full band setup.

    Anyways, back to Country Steak.  The guests who were dining loved the songs that were performed… it had a different feel.  As always, Candles makes it a point to render old and new songs uniquely.  Yes, you may know the song… BUT it doesn’t sound the way you quite remember it.  This is what the band fondly refers to as “Candelizing” a song.  To really get a grasp of what I mean… try dropping by on one of the band’s upcoming gigs.  You can check out Candles’ gig sked and lineup on their official website.

    Your Song Title LogoYou’ve probably seen this plug being aired a whole bunch of times last month over ABS-CBN Channel 2.  “Your Song” (Ang Soundtrack ng Lovelife Mo) is the new Sunday show that airs right after ASAP Fanatics (which is roughly around 3:00PM).  Well, I am the Musical Director of the show and I normally do my scoring for the weekly program in my recording studio every Saturday evening.  A vhs copy of the episode is brought over to my place by ABS-CBN and I work on the music… afterwhich, I bring the completed musical score to ABS-CBN for lay-in.

    Straight from Candles’ gig at Country Steak, it was off to the studio to work on the musical score for Your Song’s episode entitled, “Everything You Do” which was top-billed by Sandara Park and Joseph Bitangcol.  I finished the score about 4:00am this morning and had just enough time to take a catnap before heading off to ABS-CBN at 8:00am to lay-in my music.

    Click Here to watch the trailer for the pilot episode of “Your Song” entitled, “I’ll Never Get Over You” which starred Anne Curtis and Luis Manzano and was aired last February 12, 2006.

  • NOW
    I just came from church and had dinner already.  Yummy!  I had baked beans (which is one of my favorite dishes) and roasted chicken.  My wife is on the other PC right in front of me ALSO surfing the net.  We actually look like an Internet Cafe since we’re both surfing and doing our own thing not even talking to each other… just… surfing.  The only time I’ll probably hear her blurt out something is when she says something like, “Hon, I’m hungry…” or “I’m bored…” or “Honey, I’m horny… (heeheehee!)”.  Hopefully she’ll say the latter in a few moments… hee-hee!  😉

Gym & Gigs

What a morning! Up until this morning I didn’t know what to do about the dilemma I had with band schedules last night. Something came up and complications on skeds and availability arised. But as soon a I woke up… everything was okay… we were finally all on the same page.

Ahh… the “growing pains” of nurturing a band!

Now, I’m doing my regular rants and raves this early in the day since a lot has already happened. I even almost used up all my cellphone credit and battery charge due to the surge of outgoing messages I was sending to different people since last night. All the tension… all the commotion… and I haven’t really even begun my day yet!

Mr.Creepy lookalikeI’ll probably do a good job venting it all out later when I head off to the gym! Motivation! Hahaha! … especially when my wife and I sees Mr. “Creepy” (or “Jeepers Creepers” as Alvin would call him) working out there… <— inside joke! 🙂 Check out Mr. Creepy’s look-alike pic on the left side. Aaaiieeeeeeyaaaa! Hahaha!Cell-Tech by Muscletech

I’m so excited to start taking my new Creatine supplement which is scheduled for tomorrow. I recently purchased Muscletech’s Muscletech’s “Cell-Tech” which promises to deliver higher stamina and accelerate lean mass production. I’m currently using Sport Nutrition’s Micronized Creatine and am at the homestretch of my “Loading Phase” (today’s my last day). So, tomorrow… my wife and I will start “Cell-Tech” and will be expecting faster results. You’ve probably noticed how enthusiastic I am whenever I talk about the gym. It’s just that I’ve never felt so good about myself physically and knowing how fast I’ve attained my goal to have a leaner, stronger and better looking body just overwhelms me. I have to give credit to my gym trainer (and gym owner), Carlo Capati. I promised to make a website for the gym so I’ll probably get started on that in a few weeks… just as soon as Carlo finishes opening up another section of the gym.

Hey, it’s gig night tonight! I’ll be at QUISINE BAR with Candles… they’ll be rockin’ Makati with 2 long sets starting at 9:00PM. Hope to catch some of you guys there!

Kicking Back And Taking It Easy…

Ahhh… Back from the gym!  Had dinner already… quite filling I must say.  Juicy oven baked chicken breast (no skin) and pasta, a bit of brown rice and banana on the side with soup and vegetables.  To top it all off, I had a Strawberry Float (slices of strawberry in between graham cracker pieces soaked in low-fat cream) for dessert.  Yuuuuuummmmmmyyy!

I’m in front of my PC (isn’t it obvious?!) whiling the minutes away… waiting for “American Idol” to start.  The door of my studio (where I am right now) is slightly ajar and the television outside is tuned into Star World with the volume set way up so I could know if the show is about to start already.  Makes me wish I had a television set right inside my recording studio… Hehehe!

Spiderman 3Oh!  I was surfing around the net and I saw a really cool teaser pic of Spidey for the upcoming Spiderman 3 movie.  Awesome pic!  He’s wearing a black costume!  Folks, the picture you are seeing on the right is NOT in black & white!  He really IS wearing a black getup!  Does that mean the Symbiote will be in the film?  Venom perhaps?  Can’t wait for the 3rd installment!  Although there will be a lot of great films out this year before the Spidey sequel.  There’s Superman Returns, X-Men 3: The Last Stand, Da Vinci Code, and more!

Eeep!  American Idol is about to start already…!  Gotta wrap this up quick!   Tata for now… more blog posts from yours truly tomorrow.



I’m back!  Finally!  It’s been quite a while since my last post and I’ve been getting that blogging itch for the longest time.  Thank God my net is up and running again.  Lots of things have happened during my hiatus.  I’ll update everyone little by little through my regular postings.

C3 Gym LogoI’m down to 135 LBS!  And my abs are now showing!  My upper and middle abdominals are now obvious when I lift my shirt up.  I’m really excited about the way my body has been developing.  The daily gym sessions have been paying off!  My wife is now a gym addict as well!  She’s started taking aminos and creatine with me!  If she’s not in the gym with me, she’s at home doing her situps, leg raises and knee-ups!  It’s a RACE, I tell ‘ya!

Other stuff that happened during the long lay-off was the 4th Birthday of our little baby girl, “Ella”!  It really wasn’t a big celebration… only close friends and family.  It was a busy and fun day for our little princess.  Lots of gift opening which she really loved doing!

Blowing of the cake! Showing off some gifts

Wonder Ella Still showing off some gifts

Aileen, Carlo, Jaiddi and Jun

Well, everyone had a swell time… too bad our digital cam was busted!  We only found out the camera wasn’t working that very day… good thing I had my camera phone with me which I used to take those shots you see on top.

More pics and stories on my upcoming posts.

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