Imbak para sa Enero, 2006


The Untitled Blog Entry

Boy! What a day! So many things happened earlier… some of them I’d even like to forget. Though my wife and I had a short and sweet bonding moment which started out as a petty quarrel… but then making up is always sweeter! As usual, just like clockwork… I went to the gym. No absence for the past month already! I’m really noticing major developments on my body… I’ve lost my tummy already and my abs have started to show. I’m really excited! I promised my wife we’d hit the beach this summer… so I made a vow that come summertime, I’d be well prepared physically.Anyways, I’ve got a ton of things to do later…! I’ve got a meeting to attend to… I’ve got to take my daughter to her pediatrician (she’s had a fever for the past few days… subsided, then came back)… in the evening, Candles (the band I’m managing) has a 1 set gig at “Absinth” bar in Greenbelt 3, Makati.

Hope everything goes smoothly. No snags!

Shit! I’m hungry again! Must NOT give in to temptation…!



Just wanted to invite my avid blog readers… particularly the ones residing in the Philippines and Filipinos abroad to please get a copy of Rachelle Ann Go’s newest record album entitled “I Care”, released under Viva Records. The album consists of 15 tracks and the only tagalog song included in the collection was written by me… the song is entitled “Bakit”. That particular cut was produced by Moy Ortiz of “The Company”.Hope you enjoy listening to all the songs in the album (especially mine! Hehe!)… For those who have already gotten their copies, “Thank you very much!”…

Please support our music industry… Please don’t buy pirated CDs…!

If you do, in the end… we all lose.


Still Trippin…

Sorry! Couldn’t help it… I’m back on the net and I’m still trippin on Pandora. It’s so addictive…! I’m even boppin’ my head to tunes I’m not familiar with, which is actually Pandora’s purpose… to look for songs similar to those you love listening to and play them for you.

Oh… and did I mention that the music streams are all in 128kbps? Yep… the sound quality is very good. Nope, I’m not being paid to promote the site/service. Hehe!

Pandora Passion

I’m really really in love with the PANDORA website! It’s a new site that I recently stumbled upon. You feed the site songs and bands you enjoy listening to and it’ll play music that it believes you will enjoy as well based on the titles you’ve entered.I’m really loving it! Go check it out! I’m sure you’ll love it as well!

Rock on!


More cool (and not so cool) sites to checkout!

Well, as promised… I will be posting more links to sites which you guys might find interesting… so without much further ado, here they are:

1. IDIOT TALESReally embarrassing stories and more!

2. Fan FictionWouldn’t it be GREAT if skilled writers wrote additional stories based on your show?3. Guess The Title!Just *think* of any movie or TV show (ever made!) and the computer will ask you a series of questions, and determine the show you’re thinking of.

4. Listen To YourselfWhat is your body saying? It’s communicating with you as fast and as clearly as it can… so, what’s it saying?

5. Pandoraa cool computer program that artificially guesses what *other* music you’ll like, based on suggestions you feed it.

Well, that’s all for now. Definitely more to come! Hope you enjoyed the sites!


World Pyro Olympics Photos!

Just wanted to post some photos taken from the World Pyro Olympics 2005, which was held at the Esplanade from December 26-30, 2005. The Philippines was the host country for this year so we were able to watch the event.


Note: Kudos to Isa Muñoz for the pics!


A Few Cool Sites!

I’ve decided to regularly post some links to sites which I find amusing… interesting… facinating and even revolting…! Some of these sites may have been bookmarked long ago on my PC and some of them may happen to be sites I just stumbled upon during my regular internet wandering…

Well, anyhow… here are the first batch of sites you can check out:

1. out the really cool pics!

2. IRIS Seismic MonitorBe able to track earthquakes in real time!

3. Famous Celebs and their favorite Swear Words!This is funny! (Note: needs Flash)

4. The Amazing Mind Reader!It’ll astonish you, until you finally figure out the scam, then it’s boring.

5. Send an Email to your FUTURE self!Exactly what it says!

Well, these are just some of the sites I’ve scoured all over the net. I will regularly post new sites for everyone! Probably on a daily basis!

If you enjoyed these links (or simply hate it), send me comments… drop me a line… post a “shout out” on the sidebar. That way, I know. Thanks!

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