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Sige… Paalam Na

Mocha - PatchaI recently wrote a song for one of Viva Record’s new talents.  Her name is Mocha.  I blogged about this months back when her album was still in mid-production… well, the album is out now and is available in your favorite record bars.

The song I composed for her is entitled, “Sige… Paalam Na”, which talks about a person whose been hurt one too many times by someone and ultimately realizes that the relationship he/she’s in isn’t worth saving anymore… and moving on is the only option.


Two Minds Crack

Two Minds CrackSome of you probably still remember the group, “Two Minds Crack”… the band that performed the New Wave hit song, “Upside Down”, back in the early 80s.

Well, a few months back I posted a remake of their hit single, performed by “Candles”… a band I used to co-manage till they disbanded (creative differences).  This particular remake was included in the group’s debut album which came out during the last quarter of 2006 under Viva Records.  Long before 6CycleMind’s version was ever released.

When I first featured the song here on my blog months back, I got a surprise visit by Two Minds Crack band member, Kevin Jones!  He actually left a short comment below my post commending the band on how well he thought the remake was done.  His message was as follows:

“Hi, I was the lead singer/guitarist in Two Minds Crack and I wrote Upside Down – I really enjoyed the Candles version – keep up the good work!!”

Earlier today, I got another message on the same post… but this time it came from Two Minds Crack co-member, Pete Martin!  His message:

“Greetings Candles…loved the version of Upside Down.Don’t listen to Kevin Jones…. I wrote upside down…. I was guitarist and keyboard player in Two Minds Crack… that Jones fella gets everywhere!Joking aside, we wrote that and first recorded it back in 1983 ish, the finished version being released on The Victory Parade album in 1986. We didn’t find out until the 90’s that it was a big hit over there which was a shame cos to be sure we would have come out and played some gigs. It’s a big thrill to hear someone cover one of your tracks believe me. Keep rocking in the free world son…..and at least you got Kev’s words correct !!! Pete.”

Hahaha… I was particularly amused by his last words (“and at least you got Kev’s words correct!!!”) coz I also found out that Pete is aware of 6CycleMind’s version.  And listening closely to their own rendition of the 80s New Wave classic, you’ll notice that there is quite a number of wrong lyrics in it.

Well, it’s a shame Candles disbanded so early in their careers… but things like these do happen.  Oh well… I guess that’s that.

I suppose it’s only appropriate that I feature Candles’ version of “Upside Down” for everyone to enjoy.  So… without further ado…

UPSIDE DOWN by Candles


Inquirer Article

I’d like to thank “Rito Asilo” for posting a wonderful article on last Sunday’s edition of The “Daily Inquirer” (print and online versions).  The article’s main topic was all about Sarah Geronimo’s latest album, “Taking Flight”, but on the last paragraph of the writeup, Rito made special mention of how I, in his own words, “reinvented my artistic persona”…

Rito, thank you for the writeup.  Much appreciated!

You can view the article below (click to enlarge):

Inquirer Article (with Highlight)


Write Song… Sing Song…

Write the songs… and sing the demo versions…

A ton of songs to be done… a flurry of songwriting tasks to complete! Just coming off the heels of Sarah’s “Taking Flight” album release, I’ve been asked to write a few songs for a couple of Viva artists with albums coming out pretty soon as well.

Continue reading ‘Write Song… Sing Song…’


Sarah Album Update 10.4

Here is Sarah’s “Taking Flight” album cover and inlay booklet design… enjoy!

Sarah Album Cover and Inlay (800px) 2

For copyright protection purposes, I am forced to place a watermark over the image.  Hope you understand.  Thanks!


Sarah Album Update 10.3

As of presstime, copies have not yet arrived at the Viva Warehouse.  If these units arrive later than expected, then we can assume that the hand-carried copies will be available by tomorrow (July 28, 2007).

Actually, that’s all I have to say right now.  More updates as it happens.


"Miss" (aka Sarah Album Update 10.2)

Just posting the lyrics of my other composition entitled, “Miss”, which is also included in Sarah’s album, “Taking Flight”.  Hope you like it!

