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Penoy Balut!

I recently stumbled upon an image floating around the net which I haven’t seen in ages!  I was pleasantly surprised to discover an image cap of an old old film entitled, “Penoy Balut”.  This film featured Nora Aunor, Roderick Paulate, Me and Isabel Granada.

Penoy Balut

Funny thing is… I don’t have a video of this movie… nor can I clearly recall the plot/story of this film anymore.  Hahaha!  If I remember right, this was filmed way back in 1988… and the location where that image was taken is somewhere along Ortigas (actually Granada St.), one of the houses situated in front of JT’s Manukan.  I think.  Hay… feeling nostalgic again… LOL!  Lotsa memories… good times… fun times.  Oh well…!


"Rated K" Video Clip

As promised, I am posting the video clip of “Rated K” which aired a few hours ago on ABS-CBN that featured me and few other child stars of the 80s.

This clip has been pre-edited before uploading and runs approximately 2mins & 25secs.

Note to my foreign readers:  This clip is mostly in Filipino, but you’re still more than welcome to watch it!  :)



Rated K

Got a call… ABS-CBN’s “Rated K” will be doing a feature on me and what normally happens during one of my typical days… they’re scheduled to drop by my house/studio tomorrow morning. They’ll also be accompanying me when I pick up my little girl from school before lunch. I already answered a few questions during their “pre-interview” phone call earlier this afternoon.

I guess it’ll be a little more hectic than usual tomorrow.

Star Studio magazine actually also did a feature on me a few weeks back and that particular issue I’m on is due out by this April. They promised to send me images of the shots taken of me during the interview/pictorial here in the studio.

I’ll post the pics as soon as it’s emailed my way.

[tapping fingers...] Waiting for “American Idol” to start… wasn’t able to watch the live nor the primetime telecast… so I guess the replay’s good enough… :)


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Showbiz Ka

Thought I’d share something I came by earlier today.  I stumbled upon this article at Abante Tonight Online which I found sorta amusing…

Magsisimula ang programang “Showbiz Ka” sa Marso 5 (Lunes) nang 8:00-8:30 PM sa RPN 9. Lunes-Biyernes ang programang ito, na iho-host ni Pat-P Daza-Planas. “It’s presscon on air,” sabi ni Pat-P. “May guests na tatlong movie reporters gabi-gabi at pag-uusapan ang maiinit na isyu.” May segment dito na ‘Nasaan na si…’ tungkol sa mga celebrity na matagal-tagal nang wala sa limelight. Nike-line up na sa segment na ito sina Red Sternberg, Chuckie Dreyfuss at L.A. Lopez.

What’s amusing about it is that although they already have a line-up prepared to appear on this new television program, I have not yet been contacted nor informed about the guesting.  Hmmm… guess I’ll be expecting a phone call soon…  :)


Agent and the kids… Finally!

Agent X44 Taking my kids to watch “Agent X44″ tonight. Finally, after a whole week of its regular run. Haha! I know… I know… I worked on the movie’s musical score but we’re still the last ones to watch. That’s what my baby girl said a few days back. Well, I wanted to take them during the weekend (or at least Friday) so that it doesn’t interfere with their schooling. Besides, I didn’t want to join the rush of moviegoers during the first few days of showing. My wife and our househelps will be coming along as well.

My little girl walked up to me earlier and said… “Daddy, excited na ako!” (“Daddy, I’m excited!”). I asked her why she was excited to watch the movie and she replied, “Kasi, ikaw ang gumawa nun eh” (“Cause you were the one who made the movie”). Aww… how sweet. She even added, “Mamaya tabi tayo, kiss kita and lambing later”.

The little things… that make a daddy melt with joy. Sigh! :)



A doorbell rang… I was having lunch…

Hmmm… I wasn’t expecting anyone at that hour.  Who could it be?

A slight glance at the top of our gate.  White fiera.

Gate door is open… I glance again.  A big  “Agent X44” poster is glued to the whole side of the vehicle.

Oh!  My movie passes have arrived!  They hand it over… I acknowledged.  They sped off.


The "Agent X44" Theme!

Guys, as promised I am posting the OFFICIAL THEME of Star Cinema’s, “Agent X44” which is used in the movie and will be used in all succeeding sequels of the franchise (similar to “James Bond” or “Mission Impossible”).  This is NOT the “Chickboy” song used in the movie’s promotion.  This song actually has lyrics when I first composed it but we opted not to use the lyrics for now.  We haven’t even decided during that time who we wanted to have the song rendered by.  I was planning on having the song performed by “Candles” (the band I am currently managing and has an album under Viva Records).  Maybe in the sequel (that depends on how successful this first movie will turn out to be). 

Anyhow, I’m posting the instrumental version for all of you to enjoy.  Should you wish to listen to the version with lyrics, just leave a message on the comments section.  But I have to warn you, the version with vocals was sung by me… (for demo purposes of course).  Hehe!

Without further ado, the Theme of “Agent X44” (Click on Play):

Leave a message/comment if you want to listen to the “Agent X44” Theme with vocals.  Thanks!  :)


Agent X44 Full Theatrical Trailer

Hi everyone! I’m posting the full theatrical trailer of “Agent X44” for those who haven’t seen it yet. “Agent X44” is still showing in your favorite cinemas!

Note: The music heard at the start of the trailer (before “Chickboy”) is the official “Agent X44” theme song (which I composed for the movie). It will be used in all succeeding sequels (if any). You will notice when watching the film that it is the same recurring theme music that is used in the whole movie. It actually has lyrics also but wasn’t used for the moment since “Chickboy” was already being promoted then.


