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Oh, Boy! (Part 2)

Well, I know I should’ve posted this update a few days earlier but work and chores have prevented me to do so… so, only now am I able to update my blog. I feel kinda bad not being able to update and post articles as often as I want lately but I guess that’s just how it is… for now.

So, last Thursday, Boy Abunda came over to record a few voice overs for a radio ad that’ll be aired probably this week. I am not allowed to mention the product yet but for those thinking that it might be Argentina Corned Beef… it isn’t.

My little girl, Isabella, stayed up late knowing that Boy would be coming over… she kept on doing the rounds… coming in and going out of the studio pretending to look busy though she was well aware that it was way past her bedtime. I even noticed her shiny lips when she sat beside me by the workstation. I even asked her, “Huy… gabing-gabi na…! Naka-lipstick ka ba?!” She replied, “Lipgloss!” I answered back, “Eh bakit ka naka-lipgloss pa?”“Eh, kasi dry ang lips ko kanina pa.”, she said. But actually I felt she wanted to look pretty when our visitor arrived so she wanted to be all made up.

So, Boy arrived and stayed for about an hour and a half. We finished our recording with no snags and wrapped up soon after. I had a few shots taken and of course, my little girl had her own pic taken as well. So as promised, below are some pics from that night… :)

Ella and BoyChuck and Boy


Oh, Boy!

Haven’t been able to blog so much the past few days even if wanted to… various activities have prevented me to actually sit down and really just “blog away” to my heart’s content.  So to my avid readers, my apologies for not being able to update as frequently as I used to.  Family… work… errands… chores… work again… family time… it goes on and on.

Boy AbundaAnyways, there is more work ahead… Boy Abunda will be coming over to the house/recording studio tonight to record a few voice over spiels for an upcoming radio commercial of a product that he is an exclusive endorser of.  I am unable to disclose the brand name or type of product for now.  I’ll be sure to post some pics of the recording session soon after.

I’m pretty sure it’ll be short, fun and sweet!  He’s probably used to all the voice over recordings he usually does at ABS-CBN for “The Buzz” so this particular session should merely be a cinch for him.

So there…  guess that’s it for now.  I’ve finally updated my blog after a long while, but I hope to increase my blogging frequency soon… Tata for now!



Birthday Tribute…

Kuya GermsI recently guested on QTV’s, “The Sweet Life” which is hosted by Lucy Torres-Gomez.  And if you were paying attention to my blog a few weeks back, you’d know that this is already my second appearance on that particular show.  The first one was when I came out with my little daughter and, frankly, she had most of the exposure then.  Haha!

This time around, I was invited to be part of German “Kuya Germs” Moreno’s surprise birthday celebration.  Kuya Germs’ 75th birthday is still on October, but the program was doing a series of advanced tapings and the “tribute” was one of them.

I was asked to bring a card for Kuya Germs, but I thought a birthday card too simple… too… ummm… common.  So, I decided to give him a personalized CD of all my recent compositions with a birthday message written on the side of the disc.  Why a disc filled with compositions, you ask?  Well, mainly because I never really would’ve realized my interest in music long ago had it not been for his show that I was a regular of:  “That’s Entertainment”.

150px-GMA_logo_1980That was where I actually honed my talent as a musician… I even, for a time, became a musical arranger for his weekly Sunday television program, “GMA Supershow”.

Anyways, I was called in on stage to surprise him and to share with televiewers some good memories I’ve had of Kuya Germs.

So, I went in… exchanged pleasantries and went on to present my “token”.  Before I handed the gift, I explained on-air why I opted to bring that particular present.  Then I continued to read the small message out loud in front of him (the text was small and considering his age, I was afraid to strain his eyes…)

The message read:

Kuya Germs, maraming salamat sa lahat ng tulong at aral na ibinahagi ninyo sa akin.  Kung ano ako ngayon… kung ano ang aking naabot… at kung ano pa ang aking mararating… malaking bahagi nito ay dahil sa inyo.

Mahal ko po kayo.

Maligayang Kaarawan po.

- Chuckie Dreyfus

And as I looked up at him to hand it over, he took it and wanted to speak to the mic… but he couldn’t.  His eyes were welling up.  He tried to speak but got choked up… he stopped and looked down… sobbing… silent.  I thought we were gonna cut.  But we continued to roll… silence all around… only his sniffing could be heard.