(Composed by Chuckie Dreyfus)

Sa paglipas ng bawat minuto
Laging naaalala
Di makatakas kahit sa pagtulog
Larawan mong nakikita

Refrain 1:
Di na bale kahit walang saysay
Ang pinaguusapan
Basta’t nariyan ka lang…

Pwede ba muling magkita… (Miss na miss kita)
Kahit na maghapong nakatunganga… (Kasi namimiss kita)
Uuwi rin tayo di ka dapat na mag-alala
Kung alam mo lang… talagang miss na miss na miss (na miss) kita

Kahit na aliwin aking sarili
Kay hirap mong limutin
Bakit ba ikaw na lang palaging
Kinukulit ng damdamin

Refrain 2:
Bakit ba parang di mapalagay
Tuwing ika’y nakikita
Lagi sanang nariyan ka lang


Para nga bang laging nangungulila
Bakit ba hinahanap ka
Di makuntento sa pakwento kwento
Para bang may kulang pa…
Di makatulog… Ba’t nahuhulog
Ano bang nasa iyo?
Sana’y aminin ng iyong damdamin
Ganun din ba ang puso mo…?



Sarah Album Update 10.1

Sarah Geronimo (Taking Flight)More updates… but not a whole lot of ‘em.  This is just in connection to the disparity in reports regarding how many tracks “Taking Flight” will actually have.  As I’ve previously posted on Update # 10, there are only 11 songs in the album… but the track listing posted over at Pinoy Exchange states 12 songs.

Officially, there will ONLY be 11 tracks in Sarah’s new album:

1. I’ll Be Alright
2. Ikaw
3. I’m Sorry
4. Time to Let Go (duet with Mark Bautista)
5. So
6. Close to my Heart
7. What If I
8. Miss
9. I’ll Be Here
10. Mr. Deadma
11. Kahit Na

Even the sequence of the songs are OFFICIALLY as stated above.

The song, “Stay With Me”, was taken off the album before replication and printing of artwork.  Although, the song was already actually recorded… due to circumstances I am not allowed to divulge, the composition was pulled out.  All I can say was that there were last minute problems with the songwriter and negotiations.  Details are confidential.

There you have it… the final track listing of “Taking Flight”!


Sarah Album Update 10

Okay… another update! This is actually also in connection to my last update but since this entry tackles other parts of the album, I decided to call it “update 10″ instead of “9.1”. It’ll also probably be the last update before the album comes out… UNLESS, there are changes again in album movement after this post (which I sincerely doubt).

Sarah Geronimo's,

(Yes, this is the actual cover of the album!)

First things first… I’m sure you’re all itching to know exactly when the album will be available on the market.

I came from the Viva office earlier and this is what’s going to happen… the copies will be coming in on Friday. When I say “coming in”, it means coming into the Viva warehouse and NOT the record bars. The actual release date will be on MONDAY, July 30, 2007. Deliveries won’t be made over the weekend since we cannot determine as to exactly what time these copies are expected to arrive.

Me inside Vincent del Rosario’s office earlier…

Vincent del Rosario's Office (July 25, 2007) 6Vincent del Rosario's Office (July 25, 2007) 1Vincent del Rosario's Office (July 25, 2007) 4

Wait! There’s more…

Continue reading ‘Sarah Album Update 10′


Sarah Album Update 9

It’s official… Sarah’s album, “Taking Flight” won’t be coming out today.  Don’t bother checking the record bars.  Last I heard from the Viva office, the release date was moved to Friday, July 27, 2007… which actually isn’t so bad, right?

Like I said earlier on my previous update, “a day or two”.

So, save your transportation budget and spare yourselves the disappointment of double-checking the record bars hoping against hope that it’s out by today and finding out it ain’t.


Sarah Album Update 8

Well, tomorrow is the expected date of release… and the reason why I’m not actually saying it like, “Tomorrow Taking Flight will be available at your nearest record bars!” is because there is some chatter inside the Viva office that the copies might not make it out tomorrow due to the album’s cover which is STILL in the printers as of press time.

Don’t fret, though…!  A lot can happen from now till tomorrow.  But if it does get delayed, it’ll only be for a day or two.  Everyone’s excited about the release and so am I!  Hold on to your seats… I’ll try to update you guys again tonight or tomorrow.  Whatever happens, it’s definitely coming out very very very soon!  Cheers!


Weekend Love

Nothing really much to post today… it’s been a grueling and tiresome week for me as some of my regular and very close bloggies have learned through my previous post.

I figured I needed to somehow get over the hump, so to speak… and since I really have nothing much to say, I thought I’d just post one of the songs by “Candles”, a band I used to co-manage.  The song is entitled, “Weekend Love”… a track that was recorded, mixed and mastered in my recording studio.  A light catchy tune… that’s easy on the ears.