Still going stong…

I just came from the Star Cinema office.  Dropped by to say hi to some people and to know how our movie, “Agent X44”, was doing in the Box Office.  Now on its 3rd day of showing, the film is still going strong in over a hundred cinemas.  Also, according to Star Cinema “Agent X44” only has a difference of a little less than 200K in terms of ticket sales compared to Vhong Navarro’s previous movie, “D’ Anothers”.

The movie’s sales are on target to meet (and hopefully exceed) management’s expectations.  We’re hoping that going into the weekend, things will pick up more… so far, everything has been swell.

I’ve been feeling under the weather since the other day… like a cold is coming.  Probably due to all the stress and tension I had to go through to complete the musical score of “Agent X44”.  I took some cold medication earlier and now I feel woozy and kinda drowsy.  But  I guess this feeling is much better than having to wipe my nose over and over and over again because of a runny nose.  <Yawn!>

I’ll probably lay down for a while and give in to my induced slumber.  Everything seems to be moving in sloooooooooooow motion… Sooooooo sleeeeeeepppppyyyyyy.  <Yawn!>  <Yawn again!>

… Zzzzz!


Thank You to all “X44″ers

Just heard from Star Cinema that the turnout for Agent X44’s opening day was a huge success, considering that the day hasn’t ended yet.  I won’t go into figures for now (too early for that), but we are overjoyed that the film met and exceeded a lot of expectations.  So again, I am inviting those who have not seen the movie to take time to watch it and momentarily forget your worries for at least an hour and a half.  If work doesn’t permit, then try going with the family over the weekend!  It’s fun watching a movie but it’s better watching it with company…!

Agent X44 has opened and is now on its regular run.  See you guys at the cinemas!


Agent Aftermath…

I just want to thank everyone who came over to the Premiere Night of “Agent X44”.  The event was a success and the film was roundly applauded.  Fans could be heard from the lower section of the cinema responding to scenes in the movie… gasping and screaming during suspenseful moments… laughing and shouting as they reacted to hilarious parts of the movie.  Although there was a bit of a snag due to the late arrival of the film’s cast (traffic was terrible), the turnout was remarkable… from fans, to press people… as well as other big stars in the Philippine movie industry.

To those who have not seen the movie yet, take your family and friends along… forget your troubles for a while and be entertained if only for a moment.  “Agent X44” opens today (January 17, 2007) in more than 100 cinemas.


Premiere Night tonight!

Agent Premier TicketsStar Cinema requested a final copy of Agent X44’s Musical Score and the cue-sheet that comes along with it for archiving purposes.  It took me quite a while to finish it earlier today but I have finally finished it!  I will now get ready for our Premiere Night later in the evening which is approximately 2 hours away.  Really excited to watch it.  I just hope that the SM Megamall Cinema already fixed their sucky sound system which really bothered me a few years back when I heard my musical score during the premiere of Ruffa Mae Quinto’s “Masikip Sa Dibdib”.  Even Direk Joyce (Bernal) apologized for the horrendous audio playback during the showing (which she didn’t really have to apologize about cause it was SM’s fault).

Well, I’m off to the shower now!  Gonna try to beat the traffic on the way to the movie house.  Cheers!  :)


Get ready for Agent X44!

Finally, it is done!  I have finally completed my musical score for “Agent X44”.  I submitted my music for Part 5 last night and boy did I feel relieved!  It’s been a stressful 2 weeks (well, technically 1 week and a half).  Submissions and revisions… tweaks and modifications to the music until we were all satisfied.  Direk Joyce, even dropped by the house (which is also my recording studio) yesterday to check me out and to listen to the last parts of the musical score before I actually submit it for lay-in at Road Runner studios where they were doing the bulk of the post-production process.  She was tired as well… she even slumpped down on both bean bags and made herself comfy while I prepared the score for listening.  She brought along her 5 year old daughter which was entertained by my baby girl at the family room.  They were outside playing with toys while we were busy working on the final touches of the music for the movie.

At Road Runner studios previewing the final mix of Agent X44We were scrambling to complete everything by yesterday evening since the film still needed to be processed and printed for the premiere night (January 16, 2007) and Opening Day (January 17, 2007).  I even went to Road Runner later in the evening to chat up with Direk Joyce and our producer while watching the final mix of Agent X44’s final segment.  I didn’t stay too long though since I was really pooped and exhausted with all the work I had just completed.

I am happy with the music I’ve made for the whole film and hope that you guys will enjoy listening to it as well while watching the visuals.  Everything is a go… and am really excited about our premiere night which happens later tonight at the Cinema 10 of SM Megamall at 7:00PM.  I just received my tickets for the event earlier today… Star Cinema sent it over to my place together with an extra copy of the Agent X44 poster.

See you guys tonight at the movie premiere… hope it becomes a big success!

<Crosses fingers!>


Agent X44 Website is up!

Agent X44I just found out that the official website of “Agent X44” is now up and running! Fans of the movie can drop by and check what the site has to offer.

I’ve finally finished the musical score for 4 parts (roughly 1 hour & 15 mins) of “Agent X44” and I have only 1 part left which is due by tomorrow evening. I was at “Road Runner” earlier today to present my musical score for part 4 and everyone over there were very busy with the film’s mixing. So far, they’ve finished mixing the audio for part 1 and 2. The were working on part 3 but had to stop since I had to use the main mix studio for presentation purposes. Direk Joyce Bernal, and Producer, Ms. Tess Fuentes, were there to listen to the score. Everyone’s excited with the film’s outcome and based on the final edited copy that was given to me by Star Cinema, it certainly is enjoyable and entertaining. I’m pretty sure kids and adults alike will love it! I also did the music for Vhong’s previous movie, “D’Anothers”, and personally I think “Agent X44” is just as good, if not better than his last film.

Our premiere night is scheduled on January 16, 2007 and the regular run is slated on January 17, 2007. Don’t miss it!

Agent X44 Cast

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