Then, short of breath… he spoke.  He told everyone how much he was proud of me… he gripped my hand so tight and still continued to choke up in tears.  I didn’t actually think I’d make that kind of an impact on him during that taping.  I had never made him cry like “that”… I mean, by myself… yet I did.

I cannot fully put into words how I truly felt during those minutes… But as much as I knew that the show’s episode was done for him… to pay tribute to his accomplishments in the industry… a celebration of his life… and in recognition of his importance in showbusiness… during that particular moment, it was I who felt important… and that everything I have achieved was all that mattered to him.

Happy birthday, Kuya Germs.

Thank you for everything… God bless you always…


Greatest American Hero

Sorry… just had to.  I’m a sucker for 80s stuff and the OBB of this show just threw me instantaneously back to 1983!  I heard Touchstone and Disney are already in the process of making a remake of “The Greatest American Hero” for the big screen.  No details yet as to whom the lead roles shall be given to.

Take a trip back to the 80s with me…

A high school math teacher is given a special suit by mysterious aliens that will allow him to perform amazing feats (flying, super-strength, X-ray vision, shrinking, invisibility, just about every super power). The problem is that he quickly loses the instruction book, so he has to learn how to use the suit, which, quite frankly, he’s not very good at… He’s soon joined by an FBI agent, who teams up with the “super hero”, basically using him to fight crime, etc.


The Sweet Life

My little girl, Isabella, and I recently guested on a taped episode of QTV’s early evening show, “The Sweet Life”, hosted by Lucy Torres-Gomez. The show is scheduled to air on August 22, 2007 and my pretty baby is really excited to watch herself on television when it comes out.

The Sweet Life

I’m posting a few photos taken during the taping but you won’t find me in any of them since I was the proud daddy behind the camera taking the shots. She obviously got more exposure than I did…! Haha… Oh well, the makings of another artista, I guess! She seems to be enjoying the limelight. She even started making handwritten invitations to distribute to her classmates and teachers tomorrow informing them that she’ll be coming out on tv! She even keeps telling me, “Daddy, artista na ako!”… hay! The last time I heard her say it was just earlier over dinner. Hehe!

Anyhow, hope you enjoy the slideshow below!


Game Show Mo ‘To!

Finally, I am able to unveil the theme song of the newest game show of QTV Channel 11!

The title of the one-hour program is “Game Show Mo ‘To” which will air twice a week (Fridays and Saturdays) on the 10:30am slot (still to be confirmed).  No date has been decided yet as to when the pilot episode will air.  But it looks like it’ll be late May or early June.

The title of the composition is “Appear Disappear (Game Show Mo ‘To)”.

Why Appear Disappear?

Well, it’s because the mechanics of the game involve the terms: “Appear”, “Disappear”, “One Half”, “One Fourth”.  Not necessarily the old hand slapping game which most pinoy kids used to play.  But nevertheless based from that.

The Baywalk Bodies will be releasing the same song as the the carrier single for their next album.  The difference between the game show version and the album version are the slightly modified lyrics in the chorus.  The album version won’t have the “Game Show Mo ‘To” tag included in the chorus and will be replaced with a different line.

Anyhow, as promised… my bloggies will be the first ones to listen to the composition.  This was recorded, mixed and mastered at my recording studio.  Musical arrangement was done by me also.

I mentioned earlier that the song had a novelty-ish approach… but not too much of it.  I didn’t really want the music to sound too “temporary” (gets?)… so I gave it sort of a swing-ish beat which infuses a classic disco feel making it sound like a classic revival yet actually really isn’t.  I also opted out of the “simpleton” lyrics known to be a staple of today’s pinoy novelty tunes.

You’ll soon understand once you listen to it.  I hope you guys like it!  Lyrics are included also below…!  Comments are greatly appreciated.  Enjoy!


Composed by Chuckie Dreyfus
Performed by the “Baywalk Bodies”

(Tara na) Tara na… Huwag nang mahiya
(Tayo Na) Tayo na… Itodo mo na
(Simple Lang) Simple lang kung tutuusin
(Iyong kamay) Iyong kamay ang paliparin

(Sundin mo) Sundin mo ang gagawin ko
(Makikinig ka) Makinig nang hindi malito
(Heto na) Heto at subukan mo na
(Dahan-dahan) Dahan-dahan muna sa simula

Ba’t hindi mo samahan
Ng kembot ng iyong bewang
Umindak pa ng todo
Sabay-sabay lahat tayo

Appear Disappear 1/2 1/4
1/4 1/2 Disappear Appear!
O ayan… ulitin pa…
Appear Disappear 1/2 1/4
1/4 1/2 Disappear Appear!
O diba… Alam mo na…
Sige lang wag kang hihinto
Ginaganahan pa ako
Itodo mo lang… “Game Show Mo ‘To”!