Candles Inlay

So, without further ado… “Weekend Love”.  Enjoy!


"Kahit Na" (aka Sarah Album Update 7.1)

Well… you guys are probably wondering why this is called “Sarah Album Update 7.1″.  It’s because it actually isn’t much of an update… I just thought of posting the lyrics of my composition entitled, “Kahit Na”, which is one of two compositions I have included in Sarah’s album, “Taking Flight”.

Since it isn’t possible for me to post the final mix of the song here (obviously to prevent piracy), I guess posting the lyrics of the musical work is enough to satiate your curiosity for now.

So, without further ado…

“Kahit Na”

Pinilit kong limutin ka
Ngunit hindi ko magawa
Kahit anong sabihin
Mahal pa rin kita
Kahit na malayo/malaya ka
Lagi akong umaasa
Muli, muli… muling magsasama

Araw gabi… laging hanap-hanap ko
Ang pag-ibig na nadarama
Nadama lamang sa’yo
Maghihitay ako
Hindi magbabago
At kahit na malayo ka
Umaasa pa rin sinta…

Kay hirap ma’y maghihintay
Sa piling mo ay nasanay
Iniwan na damdamin
Muling inaalay
Malayo man sa piling ko
Hinding-hindi maglalaho
Iyong-iyo… Iyo ang puso ko…


Kahit na…

Chorus 2:
Araw gabi… laging hanap-hanap ko
Ang pag-ibig na nadarama
Nadama lamang sa’yo
Maghihitay ako
Hindi magbabago
At kahit na malayo ka
At may mahal ka nang iba
Nagmamahal pa rin sa’yo, sinta…
Kahit na…

So there you have it!  I hope you like the lyrics and eventually the song (when the album comes out).  More updates soon… so be sure to check back every now and then!


Sarah Album Update 7

Taking Flight (Temp Album Art)Another day… another update. This’ll probably put you Sarah fans back in high spirits after the last update I posted…

There have been changes on the release date of Sarah’s album…!

The official release date of “Sarah Geronimo – Taking Flight” is now…

July 25, 2007

A pleasant surprise for everyone, huh? That’s just 2 weeks from now…!

So, buckle up… fasten your seat belts… and prepare for takeoff… err… rather, prepare to “take flight”! :)


Sarah Album Update 6

Sarah in MotionThis probably isn’t fresh news to you guys anymore since it’s been a while (3-4 days) since I last posted an entry on my blog.

Most of you have probably heard Sarah’s newest single being played on the radio already… I’ve actually read some of the posts over at and people are already talking about the new song that’s been released.

So, yeah… for those who want an actual and official confirmation, yes… it is in fact the 1st carrier single for Sarah’s upcoming album, “Taking Flight”.  The title of the song is, “I’ll Be Alright” (but you guys probably know that already as well.  Hehehe!)

You’re probably wondering why the song is already being played when in fact the CDs aren’t out on the record bars yet.  Well, for those who are curious to know, normally the 1st carrier single is released a good few weeks before the actual album comes out.  That gives the song time to generate a substantial amount of “buzz” and interest before its actual coming out party.

Ok.  We’ve finished tackling the topic of the carrier single being released which you guys have already found out yourselves through the airwaves and the forums, so let’s talk about things you probably don’t know yet…

We’ve got an official release date for the album already!  Though I’m afraid it won’t be as soon as most of you think.  Due to some unavoidable circumstances, the date has been moved back a couple of weeks.

Wanna know the exact date?  Just promise me you guys won’t get into a fit of rage… ok?

Release date for “Taking Flight” is on:

<start highlight> AUGUST 22, 2007 <end highlight>

One of the main reasons why is due to the fact that Sarah still has 2 songs left in the upcoming album that she has yet to record.  And as we all say, “Haste makes waste”, right?  Slowly but surely does it.

Some update, huh?  A little bit of what you ALREADY know… and a teensy weensy bit of what you DON’T.

Sorry to put a little cloud over your sunshine.  But that’s just the way it is… but hey, it’s still just around the corner, so don’t fret!

**on a lighter note… I’m actually listening to the final mix of my 2 compositions for Sarah, entitled, “MISS” and “KAHIT NA”.  Though, still unmastered, the mix has been approved already and I must say, I am very happy with how the musical works have turned out.  Can’t wait to hear your comments on my compositions, so I’d really appreciate it if you’d drop me a line in the future (once the album comes out) with your thoughts on my songs.  Thanks a bunch!

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