(Masarap) Masarap pagbumibilis na
(Mas exciting) Mas exciting ngang talaga
(Lalo pa) Lalo pa’t ika’y kalaro
(Parang ayoko) Parang ayoko nang huminto

(Sabayan) Sabayan mo ako sa pagsigaw
(Wag mong pigilin) Wag mong pigilin ang paghiyaw
(Mas malakas) Mas malakas mas masaya
(Tara na) Tara na’t ihataw mo pa



Appear Disappear ½ ¼ ¼ ½ Disappear Appear!

Game Show Mo To!



Baywalk BodiesLast night I finished the recording session for the game show theme song which I composed.  This was just coming off the heels of completing the musical arrangement of the song which I also did.  The “Baywalk Bodies” arrived in the studio a little bit after dinner to do their vocal layin.

I asked the services of good friend, Garry Cruz, to sit in as voice coach.  Normally, I’d personally coach them but I figured I was wearing too many hats already that evening being producer of the song and sitting in as sound engineer.  Besides, Garry does a lot of voice coaching over at GMA-7 so I asked the show’s producer to just shoulder the cost of his services.

The whole recording session was fun!  As I was laying in their vocals one by one, I was eagerly anticipating the final outcome of the song.  Some of the girls were even doing the dance choreography for the song while the others were inside the isolation booth.

My ears were too fatigued after the recording that I opted to do the mixing and mastering the next day (which was today).

I finished the final master this afternoon.  My kids love it… hahaha!  My truest most solid fans!  My little Isabella was even doing her own dance routine to the beat of the song.

I’ll be posting the actual song soon… I just don’t want to preempt anything first.  I also spoke to Baywalk Bodies manager, Lito de Guzman… He plans to use the song also as the carrier single for their upcoming record album due out by mid-June or early July.

Oh by the way, the title of the new game show is, “Game Show Mo ‘To!” aired over QTV.  Timeslot hasn’t been determined yet but I was told it most likely will be aired in the mornings (probably in the 10:30ish slot).

Updates will be posted as it happens.


Game Show Theme…

As I’ve mentioned earlier… I’ve been asked a week ago to compose the theme song for a new game show which will be aired over QTV (sister network of GMA-7).

Well, I’ve finally finished the song and to tell you the truth, I actually enjoyed making it!  Although I’ve given it a Novelty-ish feel which was required… I made sure it was still melodic.  It’s a given that all novelty songs are easy to sing along to because of the music’s simplicity in structure, but I made sure it would sound a whole lot different than most novelties you normally hear on the airwaves.

It’s got this SWING-ish beat that, combined with the melody, IMHO, is very infectious.

I don’t think I am at liberty to say the title of the show yet… so I’ll just stay mum for now.  But you guys will probably hear more about it come next week… not just from my blog but from QTV as well.


Back from a short hiatus…

Hello my fellow bloggies!  Man oh man… it’s been quite a week for me.  Most of my regular visitors here would’ve noticed that I have been inactive the past few days and would consider it to be quite unusual since, I’ve been known to update my site daily…

Well, updates are in order…

I spent 3 days (Wednesday to Friday) last week at the “Crowne Plaza” with my family to somewhat escape the regular everyday grind.  My kids went swimming while I brought my trusty ol’ DVD player and relaxed in our hotel room.

I missed blogging so much while I was there (Haha!  Like I was REALLY gone for a loooong time!).  I didn’t have much time to go net surfing there nor did I plan to do so since that WAS the purpose of getting away from it all.  And the “Business Center” which houses the internet stations of the hotel was “unbelievably, over-the-top, through the roof” expensive!  550.00 bucks an hour to surf the net!  Forget it!

Oh… I gotta thank my Jun (Anteola), who also happens to be a regular here in my site, for the constant text jokes he’s been sending me.  Thanks, man!  Sorry, couldn’t text back… I used up all my credit on my cellphone!  Hahaha!  Keep ‘em coming!

What else have I been busy with lately… hmmmm…

Oh, yes!  I’m currently composing a song for QTV’s upcoming game show…  I’m kinda excited about that one cause I was asked to compose a Novelty-ish song for the program.  I’m used to writing slow and upbeat commercial love songs… so it’s a whole new take for me.

I was told that the “Baywalk Bodies” would be performing the song so I pretty much had an idea as to how the approach of the composition should be treated.

Baywalk Bodies

Watch out for that one.  I’ll post the song as soon as I get my hands on the final master.

Also, Nikon Appliances re-launched their brand through print and radio… their commercial jingle which is currently being played in various FM stations was composed by me.  Parts of the lyrics were contributed by good friend and business partner, Jun Regalado.

I guess that’s all for now.  I’ll be posting more stuff later…!  Cheers!  :)


Gabe Me A Break

Gabe Mercado (Gabe Me A Break)Earlier today, I came from a taped interview/feature on a new show being aired at QTV Channel 11 (sister company of GMA-7). The title of the show is “Gabe Me A Break”, hosted by comedian/theater actor/singer, Gabe Mercado. You probably know him better as Yakult’s, Mr. “Okay ka ba, tiyan?!”

Had lots of fun during the taping… everyone was really friendly, it made me feel right at home.

The particular episode I was in will probably air in a few weeks time (I was told they’d advise me as to when exactly). The 30 minute show comes out every Friday @ 11:30PM.

As usual, I’ll be posting video clips of the talk show when the episode comes out.


"Rated K" Video Clip

As promised, I am posting the video clip of “Rated K” which aired a few hours ago on ABS-CBN that featured me and few other child stars of the 80s.

This clip has been pre-edited before uploading and runs approximately 2mins & 25secs.

Note to my foreign readers:  This clip is mostly in Filipino, but you’re still more than welcome to watch it!  :)



Like A Blur…

Yeah, that’s how it felt watching the feature “Rated K” made about me.  Can you count from one to ten?  That was probably how long the segment was aired.

It just seemed like it would’ve been a whole lot longer considering how meticulous the interview was and how much footage the crew took when they came over.  Oh well, probably time constraints did not permit it.

Nevertheless,I’ll be posting it here in a while.  Just need some time to digitize the clip and upload it to YouTube or DailyMotion (I’m starting to like DailyMotion more and more over YouTube… they stream in stereo unlike YT).

Catcha later!  :)


Rated K

Got a call… ABS-CBN’s “Rated K” will be doing a feature on me and what normally happens during one of my typical days… they’re scheduled to drop by my house/studio tomorrow morning. They’ll also be accompanying me when I pick up my little girl from school before lunch. I already answered a few questions during their “pre-interview” phone call earlier this afternoon.

I guess it’ll be a little more hectic than usual tomorrow.

Star Studio magazine actually also did a feature on me a few weeks back and that particular issue I’m on is due out by this April. They promised to send me images of the shots taken of me during the interview/pictorial here in the studio.

I’ll post the pics as soon as it’s emailed my way.

[tapping fingers...] Waiting for “American Idol” to start… wasn’t able to watch the live nor the primetime telecast… so I guess the replay’s good enough… :)


Showbiz Ka

Thought I’d share something I came by earlier today.  I stumbled upon this article at Abante Tonight Online which I found sorta amusing…

Magsisimula ang programang “Showbiz Ka” sa Marso 5 (Lunes) nang 8:00-8:30 PM sa RPN 9. Lunes-Biyernes ang programang ito, na iho-host ni Pat-P Daza-Planas. “It’s presscon on air,” sabi ni Pat-P. “May guests na tatlong movie reporters gabi-gabi at pag-uusapan ang maiinit na isyu.” May segment dito na ‘Nasaan na si…’ tungkol sa mga celebrity na matagal-tagal nang wala sa limelight. Nike-line up na sa segment na ito sina Red Sternberg, Chuckie Dreyfuss at L.A. Lopez.

What’s amusing about it is that although they already have a line-up prepared to appear on this new television program, I have not yet been contacted nor informed about the guesting.  Hmmm… guess I’ll be expecting a phone call soon…  :)


Agent X44 Full Theatrical Trailer

Hi everyone! I’m posting the full theatrical trailer of “Agent X44” for those who haven’t seen it yet. “Agent X44” is still showing in your favorite cinemas!

Note: The music heard at the start of the trailer (before “Chickboy”) is the official “Agent X44” theme song (which I composed for the movie). It will be used in all succeeding sequels (if any). You will notice when watching the film that it is the same recurring theme music that is used in the whole movie. It actually has lyrics also but wasn’t used for the moment since “Chickboy” was already being promoted then.

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